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Reconstruction of a cinema building
Uhrinec, Marek ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Sobotka, Jindřich (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on a reconstruction of a cinema building in the town Gbely. It’s complete reconstruction of exterior and interior too. Original function, cinema, is change to sport and cultural centrum now. Object is consist of cafe, squash hall, climbing wall and sauna with rest room. Several thermal insulations are used to isolate object and satisfy a norm terms. The foundations are post insulated too. The interior is divided into functional spaces with Heluz system. New finishes in the object is created by brick paving, klinker, ceramic tiles and tiling. All windows and doors are replaced by new ones in the object. Sliding doors are used in interior for save space. The windows and doors are plastic between interior and exterior. All sanitations are replaced by new ones too. The reinforced concrete floor is used instead of lead bearing lintels. The wheelchair conditions are satisfied on ground floor.
Temperature Profile in Reflow Soldering and Influence of Different PCBś and ComponentsThermal Capacities
Procházka, Martin ; Špinka, Jiří (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis mainly deals with the prediction of temperature on the components and the PCB during reflow soldering. The theoretical part describes the particular solder reflow process, types of heat transfer and temperature profiles. The practical part is divided into forecasting temperatures if the conveyor is stopped and the temperature predictions when the conveyor is in motion. In both parts of the measured temperature is compared with the predicted temperatures, which show the success rate of prediction. The last part of this work is part of the simulation, which helps in proper understanding of the issues discussed.
Detached House with an estab
Martiš, Patrik ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor´s work was to create a project documentation for a new family house with facilities. As a part of facilities I have chosen room for fitness activities. The family house is situated in the land register of Brno. It is a two storey house that is partially with basement. The house is designed into the shape of the letter L and it is suitable for a family made of 4-6 members. The object is based on the concrete boards and it is made of ceramic prophylactic bricks. It is covered by flat roof with Attica. I designed the project with emphasis on disposal orientation according to the cardinal points and constructed arrangements of the building. During the process I tried to use modern methods, common material and I tried to separate space for the family and space for fitness activities.
Meatpacking plant
Majtán, Marián ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Sobotka, Jindřich (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on project documentation of Meat packing plant. Along with meat processing the documentation solve question of accomodation for employees. Building consists of two main sections: The processing – it is structured under requierements of meat packing industry. Second one is residential part set in 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor. Main inspiration for design are meat packing plants in Scandinavian countries, where is often need to provide accomodation to employess because of disadvantageous geographic locality. Building is built of Heluz building system, perimeter walls consists of insulation filled blocks. Building is without basement and it is based on footings of plaint. The roof is flat, partially designed as extensive green roof. Isover system is used to thermal insulation. A part of object is also asphalted plain for transport goods to and from the meat packing plant.
Detached family house, Hrabová
Pěničková, Klára ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis presents the design of a new house focussing on the project documentation for the building realization. The house comprised of one storey and a basement is designed for a family of four. The building is located in a slope terrain in the village Hrabová u Dubicka. Foundation structures are realized with plain concrete continuous footing. Vertical supportive constructions are designed from lost formwork concrete panels and the Liapor blocks. Ceiling constructions are realized with supported reinforced concrete slabs. The building is flat roof. The project documentation is processed with the help of the ArchCAD computer programme.
Mixed-use building in Brno
Koždoň, Jakub ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Sobotka, Jindřich (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is a newly built mixed-use building in Brno. It is a four-storey building without cellar. The building is located on a corner plot in an urban part of Brno - Židenice. In the 1st floor there are three business units. On the other floors are a total of 11 apartments. One apartment is located in the courtyard. It is designed for people with limited mobility. The vertical structures are of the ceramic blocks Porotherm. Ceiling structures and staircases are cast-in-place reinforced concrete. The building is insulated with contact insulation system ETICS. The roof is warm flat. The project was processed by computer software AutoCAD 15.
Family house in a slope
Piškulová, Veronika ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Sobotka, Jindřich (advisor)
The bachelor´s work deals with a new building of a family house set in a sloping terrain to the extent of the documentation for the building execution. The designed family house is a two-storeyed one roofed over with a single pitched roof. As a part of the building there is a garage for one parking place and a terrace accessible from the second storey. The new building is designed for the 4 – 5 member family.
Home for the elderly
Zboranová, Monika ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Sobotka, Jindřich (advisor)
The project deals with structure design of a new – built house for elderly with accommodation capacity up to 28 persons. It is situated on the south side of the village Papradno in a flat lot with area of 6018,4 m2.The house for elderly was designed for disabled people, it has got two floors with irregular shape and the floor area of 920,83 m2 . On the first floor there is an accommodation part of building situated on the southwest side and there is an another part of building where are situated rooms like (kitchen for serving meals, dining room, boiler room, changing room for employee...) it is situated on the northeast side. On the second floor there is an accommodation part of building it is identical as in the first floor. And the another part of second floor it has got rooms like (offices, storages, chapel, club room...). A bearing system composed of uninforcement concret foundation, wall system of ceramic block Porotherm and the slab system composed of bearing panels Spiroll. The Spiroll panels is a bearing system for flat roof with clasic layer order.
Residential house in Ostrava
Šponarová, Lucie ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Sobotka, Jindřich (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is to design a building with apartments in a high standard of living. The building will be located on sloping land currently accessible from the street Hybnerová in cadastral area of Silesian Ostrava. Construction, surrounding land and fence form a unified aesthetic and functional whole, reflecting the sloping nature of the site. White matter of structure grows continuously from the lowest point and produces fencing which spirals around the property and rise harmoniously into the building itself. Adjusted terrain of land creates platforms for individual gardens for each apartments and produces space for underground garage. The house is designed as a three-storey building with underground garage. The building will accommodate 5 residential units with terraces and technical and storage spaces within the basement. The building is oriented southwest and its location allows splitting the land to the eastern and western gardens. Southwest orientation uses the only unblocked view from the property. Continuously rising fence separates the building from surrounding buildings and offers plenty of privacy for the residents. Concrete fence has also security function.
Buckling Analysis of Thermoplastic Pipes
Procházka, Martin ; Kytýr, Jiří (referee) ; Gratza, Roman (advisor)
This thesis deals with buckling analysis of thermoplastic pipes. An experiment was conducted in which the pipes were encumbered in axis. During this experiment, the loading force was monitored and measured at the material stability loss. For these measurements, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinylchloride pipes were used. Afterwards, the static and buckling analysis of pipe models were made in the ANSYS programme. The models were created on the basis of the experiment results. The outcomes of the analysis were compared with figures of the theoretical calculations. In the ANSYS programme pipes were strained by external overpressure.

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