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Reconstructing the Myth: Blood Meridian as the New Western
Kesman, Jan ; Ulmanová, Hana (advisor) ; Procházka, Martin (referee)
Thesis Abstract This thesis deals with the deconstruction of the myth of American westward expansion in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian or The Evening Redness in the West; it also tries to answer the question of how the book fits into the Western genre. The chief focus is on the two key characters: the kid and Judge Holden, and their fight for dominance, the depiction of the frontier landscape, and the portrayal of violence. The thesis is divided into three larger sections, followed by a conclusion. The first part, titled "Blood Meridian: Between History and Myth," is an extended overview, putting Blood Meridian into the context of the author's literary production and introducing the central themes of the novel that are examined in the subsequent sections of the thesis. The second part, titled "Introduction," is divided into four chapters presenting notions essential to understanding how Blood Meridian engages with the myths of American westward expansion and subsequently dismantles them. The first chapter focuses on Frederick Jackson Turner's theory that the American frontier was the birthplace of the American character. The second chapter introduces Roland Barthes' definition of myths and the second and third semiological chains, as well as William H. McNeill's concept of mythistory. The third chapter...
Shelley's Negotiation of Metaphysics
Balvín, Tomáš ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Horová, Miroslava (referee)
This thesis aims to understand Percy Bysshe Shelley's attitude towards the role of the poet in society as an usher of progressive change. To do this, it examines his metaphysics, chiefly his contact with the doctrines of idealism, which crystallised at the dawn of his life through his intimate relationship with the works of Plato, the early engagement with French materialists, English philosophers like Priestley and Hume & a later one with Lucretian materialism, and his deep entanglement with the first modern proponent of anarchism, William Godwin - who could be described as a perfectionist by some or as utilitarianist by others. By doing that the thesis seeks to shed light on how these doctrines influenced Shelley and how he conversed with and critiqued them, revealing the intricacies of his work because, in Shelley's philosophy, the nature of differentiation between the two, that is between materialism and idealism, is notoriously problematic. The beginning of the thesis serves to engage with Shelley's early contact with materialist doctrines, their fast repudiation in their pure form and his later critique in "Cloud" and response to them. The materialist influences of Shelley are pondered, as well as some of the possibilities of interpreting Shelley in a materialist way. Next, Shelley's...
Utopia Refracted through Mandarin Lenses
Liu, Yi-Chun ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Spinozzi, Paola (referee) ; Nováková, Soňa (referee)
This dissertation, entitled Utopia Refracted through Mandarin Lenses, examines the legacy of Thomas More's Utopia (1516) in three aspects: translations, paratexts, and afterlives. It explores how Utopia - as a book and as a construct - has been appropriated into the Mandarin context during the process of linguistic and cultural transfer in the acts of translation. Employing close reading, instrumental case study, and the concept of paratexts to survey fourteen standalone Mandarin translations of Utopia, this study aims to fill in the gap of a previously neglected aspect of utopian studies, especially its paratextual apparatus, which has been almost entirely overlooked (with only one exception in 2003) since its first translation in 1935. This dissertation is structured into four chapters: the first chapter contextualises Utopia in the original Renaissance context by providing its early publication history (Latin and English) and by analysing the modes of narrative - fiction and dialogue - in which More's self-fashioning is manifest and where his hypothetical heterocosm is materialised. All this substantiates how fiction, dialogue, and paratexts are integral to the shaping of Utopia, without which a holistic reading is not feasible. The second chapter examines the introduction of the concept of...
Vliv porostní struktury a druhové skladby na produkci dřevní biomasy výmladků v nízkém a středním lese
Procházka, Martin
In the last century, many coppice forests were transformed into high forests. Nowadays we can see the increase of interest in coppice forests and their management for wood production and nature conservation. The aim of this thesis was to provide the data from the experimental plot TARMAG Hády where the high forest was transformed into the coppice and coppice with standards. The goal was to study the sprouting capacity of different woody species and the production of biomass in those species. It was studying the dependence of biomass production on wood species. It was also surveyed if the number of standards affected the production of biomass. The research plot was measured twice, in 2014 and 2016. Biomass for each stump with sprouts in 2016 was found. The results of the experiment show that the woody biomass was affected by stand basal area previous forest stand. The biomass production was affected by the number of standards. The biggest production of biomass per individual was found in Tilia sp. Implementation of selective thinning is not necessary.
The Political Poetry of Derick Thomson
Poncarová, Petra Johana ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Dunbar, Rob (referee) ; Markus, Radvan (referee)
This dissertation focuses on the political verse and journalism by the Scottish Gaelic poet, scholar, publisher, and activist Derick Thomson (Ruaraidh MacThòmais, 1921-2012). The chosen set of themes can be broadly described as "political issues", although Thomson should not be regarded only as a political poet in the narrow sense of a propagandist, nor does his political poetry deal with elections and campaigns. The political aspect of his poetry is much broader, including concerns with language and power. Politics also represent the connection between Thomson's multiple activities, and therefore a suitable framework in which to explore them. So far, the prevailing paradigm for studying Thomson's works has been the poetry of place, a concept deeply rooted in the Gaelic tradition, and both popular and critical attention was paid especially to his Lewis poems and, to a less extend, his writing about Glasgow. This dissertation strives to provide answers to the following questions: Which political issues can be traced in Thomson's poetry? What were his main concerns? How does he handle politics in his verse? Are there poems where a political interpretation might be constructed, but that also allow other ways of reading? What were Thomson's actual political convictions, as far as we can reconstruct...
