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Inventarizace veřejné zeleně ve vybraném území a návrh dosadby
The diploma thesis deals with the inventory of greenery and the proposal of replanting in the spa park Aurora in Třeboň. The goal is to evaluate the existing greenery and to propose replanting and modifications of the area. The first part of this thesis focuses on the historical development, function and importance of greenery in cities. The thesis describes the forms of public greenery, its planting and subsequent care as steps to improve the urban microclimate. In the practical part, a dendrological survey and inventory of meadow communities is elaborated. The area is divided into 9 separate blocks for better clarity and the greenery in these blocks is mapped in detail. The conclusion describes specific proposals that will improve the local microclimate, increase biodiversity and aesthetic value while maintaining the overall character of the park.
Vliv přírodních, kulturních a historických hodnot na krajinný ráz KPZ Netolická obora
The bachelor thesis deals with the updating of the proposal design of landscape heritage area Netolická obora, its problems and possibilities of its protection. We focused on the current situation and surveved the territory of the study area for significant landscape features. The proposed methodology and the created project form the basis of the application for a subsidy for the renewal of the KPZ Netolická obora.
Night games summary for adolescents
Soukupová, Kateřina ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Night games summary for adolescents Objectives: Creation of a summary of nocturnal games for adolescent age category, which can be played outside and inside, with different focus objects and defining of the criteria for making of this type of games. Methods: This is a theoretical work, written in the form of literary research. The base for creation of the summary of nocturnal games was an analysis of a professional literature. Results: Creation of the summary of nocturnal games, which focused of cooperation and competition. The write up of the criteria for their making and practically explaining them on an example. Conclusion: The contribution of this paper is the summary of nocturnal games, which can be used by all, who have interest in this topic and defining of the criteria for their successful making and realization of this type of games. Keywords: game, significance of games, contribution of games, darkness, stress, competition, cooperation
Adoption according to New Civil Code
The theme of the bachelor thesis is an institute of an adoption under the new Civil Code, Act No. 89/2012 Coll., which brought big changes to the entire private law with the effect from January 1st 2014. The theoretical part tries to bring a comprehensive view of the adoption, as one of the foster care forms and describes the most fundamental changes that have occurred with the effect of the new Civil Code. Firstly, it explains the basic concepts of the Family Law, such as family, kinship and foster care that are necessary for the overall orientation in the issue. Over the following seven subchapters the thesis deals, at first with the adoption as one of the main alternative family care forms; with the adoptive parents and the adopted child; with the consent of the adoption and the associated conditions; with the care before the adoption, which has undergone a substantial change compared to the previous regulation; also consequences of an adoption; the eventual annulment of an adoption, and the last subchapter discusses the adoption of an adult, which appears with the new Civil Code as a completely new institution. The theoretical part is processed by the analysis method of the issue with a partial comparison with the legislation effective till December 31st 2013. In the empirical part of the bachelor thesis is applied the qualitative research method using the structured interview techniques. The aim of this part of the thesis was to ascertain the views of the workers of the Department of Social Child Protection, Foster Care Department in Ceske Budejovice about the new legislation in practice, evaluation of its contribution, or conversely the negatives. The final section incorporates the research results with the answer to the research question, clearly presented acquired data as well as the idea of further research topic is attached.
Congenital disorders of metabolism - etiology, pathogenesis, screening
Soukupová, Kateřina ; Kudláčková, Zděnka (advisor) ; Klusoňová, Hana (referee)
Author: Kateřina Soukupová Title: Inborn errors of metabolism - aetiology, pathogenesis, screening. Bachelor Thesis Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Study field: Health bioanalysis The Target: The aim of this thesis is to research the available expertise on congenital disorders of inborn metabolism errors and survey of public awareness on this issue, mainly the screening of newborns after birth, in relation to these diseases and through a questionnaire. Methodology: To achieve results, the quantitative research in period from 09.05.2010 to 01.06.2010 was used. The research was conducted by anonymous questionnaires on the web server and at the same time in private gynaecological surgery of MUDr. Tomáš Vychodil, the pregnancy clinic, Tabor, in the period from 20.05.2010 to 27.05.2010. Hypothesis: The main pillar of this work was to take a position to clear hypotheses. Hypothesis 1 - Public awareness of the testing of newborns screening is small. Hypothesis 2 - Informing expecting mothers by the doctors is inadequate, given the importance of testing. Hypothesis 3 - Willingness to participate financially in medical check-up is small as for the society and pregnant mothers. Results: The research results...
Communication with the Use of Pictures
Soukupová, Kateřina ; Kaslová, Michaela (advisor) ; Dvořák, Petr (referee)
This bachelor work deals with the communication through the drawing in pre-school period. It explores whether the drawing or the photograph is more suitable medium for children to decode information and also analyses decoding process itself. The analysis of childrens oral description reception of drawing and photograph is mainly orientated on natural number. It also verifies connection between repetition of the - activity and then the ability of oral expressing numbers and relations between subjects in the space of the pictures. Powered by TCPDF (
Using of drama methods in project Dating is a game
Soukupová, Kateřina ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; VALENTA, Josef (referee)
The thesis describes the benefits and possibilities of using drama methods in the context of dating events. In the theoretical part compares the behavior of animals and people in the process of courtship, briefly introduces history of dating , the phenomenon of "singles" and deals with today's possibilities of dating. Further looks into the adult education in context with drama education to a general level of communication. The practical part describes the genesis process of authorial project " Dating is a game " and presents an example of three programs which were realized as a dating event for singles by using dramatic methods.
Analysis of Czech Mortgage Market and Innovations
Soukupová, Kateřina ; Smrčka, Luboš (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
The objective of this diploma thesis is to analyse current status of Czech mortgage loan market and estimation of its further developments. The thesis focuses mainly on non-standard mortgage products. Besides interpreting of historical development and available data it uses several other methods. A questionnaire survey provided information on awareness of the public about the non-standard mortgages and the public's opinion on their usability. The survey also helped with understanding of Czech citizens' general needs and opinion in area of home equity financing. Furthermore comparative analysis of Great Britain's market and an interview with a representative of financial advisors who have major role in sale of mortgage loans. Opinions of the financial advisor provided expert view on the non-standard types of mortgages and reasons for their market share. In conclusion, the results from all used methods are summarized into evaluation of Czech mortgage market in general, in regards to innovation and also in regards of potential of individual non-standard mortgage products.

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