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Translation of the EU legislation in the Czech Republic and other new EU member states
Hanzl, Jan ; Abdallaova, Naděžda (advisor) ; Tomášek, Michal (referee)
Containing both theoretical and empirical parts, the thesis exammes the largest translation project in history: translation ofEC/EU legislation into Czech and other languages of candidate countries before the 2004 EU enlargement. It focuses on project management and organization and analyses activities, roles, powers, interests and responsibilities of all actors involved in the translation process.
Application of the Lisbon Treaty provisions on involvement of national parliaments in the EU decision-making process 10 years later
Tetourová, Eva ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Grmelová, Nicole (referee) ; Pítrová, Lenka (referee)
Application of the Lisbon Treaty provisions on involvement of national parliaments in the EU decision-making process 10 years later Abstract Adoption of the Lisbon Treaty has brought about several essential institutional changes in the functioning of the European Union. For example, a further shift towards co-decision by the European Parliament on secondary law that became ordinary legislative procedure. Also, qualified majority voting in the Council has been extended and subjected to the new conditions. Last but not least, the EU competences have been divided as exclusive, shared and supporting. These and related further steps simultaneously gave rise to a more intense involvement of national parliaments, both in the sense of a scrutiny over a due exercise of conferred powers as well as a democratic safeguard of the new processes. The main goal of this thesis is to present a comprehensive picture of existing legal framework in this field, including a brief summary on crucial historical factors that have been shaping it until its current form. Hand in hand with that, it also offers evaluation of the most frequently used mechanisms throughout the 10 years of its application. Consequently, it leads to a reflection on how, and if at all, effectively exploit the potential of national parliaments in this regard,...
Legality of the Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank throughout the European Debt Crisis.
Matas, Martin ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Aneta (referee)
1 Abstract The thesis analyses and critically appraises within a broad context legal disputes concerning the activity of the ECB during the European debt crisis. The analysis is based on legal norms regulating the European monetary union and the political and economic circumstances of their creation. The thesis consists of seven chapters. The first chapter concerns the history of genesis of the Economic and Monetary Union. The second chapter portrays the institutional status, objectives, tasks and instruments of the ECB. It also depicts the components of ECB independence as its key atribute. The third chapter adds some economic thought and theories connected to monetary unions. The theory of optimum currency areas is introduced as well as the costs and benefits of membership in a monetary union. The fourth chapter contains a brief account of the beginnning of the European debt crisis and the measures taken by Member States and the ECB in response to it, particularly the EFSF and ESM mechanisms of financial stability and non-standard monetary policy measures of the ECB. The fifth, sixth and seventh chapters are dedicated to specific proceedings conducted before the CJEU. These are the Pringle, Gauweiler and Weiss cases in which CJEU confirmed that the actions of Member States and the ECB were in accordance...
The development of telemedicine in the context of cross-border healthcare services in the European Union: comparative approach France / Czech Republic
Müllerová, Petra ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Berrod, Frédérique (referee) ; Brosset, Estelle (referee)
The development of telemedicine in the context of cross-border healthcare services in the European Union: comparative approach France / Czech Republic The role of the European Union, within the context of its support in the field of public health, consists of helping the Member States to achieve the goals defined in the multiannual framework program. Among these goals, telemedicine is a priority of eHealth. Telemedicine is a form of healthcare provided remotely using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It aims to improve the efficiency of medical care systems faced with the ageing of the European population. This thesis is a study of cross-border telemedicine in the context of cross-border medical care as it is regulated by European Union law. However, the deployment of cross-border telemedicine depends on the competence of the Member States. A comparison between French and Czech legislation, in terms of the implementation of telemedicine in these Member States, reveals different strategies regarding the integration of telemedicine into their healthcare systems. In light of these two significant examples, it will be possible to show how the deployment of telemedicine in domestic law influences its cross-border development. European legislation encourages states to use cross-border...
Intelligent Music Player for Android
Tomášek, Michal ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kalmár, Róbert (advisor)
Today's market is full of different kinds of music players. However there is no music player using prediction, which would be able to work with usual usage and in real time. This bachelor's thesis deals with the design and implementation of a music player with implemented prediction. The creation of high quality architecture for this application and the choice of appropriate prediction algorithm are emphasized. At first, the category of methods of machine learning and afterwards the algorithm are determined. The final prediction algorithm is divided into a several sections, therefore it is necessary to pick or create a solution for all its parts. The outcome of this project is the music player for Android OS which would be able to predict and learn from a user interaction in real time.
