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Marketing research comparing fitness centers in Sedlčany
Procházka, Martin ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Opelík, Daniel (referee)
Ttitle: Marketing research comparing fitness centers in Sedlčany Objectives: The main objective of this bachelor's thesis is to determine the quality of services offered in two fitness centers that operate in the town of Sedlčany. This is the PeVan Gym and Vltavan Fitness Center. Method: In this bachelor thesis, the methods of a qualitative questionnaire with a combination of so-called mystery shopping were used. The methods will then be used to evaluate the data that will contribute to recommend improvements to the services and offers of these fitness centers. This work will draw from both primary and secondary data. The primary data were obtained using a qualitative questionnaire, which was conducted with visitors to the surveyed fitness centers. Results: The result of the work is a comparison of data obtained from qualitative research and mystery shopping. Furthermore, providing recommendations for proposals to improve the operation of fitness centers. Keywords: services, sport, quality, fitness, sports services, mystery shopping
Boomerang attacks
Procházka, Martin ; Göloglu, Faruk (advisor) ; Středa, Adolf (referee)
In 2020 Dunkelman et al. introduced the Retracing Boomerang Attack as an extension of the Boomerang attack introduced in 1999 by Wagner. Both of these attacks are presented in this thesis. In the thesis we also study in detail the independences of the differential characteristics of the Boomerang attack as an element affecting the success probability of the attack. All this, together with background information and detail explanation of the differential cryptanalysis is presented in the well understandable form even for reader with just an elementary cryptography experience. Finally, in the last chapter we show idea and theoretical description of the best currently known differential attack on 5-round AES, which is based on the Retracing Boomerang Attack. 1
Early Modern Players of Folly
Pranič, Martina ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Pfister, Manfred (referee) ; Nováková, Soňa (referee)
Early Modern Players of Folly Thesis Abstract This thesis examines the ways in which folly is used in early modern literature. It asks: how is it that such an ephemeral concept proliferated and endured in the culture of early modern Europe? My understanding of early modern folly as a discursive phenomenon that was used as a way of questioning the knowledge of the ostensibly reasonable world is illustrated by case studies of four characters-four players of folly. Dedicated a chapter each, they are Till Eulenspiegel, the great German jester; Pomet Trpeza, a typically Ragusan wit of Marin Držić's Dundo Maroje; Brother Jan Paleček, a Bohemian representative of holy folly; and Sir John Falstaff, the embodiment of folly in Shakespeare's 1 and 2 Henry IV. Although they emerge from different cultural, linguistic and generic traditions, they nonetheless share a propensity for employing folly in ways that uncover possibilities for new understandings and challenge rigid certainties of the world around them. Early modernity, the era that produced the works I explore, has become associated with shifts and instabilities. In this Age of Discovery, man was compelled to understand afresh a suddenly unfamiliar world. However, where man and his reason reign, folly gladly follows. I read each of my four players of folly as...
Voices of Native American women: the life narratives of Sarah Winnemucca, Zitkala-Sa, Maria Campbell and Leslie Marmon Silko
Nováková, Tereza ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Kolinská, Klára (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to explore the genre of Native American women autobiography by concentrating on its four significant representatives. In the opening part, the work presents the genre providing its several definitions and tracing its origins. Further, it briefly summarizes the history of autobiography with a special focus on American literature and it introduces the genre of Native American autobiography and explains its particularities. Because the work deals with Native American women, the beginning also discusses their past and present social position and their first literary VOICeS. The central part of the thesis investigates four distinct autobiographical narratives written by Native American women at different times and it surveys the main themes that dominate the genre ofNative American woman autobiography. Although all discussed books are labeled as the autobiographies, they m1x together a number of various areas and genres such as history, sociology, mythology, ethnography, political documents, and many others. Native American oral storytelling forms the fundamental base in the analyzed texts, but it is the most experimental autobiography of Leslie Marmon Silko that is wholly constructed as the process of storytelling when her stories carry formal characteristics of Indian oral tales such...
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and Harold in Italy: connectivity and contradiction
Hnídková, Alena ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Beran, Zdeněk (referee)
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy nám. Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Praha 1 IČ: 00216208 DIČ: CZ00216208 Tel.: (+420) 221 619 111 Tento záznam v digitalizované podobě z technických důvodů bohužel není k dispozici. Děkujeme za pochopení.
Regional variability of mortality level on death causes suggestible by health care
Procházka, Martin ; Dzúrová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Lustigová, Michala (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to chart regional variability of mortality using the concept of avoidable mortality which occured in order to compare the differences in the level of health care and consequential mortality. Health care is one of the factors which affects mortality. Since the 1970's the concept of avoidable mortality has passed long developement which is described in the theoretical part as well. Methodology concept of avoidable mortality was subsequently used throughout the Czech Republic for the period from 2006- 2012 and in individual districts and regions from 2006 to 2010. The main chapter of the diploma thesis is based on the results of this analysis. The aim of this diploma thesis is to demonstrate through the selected indicators of health care their impact on different levels of avoidable mortality. Key words: avoidable mortality, regional variability in mortality, ischemic heart disease, nationa screening program, healthcare system
Data processing of well log complex
Hanák, David ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Kobr, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis is focused on the problem of the determination of shear surfaces of slope instabilities (including fossil ones) from the results of the complex of logging methods. It describes the steps taken during data measurement, processing, and interpretation. All the data comes from the measurements conducted in the boreholes carried out for the geotechnical survey of the sliding area in the immediate proximity of the D8 highway or measurements in a well from the Děčín-Loubí locality. On the second mentioned locality, due to a different well construction, a more extensive logging complex could be carried out. After locating shear surfaces in a slope instability, a comparsion was made to determine whether the results in neighboring boreholes corresponded to each other, and to evaluate which methods (or combination of methods) suits best for the task.
Determination of mechanical parameters of rocks by analyzing full wave acoustic well logging record
Chalupa, František ; Procházka, Martin (advisor) ; Vilhelm, Jan (referee)
In this diploma thesis is at first a revision of field used process of interpretation of full acoustic well logging record in WellCAD program. This program uses an algorithm based on velocity analysis which uses semblance principle. Furthermore an independent interpretation of same data has been done in MATLAB program. In this one, individual steps of the process are verified using analysis of complex seismic trace - in particular by using instantaneous frequency. Both processes of interpretation were applied on wide spectrum of Bohemian Massif rocks with very different mechanic properties, so their robustness has been tested. The results of both interpretation processes have been compared and there haven't been found any fundamental differences, just minor, which can't be systematically eliminated with regard to WellCAD's capabilities. Interpreted values of Poisson's ratio and velocities of longitudinal and transversal have been used for comparison. As the credibility of mechanic parameters' values determined by interpretation processes mentioned above has been proven, other reasons of difference between mechanic parameters' values determined seismically and using static methods were searched for. At first a comparison of basic aspects in which the measuring methods differ (e.g. sample size,...

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