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Differential Diagnostics,Prevention and Treatment of Back Pain Using the Computer Kinesiology System
Honců, Pavla ; Čelko, Alexander (advisor) ; Konečný, Petr (referee) ; Siegelová, Jarmila (referee)
Musculoskeletal disorders are the second most common cause of sick leave in people at working age, for this reason it is necessary to search ways of early detection of reversible functional disorders of the locomotor system before they develop into irreversible structural disorders. The aim of this thesis has been to examine the Medical Expert Information System Computer Kinesiology (MEIS CK), to present its effectiveness and to compare the results of therapy with the MEIS CK system in a group of participants with subacute and chronic back pain in the lumbar spine and in a group of participants without any back pain. The results of these two groups have been compared with the control group without MEIS CK therapy. The pilot study included 55 participants with subacute and chronic back pain (Group 1) and 51 participants without back pain (Group 2). Both groups were treated by MEIS CK therapy. In the third group, there were 67 healthy participants without back pain and without MEIS CK therapy. All 173 participants underwent MEIS CK tests three times during our research, which included 46 standard physiotherapy tests. The effect of MEIS CK therapy was assessed using the H score. Improvement after the therapy was defined by a reduction in the H score by at least 1 point. Data were statistically...

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3 Siegelová, Jana