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Prevention of Risks in International Trade
Punčochářová, Hana ; Sato, Alexej (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
Doing business is always accompanied by risks. International trade usually brings new types of risk or at least increases the frequency and intensity of the current ones. The main objective of this thesis is to identify the risks that may arrise for Czech exporters in international operations and to present the possibilities of risk management (especially management of credit and country risk). The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter provides a classification of risks. The second one describes phases of international business operations and provides a detailed explanation of selected instruments (bank guarantees, letters of credit, insurance, purchase of receivables etc.). Last chapter consists of two business cases inspired by contracts of Solar Turbines.
Building of the brand ProSpolužá on international markets
Pazderková, Aneta ; Halík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sato, Alexej (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze brand building strategy of the brand ProSpolužá and apply results of my own survey on brand awareness and perception on this strategy. This research is base for proposals and the recommendations for the future development of the brand on the both domestic and international trades. The first chapter provides theoretical background for the rest of the thesis. Next part is about company itself and its business activity. Third chapter is the empirical part of the thesis where are evaluated results of the survey and described specific tools of brand building with the application of data obtained during the primary research. The last chapter synthesizes results of secondary and primary research data and summarizes the conclusions of the entire thesis in the form of proposals and recommendations for the company.
Russian arms industry
Anisimova, Alina ; Hinčica, Vít (advisor) ; Sato, Alexej (referee)
1st part Classification of Weapons: ? By purpose ? By type of troops Part 2 Export of Russian weapons. Major exporters. 3rd part Appreciation of Russia's position on the world military market based on the information described in the previous chapters. Conclusion, presentation of results.
Documentary payment relations
Švejda, Jan ; Sato, Alexej (advisor) ; Křenková, Eva (referee)
Payment relations are an important part of international commerce and their constant evolution is vital. Digitalization in this regard has the potential to fundamentally change the payment relations by increasing its efficiency. This in result would mean a reduction of costs related to payment operations. This thesis considers if electronic payment methods, above all Bank Payment Obligation, will substitute traditional documentary instruments like letter of credit or bank guarantee. The thesis found certain barriers to the full utilization of digitalization of payment operations and the main conclusion is, that in the European Union and the Czech Republic traditional instruments will not be replaced in the near future.
Maritime transport in EU - China trade
Mrážik, Matúš ; Hinčica, Vít (advisor) ; Sato, Alexej (referee)
The bachelor thesis gives an overview of the role of maritime transportation in the international trade between EU an China. Concerning the modern trends in maritime transportation, the containerization is pointed out as well as the actual image of shipping market. The main aim of the bachelor thesis is to introduce basic elements of commercial maritime traffic between the EU and China. Write and analyze trends in the given mode of transport in order to compare the evolution of container shipping in recent years. The main aspects examined include the volume of goods transported, international trade in China and the EU, the OBOR project, the quantity of containers transhipped in ports and others.
New Trends in Container Transport
Čápová, Gabriela ; Sato, Alexej (advisor) ; Hinčica, Vít (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the container transport between the port in Hamburg and container terminals in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to confirm or disprove a hypothesis that the port can play an important part in diversification of Czech exports which was set as an objective in the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic. The first chapter deals with international trade of the Czech Republic with overseas countries. It also describes intermodal type of transport and introduces the port of Hamburg. The second chapter of the thesis is devoted to transport modes which can be used to transport containers from the Czech Republic to the port. There are analysed rail, road and inland waterway transport.
Economic relations between the Russian Federation and China
Manukalova, Diana ; Hinčica, Vít (advisor) ; Sato, Alexej (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of the latest development of mutual economic and economic relations between the Russian Federation and China. The main objective is to identify possible prospects for the further development of mutual trade, as well as the possible risks and benefits of possible closer trade cooperation between the two countries.The aim is also the presentation of the economy of both countries and the subsequent analysis of positive and negative effects on the economic development of relations between the Russian Federation and China. The bachelor thesis is divided into three chapters. The first one is the theoretical part in which the thesis deals with the historical development of the relations between the two states and the possible differences in the economic diplomacy of Russia and China. The second one deals with the contractual basis of both countries, trade in goods and services (including types of trade, types of the most transported commodities and the most widely used international interpretative rules INCOTERMS 2010), foreign investments and strategic agreements and projects in the field of energy and transport. In the third chapter, I would like to state the latest trends, prognoses and the impact of new technologies on the future development of cooperation.
Exporting strategies of selected Italian fashion brands in the Czech Republic
Vrbicová, Anežka ; Hinčica, Vít (advisor) ; Sato, Alexej (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate export strategies of selected companies importing Italian fashion goods to the Czech market. Along with fulfilling this aim, this thesis also compares the various forms of entry to the foreign market, which were used by those companies. Furthermore, this thesis is divided into three parts; the first part presents the possible forms of entry to the foreign markets and condition which must be met to enter Czech market. Second part is comparing conditions of doing business in Italy and in the Czech Republic. Additionally, the chapter will explain current challenges faced by Italian fashion industry. The final part is dedicated to the evaluation of a questionnaire which was carried out to analyze the forms of entry to the Czech market used by selected companies and their current situation on the market. Moreover, based on the analysis of the questionnaire, the chapter predicts future development of the export strategies of companies importing Italian fashion goods to the Czech market.
Prediction of the Czech Winemarket Development
Řeháčková, Zlata ; Sato, Alexej (advisor) ; Filipovszki, Pavel (referee)
Present bachelors thesis has the aim to analyze the czech and global wine market. At the beginning of the bachelors thesis I dedicate myself to the basic characteristics of the wine because of a brief introduction into the problem. As next I focus on dividing Czech republic into wine regions, characteristics of the global wine market with emphasis on consumption , production and description of the most important participants on this market. In the fundamental parts of thesis I analyse development of export and import in Czech republic and shares of particular trading partners in export and import. Then I executed the SWOT analysis of the czech market and on the basis of gained findings I set the prediction of export and import. In the final chapter I recommend some possibilities how to affect the development of export in positive way.
New Tasks of Czech Economic Diplomacy
Baumann, Daniel ; Sato, Alexej (advisor) ; Halík, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to answer the question whether the activities of economic diplomacy of the Czech Republic tally with the strategic goals of the Czech Republic in foreign economic relations. The bachelor thesis consists of 3 parts. The first part deals theoretically with the economic diplomacy. In the second part, the economic diplomacy of the Czech Republic is analysed. In the third part, the export strategy of the Czech Republic for the period from 2012 to 2020 is described. It is evaluated the fulfilling of the strategy there too.

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