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"Silence into Language and Action": Political Poetry of Audre Lorde
Stará, Barbora ; Machová, Mariana (advisor) ; Veselá, Pavla (referee)
In her work, Audre Lorde rebels against the white male oppressors through her intimate confessions and bold imagery. Both her poetry and her prose call for justice across society. She claims her Black, lesbian, and feminist identity as she comments on the inequalities and oppression faced by the marginalised groups and formulates thoughts of and reasons for intersectional activism. Given her multi-layered identity, Lorde is able to acknowledge the multiplicity and interconnectedness of oppression and discrimination in American society. In her book of essays Sister Outsider, she presents her key thoughts on discrimination, oppression, and liberation. Lorde's poems reflect the American reality as they serve as testimonies of the struggles of Black Americans, women, and queer people. This thesis closely examines three of Audre Lorde's most famous poems, namely "A Litany for Survival," "Afterimages," and "Power" in the context of her ideas on poetry as an activist tool. To offer a framework for the reading, the opening chapter of the thesis is dedicated to delineating the historical-political context of the time of Lorde's life and work, as well as the context of the genre of political poetry and poetry of witness. Lorde proposes her understanding of poetry as an illuminative and transformative power...
Senzorické hodnocení medu
Stará, Barbora
The theme of the thesis was "Sensory analysis of honey". The main objective was to carry out sensory evaluation of various honey samples, as well as focus on the composition of honey, honey types, use honey in food and cosmetic products and to study the issue of the effects of honey on human health and adulteration. For samples of honey sensory analysis evaluated the color, appearance, consistency, smell and taste. Sensory evaluation of honey was held from 25. 9. 2015 to 27. 9. 2015 in the premises of leisure centers in Lužánecký park. The Commission was composed of 6 members from the ranks of people who deal with this issue. The total number of samples tasted was 48. It was a single-flower honeys, multispecies flower honeys, multispecies pasted flower honeys and honeydew honeys. I was part of the committee for sensory analysis. The event was organized by the working nástavkových beekeepers CZ, a. S. With financial participation of the Ministry of Agriculture. The results showed that all samples correspond honey sensory requirements for honey. The winner was a single-flower honey from contestants from Roštění for multispecies flower honeys contestants from Prague, for pasted honeys contestants from the Highlands and the winner for the honeydew honeys become a competitor in the sticks.
Legal status and economic management of organizational units of municipalities and regions
Stará, Barbora ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee)
Legal status and economic management of organizational units of municipalities and regions Legal regulation of organisational units of municipalities and regions in the Czech Republic is comparatively succinct; there are not many academic texts that would offer any detailed commentary relating to this topic. In practice, organisational units are often neglected and in fact, no academic texts are even available for the regional level. In my thesis I aim to summarise the key important findings about the organisational units of municipalities and regions. My objective is to create a document that would deal with the functioning of these units from their origination, through financial management to their eventual abolishment. I methodically introduce the necessary sources of law and also aim to draw the attention to the controversial provisions of the relevant statutes. The introductory chapter is historical; subsequently, I define the principal signs of and the issues relating to the origination (the trust deed, etc.) and the abolishment of the units. The following section deals with the workers and the so-called directors. In relation to this, I analyse the acts and responsibilities of organisational units of municipalities and regions. The second substantial chapter focuses on specific agencies that...

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1 Stará, Blanka
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