Free Movement of Healthcare services in the European Union
Břízová Ratajová, Daniela ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Sovová, Olga (referee)
1 FREE MOVEMENT OF HEALTHCARE SERVICES IN THE EUROPEAN UNION RESUMÉ: Cross-border healthcare services, more specifically, patient mobility meaning provision of health care to a patient in a Member State other than that in which such a patient participates in the healthcare security system, can be both unplanned and planned. Patient mobility has become a striking phenomenon having impact on national healthcare systems. While Article 168 (7) TFEU guarantees exclusive competence of Member States in the area of organization and financing of national healthcare systems, they must also exercise their power within the limits of EU legislation, including the rules on freedom to provide services. Thus, despite very limited competence of the EU in the area of healthcare, national systems have not remained free from the influence of EU law. The Court of Justice of the EU played a crucial role in shaping the legal nature of healthcare services in the light of EU law, as it has developed a parallel system of cross-border healthcare rules based on the principle of freedom to provide services directly on the basis of Article 56 TFEU (formerly Article 49 TEC). Such parallel case law rules were governing cross-border healthcare services next to Regulation 883/04 (formerly Regulation 1408/71). In 2011, the main conclusions...
Dual criminality test under the European arrest warrant within the context of prosecuting the Catalan politicians.
Khinová, Gabriela ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Gřivna, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of dual criminality test under the European arrest warrant. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the way of applying the dual criminality test between the Member States of the European Union while surrendering persons. It focuses on the European arrest warrants issued against Catalan politicians in relation to the Catalan referendum regarding the independence from the Kingdom of Spain and the subsequent decisions of the Belgian and German courts. The thesis is divided into seven parts. The first part introduces the dual criminality test, including the methods of interpretation or its problematic aspects. The second part summarizes the long-standing genesis of judicial cooperation in criminal matters at the European level, leading to the adoption of the European arrest warrant, which will enable a better understanding of the continuing will to apply the dual criminality test. The provisions of the European arrest warrant are discussed in the following part. The case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning the dual criminality test is introduced as well. As the thesis is set in the context of the Catalan crisis, the fourth part highlights the key moments, adopted legal acts and the acts of the main protagonists of the case, which not only led to the...
Non-contractual liability of the EU
Navrátil, Petr ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Král, Richard (referee) ; Sehnálek, David (referee)
Non-contractual liability of the EU Abstract The aim of this thesis is to systemize the history of EU non-contractual liability; to analyse in detail the current concept of non-contractual liability of the EU, including procedural and substantive law aspects; to present a brief comparative analysis of selected national legal systems and their role in the regarding the general principles common to the laws of the Member States (and vice versa to reflect on the influence of EU non-contractual liability and its' possible role in the europeanization of administrative law); to contextualise non-contractual liability of the EU (with regard to constitutional, international and national aspects) and to consider compensation for damages caused by the EU as a tool for (un)effective judicial protection of individuals. Research methods are content analysis and comparison. This thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter is introductory and defines the subject of research, the methods used and terminology. The second chapter deals with an analysis of the current state of professional debate on non-contractual liability of the EU. The main part of the thesis focuses on the identification of problems connected to non-contractual liability of the EU and contextualization of those problems. In that regard...
Comparative analysis of client's protection in banking and insurance services within the EU
Vacková, Markéta ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Kunertová, Tereza (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to compare measures of consumer protection and its level in insurance and banking services in the EU. The premise is that the measures are very similar because both areas are subject to financial services law and as such they are similarly regulated. The first part of this work analyses and examines Insurance Distribution Directive and its contribution to consumer protection. The thesis compares Insurance Distribution Directive with Insurance Mediation Directive which is the legislation in force as of the time of writing this thesis. The second part of the thesis analyses, examines and compares Consumer Credit Directive and Mortgage Credit Directive and their contribution to consumer protection. The third part of the thesis compares the two previous parts and describes the reasons for different approaches taken in the researched legislation. The result of the analysis is that the measures taken for consumer protection are indeed very similar with differences originating from the nature of the services. The most elaborated directive which ensures the highest level of consumer protection is Mortgage Credit Directive and it is due to the significance of mortgage credit for lives of consumers and for the economy. Insurance Distribution Directive offers higher level of...
Patient's rights in cross-border health care in the European Union
Čípová, Iva ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Van Beersel Krejčíková, Helena (referee)
The subject-matter of this master thesis is cross-border healthcare in the European Union. It describes the history and development, but focuses mainly on the current legal framework represented by Regulation No 883/2004, and mainly Directive 2011/24 on the application of patients' rights in cross-border health care. The aim of the master thesis is to thoroughly analyse the current legal framework with a focus on patients' rights, to examine the impact of the Directive, to explain an issue of overlap between the Directive and Regulation, and to evaluate the transposition of the Directive in the Czech Republic. To achieve this aim, it is necessary to examine the topic with respect to the historical and political development of the European Union and to the case law of the European Court of Justice. The thesis is divided into four chapters. First of which concerns European Union competences in health law, explaining the history of incorporating health law provisions into the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, as it is called today. This historical development is important for understanding the issue of cross-border healthcare. The second chapter is mainly focused on the important case law of the ECJ concerning patients' rights. Although initially I will discuss the development in...

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