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Value of Statistical Life: Estimation for the Czech Republic
Přenosilová, Klára ; Dušek, Libor (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
This work combines economics and law and shows how the results of economic estimations can be beneficial and useful for the legal practice. Concerning the economic theory, this work is based on the theory of compensating wage differentials, which originate in the labour market in order to compensate workers on riskier jobs for the higher probability of fatal and non fatal work related accident. On the basis of compensating wage differentials caused by the different level of work related risk in different industries, I estimated the value of statistical life in the Czech Republic. The estimated value of statistical life ranged between 86.2-96.8 million CZK. In the legal practice these estimations could be used as reference amounts when compensating for the non-pecuniary damage in case of bodily injury and killing.
The Economic Efficiency of House Arrest
Michailidis, Simon ; Babin, Jan (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to determine whether house arrest is more economically efficient than imprisonment. House arrest was first evaluated in terms of the impact on public budgets, followed by an assessment of its overall economic efficiency. For the purposes of the analysis, the cost function of the Prison Service was estimated using the high-low method. This function made it possible to determine potential savings in the Prison Service by replacing one imprisonment with house arrest. The costs of house arrest using electronic monitoring and random checks were then calculated. The costs and potential savings are similar in amount, although significant savings in public funds by replacing imprisonment with house arrest was not demonstrated. For evaluating the overall economic efficiency, both the previous cost analyses and the conclusions of the modern economics of crime were used. In this context, house arrest is clearly more cost-efficient than imprisonment. This fact has been confirmed by the frequent use of house arrest abroad.
Consequences of recrictive policy in the time of crisis (on the example of contraproductive government of Petr Nečas)
Kos, Tomáš ; Babin, Jan (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
This bachelor thesis: Consequences of recrictive policy in the time of crisis (on the example of contraproductive government of Petr Nečas) tries to examine the fiscal policy applicated in the Czech republic in years between 2010 and 2013, at the time of the economic crisis. This thesis is motivated by reserch question: What impact had the fiscal policy applicated by the government on the economy of the Czech republic? I created econometric models by using data of Český statistický úřad and Česká národní banka. Regarding these econometric models, the fiscal policy had negative impact on GDP, that had downward sloping trend. The negative impact was confirmed even on the unemployment, that had been rising, and also on the inflation, which was forced under the inflation target of Česká národní banka by the fiscal policy.
Determinanty přímých čínských investic do zemí střední a východní Evropy
Belvončíková, Barbora ; Janíčko, Martin (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
Chinese outward direct investment is surging and is unique in the sense that its development is much faster than of any other developing country. This thesis investigates the determinants of Chinese outward direct investment (ODI) in eight countries of Central and Eastern Europe throughout the years 2003-2014. Using panel data analysis, the regression model incorporates both traditional macroeconomic variables as well as institutional variables, testing thereby what are Chinese ODI driven by in those post-communist countries. The quality of institutional framework is represented by EBRD indicators, which seem to be more suitable for transition economies. Findings suggest that Chinese MNEs do not access Central and Eastern European countries primarily for market-seeking reasons, however the fact of being a member of the EU boosts Chinese ODI, since entering a member state market grants at the same time access to the whole EU common market and this fact is decisive for China. Also, R&D capacities play an important role in attracting Chinese ODI. On the other hand, Chinese ODI seem not to be associated with a good institutional environment of a host country, only large-scale privatization index is found significant and positively correlated with Chinese ODI inflow. Therefore, the findings of this thesis lead to the conclusion that macroeconomic factors are still more influential than the institutional ones when studying Chinese outward direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe.
Economic analysis of the hunting right
Hlaváček, Radim ; Dušek, Libor (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the compulsory connection of the rights to hunt with the ownership of the hunting lands. The aim of this work is to divide and describe two kinds of hunting grounds according to the types of ownership of the hunting lands. There is also an economic analysis of revenues and expenses regarding hunting rights in these hunting grounds. It further analyses the impact of diminishing of the minimum area of the hunting grounds on the economy of hunting. It also tries to find out whether the diminishing would lead to hunting rights more interwoven with the ownership of the hunting lands. The conducted research confirmed the existence of two types of hunting grounds that differ by the kind of ownership and also revenues and expenses regarding hunting rights in these hunting lands. It was further found out that the diminishing of the minimum area of the hunting grounds would increase the bindingness of the hunting rights with the ownership of the hunting lands. The economic impact of the diminishing of the minimum area of the hunting ground couldn't be unequivocally determined.