Mental Illness In The Works Of Edgar Allan Poe
Hladká, Alena ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Veselá, Pavla (referee)
1 Abstract The focus of this thesis aims at mental illness in the works of Edgar Allan Poe, their incorporation in his short stories and their function as a means of inducing of horror in the reader. It will be attempted to establish a typology of madness based upon the insane characters from eight of Poe's stories. These stories, chosen for their clear depiction of mentally deranged characters, are "The Black Cat," "The Cask of Amontillado," "Ligeia," "Eleonora," "Berenice," "The Fall of the House of Usher," "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "William Wilson." This thesis will consist of four main parts with a small additional chapter dedicated to the life of Edgar Allan Poe, since the author's life experience is also important for the understanding and appreciating of his work. Chapter 1 will focus on Poe's narrators in the stories "Eleonora" and "Ligeia." Their insanity, stemming from love, passion and loss, and especially from a vain attempt to achieve the ideal of beauty manifests in their later depression or drug addiction. In essence, the characters are driven mad by unhappy love. Chapter 2 will show the physical manifestation of madness into murder. It will deal with Poe's insane murderers from the tales "The Black Cat," "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Tell-Tale Heart." In these tales, the narrators...
Technical Aspects of the Second Stage of Labor
Karbanová, Jaroslava ; Kališ, Vladimír (advisor) ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Záhumenský, Jozef (referee)
Obstetrical intervantion`s goal is to normalize an abnormal or pathological course of labour. In a certain case (e.g. fetal distress) this is not fully achievable. Then the goal is to accelerate the delivery without inadequate increase of risk of maternal or neonatal trauma. The aim of this dizertation thesis was to offer an up-to-date definition and to outline a proper performance of these interventions. Therefore, it was necessary to properly and timely describe the labour layout in which the accoucheur and/or the parturient happen to occurr when an intervention is to take place. It was essential to describe the quantity of perineal loading as well as to define the main vector of perineal strain and deformation. Based on the range of this deformation it was subsequently possible to adequately describe and execute some obstetrical interventions (e.g. a variety of types of episiotomy) or to evaluate a variety of modifications by means of computational modelling (e.g. manual perineal protection) that might have so tiny nuances between each other or differences that are difficult to measure because the clinical evaluation is impossible due to interindividual imprecision or very short duration of the intervention. We described the maximum strain on the perineal surface during vaginal delivery that...
Between Nostalgia and Pragmatism: Cormac McCarthy's 'Border Trilogy.'
Polívka, Zdeněk ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Roraback, Erik Sherman (referee)
THESIS ABSTRACT This thesis deals with the problematics and the role of American frontier and American West in Cormac McCarthy's border trilogy consisting of All the Pretty Horses (1992), The Crossing (1994) and Cities of the Plain (1999). The reading proper focuses mainly on the second novel of the trilogy, making frequent references to both the other two volumes of the trilogy and to Blood Meridian (1985), a novel directly preceding the trilogy itself. The main goal of the thesis is to demonstrate that the trilogy not only critically engages with the American nationalist ideology represented by a nostalgically conceptualized myths of the American frontier, but that it also offers its own alternative vision of the concept of the frontier and of American national identity. The thesis further claims that McCarthy's critical approach to the mythical representations of the American history bears strong resemblance to the philosophy of American pragmatism as defined by a French philosopher Giles Deleuze in his works dedicated to American thinking and culture. In his pragmatic view of American identity the frontier ceases to function in its traditional, nationalistic sense as a line of separation that divides the social and political space into binary categories, and instead it is understood as an open and...
Pathobiochemistry of inhibin A and its application in prenatal screening of chromosomal abnormalities
Loucký, Jaroslav ; Průša, Richard (advisor) ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Matouš-Malbohan, Ivan (referee)
Aims: Currently, prenatal testing is based on an ultrasound examination, the testing of certain biochemical markers and most recently, also on the analysis of fragments from the extracellular DNA of the fetus in the mother's blood. The aim of this work was to verify whether inhibin A testing during pregnancy can help improve the results of prenatal screening (risk assessment) for Down syndrome and thus reduce the number of unnecessarily invasive procedures. Methods: The concentrations of inhibin A were measured using chemiluminescent immunoassay with paramagnetic particles on the Access system from Beckman Coulter. Risk assessments of screenings were performed using Alpha software, LMS. The results were compared in two groups of screening tests, a triple test and an integrated test. In the first case, the risks in these two groups were determined without inhibition A and included only high-risk results. Subsequently, the inhibin A results were included in the screening protocols and the existing risks were revised. Results: The first group of screening tests (triple test) included a total of 277 pregnant women. The second group (integrated test) included 91 pregnant women. The resulting risk for pregnant women without the determination of inhibin A was higher or equal to 1:300 (triple test),...
The Shakespeare Salesman
Sharda, Saksham ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Nováková, Soňa (referee) ; Lanier, Douglas (referee)
The Shakespeare Salesman offers a comprehensive analysis of Vishal Bhardwaj's Shakespeare trilogy that consists of the films: Maqbool (2003), Omkara (2006), and Haider (2014). The trilogy only recently being completed, previous attempts to study Bhardwaj's work have been confined to chapters in books, with their analysis often relegated to the understanding of a greater theme about the industry as a whole, and hence this work intends to accord due space to Bhardwaj's films by making them the centre of the discussion. The analyses of these films show that Bhardwaj's work is torn between issues of authenticity, fidelity, and originality, often leading to what the thesis defines as "narrative crises" that are resolved with thought-provoking, at times problematic, but largely unique methods. Hence each of the three chapters, accorded to the respective film being discussed, focuses on the said crisis. By focusing specifically on these aspects the argument does not, by any means, intend to lessen or mis-portray the achievements, contribution and importance of Bhardwaj's work. On the contrary, all the space that this thesis can afford is accorded to these 'problems' precisely because they have hitherto not been aptly discussed, as the primary subject, in previous literature regarding Bhardwaj's work. The argument...

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