Analysis of Prices and Investments in Housing Market using Capital Stock Model in the Czech republic in 2000-2013
Hájková, Eva ; Dušek, Libor (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
This thesis deals with the evolution of prices in the housing market within the Czech Republic. The model of capital stock was used for this purpose. The factors that affect the price evolution were the size of income, the size of the first time buyer population, and the anticipated VAT change on new housing. Various evolution scenarios were presented under various conditions. Housing market in the Czech Republic as a whole and the market in the capital particularly were considered. In the case of the Czech Republic both real and simulated prices reached their peak in 2009, simulated price was 7 % lower than real. Concerning Prague, the real price peak happened in 2008, while the estimated price was 19 % lower compared to real prices.
An empirical analysis of the impact of digital piracy on movie industry
Pernický, Tomáš ; Vozárová, Pavla (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
By the use of questionnaire, which was filled by 516 college students, was performed an empirical study investigating impact of digital piracy on sales displacement and consumer surplus. Firstly, based on the knowledge gained from theoretical literature this thesis assesses: piracy of films increases consumer surplus by 393 CZK per capita in observed data sample. Secondly, there is a negative relationship between the first unpaid consumption which reduces paid consumption by approximately 0.06 unit. However, the second unpaid consumption increases paid consumption by 0.71 unit. These findings suggest strong influence of sampling and network effect, while both are largely caused by the possibility of digital piracy. Therefore, unpaid consumption may increase movie industry sales. Overall, this thesis concludes that digital piracy increases consumer surplus and movie market sales.
The Analysis of the Relationship between Inflation and Unemployment in the UK in the Second Half of the 20th Century
Veverka, Jaroslav ; Mirvald, Michal (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to analyse the mutual relationship between the inflation rate and the rate of unemployment in the United Kingdom on quarterly based data 1962-1967. At first this thesis introduces papers and empirical studies of some important authors who formed the concept of Phillips curve. Furthermore, there are described also studies which criticize this macroeconomic concept. Within the regression analysis is researched the mutual relationship with aid of the linear, hyperbolical and the logarithmic regression model. The result of this thesis has confirmed the mutual inverse relationship between the inflation rate and the rate of unemployment in the analysed period of time which implies the existence of the Samuelson-Solow modification of the Phillips curve in the United Kingdom in 1962-1967.
Determinants of profitability in banking sector
Mrázek, Martin ; Rod, Aleš (advisor) ; Chytilová, Helena (referee)
This thesis analyzes devolopment of profitabilty and market structure of banking sector in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Empirical results are consistent with structure-conduct-performance hypothesis, on the other hand efficiency hypothesis seems to be unlikely. These conclusions are furthermore supported by DEA efficiency analysis. Results of non-structural Panzer-Rosse model suggest that during the period under consideration, market outcome was similar to monopolistic competiton. The results of regression analysis reveal that bank-specific variables, share of banking deposits on GDP, GDP growth and interest rates are the main drivers of banking sector profitability.
Consolidation of the banking sector in the Czech Republic and the impact on performance of banks
Rod, Aleš ; Kadeřábková, Božena (advisor) ; Musílek, Petr (referee) ; Mejstřík, Michal (referee)
The dissertation thesis analyzes reasons for the consolidation of the banking sector in the Czech Republic, the shape of the consolidation and impact of the consolidation institution's activities on the performance of the Czech banking sector. The first part of the research deals with the reasons for consolidation, i.e. specificities of the banking sector in the Czechoslovakia before 1989 and the transformation of the banking sector during the 1990s. The factors analyzed significantly influenced the processes of disintermediation, universalization and diversification in commercial banking. The analysis of banking profitability measures, which is the second part of my dissertation thesis, employs those aspects mentioned above. The thesis concludes there was an objective necessity to consolidate the banking sector after 1990. However, the consolidation process had been influenced by both a deficient institutional environment and inflation of goals set for consolidation institutions. This generated inefficiencies related to the activities of consolidation institutions (e.g. the management of receivables and rent-seeking) and also influenced the income and profit performance measures of the banking sector in the Czech Republic.

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