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Cultural and historical potential of the peripheral areas on the example of Sedlčany region
Zburníková, Barbora ; Riedlbauch, Václav (advisor) ; Postránecký, Josef (referee)
The thesis focuses on problems of peripheral areas in the Czech Republic, especially the inner peripherals. Monitored are the possibilities of their development, through the use of the cultural heritage and their cultural and historical potential. In the practical part the thesis is focused on a specific inner peripheral territory -- Sedlčany microregion. Its cultural and historical potential is monitored more specifically. Outlined are the practical possibilities of development of Sedlčany region, especially with complex use of the potential of this peripheral region. Particularly in the field of culture and tourism.
The Turkey’s income to cultural variety of Europe
Malečová, Simona ; Riedlbauch, Václav (advisor) ; Postránecký, Josef (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to investigate the European and Czech historical experience with Turkey and to identify and describe stereotypes appearing along with this issue. Moreover, the thesis focuses on the attitude of the Czechs towards the enlargement of European Union by Turkey. Furthermore, another goal of the thesis is to figure out the level of Czech awareness and knowledge concerning Turkey. Author's analysis confirms the fundamental relationship between unfavorable perception of Turkey and basic ignorance of its territory. This confirmation is based on accessible literature, theoretical findings, official statistics and author's own survey.
Regional aspects of using the renewable resources in Mladá Boleslav
Dobiášová, Jana ; Postránecký, Josef (advisor) ; Soják, Jiří (referee)
This thesis describes the issue of renewable sources of energy in Mladá Boleslav and its surroundings, with a more narrow focus on the use of biomass. The main goal is to establish conditions of biomass in terms of its location, demand, and linkages to other sectors in the region. The general concepts in law and specifically in renewable energy laws, policies and directives given to the theoretical part. The nationwide perspective, describe the most important types of renewable resources that have potential or are currently being used in terms of media topics. The practical part of the region defined by Mladá Boleslav, whose character is construed narrowly, since it is aimed to assess the assumptions, uses different types of renewable energy in the region, or hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal energy, and especially biomass. Subsequently, the link between regional bodies, which grow biomass, body and handle it, and those who use it. This is particularly the potential treatment of residual or excess crop production for the purposes of electricity generation in biogas plants, home heating and production of biofuels. A separate section of the work is devoted to the important regional environmental agency, SKO-ENERGO Ltd., which supplies power and heat in the car factory as well as the majority of households in Mladá Boleslav. There are highlighted the benefits and importance of the statutory town, assessed the link between the heat station and the automaker, reported collaboration with other organizations and projects that SKO-ENERGO, Ltd. contributes to local regional development. Finally, it is evaluated the use of local support for renewable sources of public administration, compared with the Regional Energy Policy of the city Mladá Boleslav and proposed solutions for improvement. The text is clearly accompanied by maps, charts and cartograms.
The Integrated Urban Development Plans on the example of Usti nad Labem
Sahulová, Markéta ; Postránecký, Josef (advisor) ; Ryšlavý, Ivo (referee)
The content of this thesis is the analysis of the Integrated Urban Development Plans in the Czech Republic, which is then particulary demonstrated on the example of Ustí nad Labem. The regional capital has now initiated the creation of three Integrated Urban Development Plans, two of them have a zone character -- IUDP Center and IUDP Nestemice -- Mojzir settlement, and one with a thematic orientation on the transportation -- IUDP Mobility. In the theoretical part is the urban dimension of Cohesion Policy discussed, followed by its form and metodology in the Czech Republic. The specific IUDPs of Usti nad Labem are subsequently summarized in the practical part which is focused on the application of the documents, the evaluation of the actual interconnection of projects and find new starting points for the next programming period
Revitalization of Area Afflicted by Mining Shown on Ore Mountains Base Region Example
Svobodová, Eva ; Postránecký, Josef (advisor) ; Šrýtr, Josef (referee)
The thesis consists of several parts. The first one presents basic characteristics of the Usti Region emphasizing its weaknesses and strengths. Interregional and nationwide comparison is used for some indicators. The second part is devoted to mining as the industrial activity so typical for the Usti Region. Here, milestones of the region's mining history and the current operation of mining companies in the region are described, and major mining sites listed and briefly presented. The third part deals with explanation of the term of "restoration, existence of various forms of restoration, their financing or basic documents for them, and importance of post-mining revitalisation in the territory. The final part is devoted to application of revitalisation in the Usti Region. The objective of the thesis is to identify the overall economic cost for restoring the territory affected by mining in its maximum variant - complete exploitation of all the soft coal deposits occurring in the Usti Region territory.
Methods of delimitation of peripheral regions in the Czech Republic
Kaňová, Světlana ; Postránecký, Josef (advisor) ; Jetmar, Marek (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on defining the peripheral regions in the Czech Republic. This topic is still very actual, both nationally, and internationally. Study of definition of unexposed regions is a part of comprehensive research of the territory polarization. Concern about this question was intensifying during the nineties. This time was characterized by growing differentiation between regions. This evoked interest about rise and progress of periphery. The theoretical part consists of important concepts, major theoretical approaches, policies and principles, which define the periphery of concern. Also development of interest in the Czech Republic is described as well as situation in foreign countries and time comparison. Practical knowledge of methods in the Czech Republic are summarized in conclusion of the thesis.
Appraisal of aptitudes of ROP NUTS II Middle Moravia to fulfil priorities of Zlin's region
Sachrová, Vendula ; Jetmar, Marek (advisor) ; Postránecký, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on strategic documents concerning the development of Zlín's region and their mutual compatibility. As first the theoretical part is concentrated on a general definition of regional policy and also Czech regional policy. Next, there are described individual strategic documents on the national and regional level and their mutual relations. In the practical part the thesis deals with particular documents of Zlín's region, i.e. Program for development of the Zlín's region territory, Development strategy of Zlín's region, Regional innovation strategy and above all Regional operational program NUTS II Middle Moravia. For each document there is described its vision and targets and there are indicated relations to other documents. The main part is focused on the Regional operational program NUTS II Middle Moravia and its relations to the other discussed strategic documents of Zlín's region based on its priorities and targets that are demonstrated through schemes. Finally, there is an evaluation of ability of ROP NUTS II Middle Moravia to fulfil priorities of Zlín's region.
Euroregion Praděd - Czech-Poland Cross-border cooperation
Lucuková, Hana ; Horáček, Jiří (advisor) ; Postránecký, Josef (referee)
The main issue of this diploma thesis are causes of subsidy border areas abeam European Union and its effects on the border area. It is supposed this grants bring on increase of socioeconomic level and integration with neighbouring state. Kritical approaches some authors to this premise were motivated me to research the system of subsidy boreder areas and practical verification on the example Euroregion Praděd/Pradziad. The idea of subsidy border areas is sure true, but oneness of every euroregion call for individual approach to aplication of the subsidy. Euroregion Praděd/Pradziad dispose of particular specifics too. This specifics are in this diploma thesis analysed. Often they are feeld like a barrier of development, but in Euroregion Praděd/Pradziad are some people, who feel this specifics like an opportunity of development.
The development of Microregion Poličsko (on the principle of the anylysis of selected realizing projects in the frame of ROP NUTS II Northeast)
Kvapil, Radek ; Postránecký, Josef (advisor) ; Novotný, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis is aimed to problems of development of microregions with the intention of the development Microregion Poličsko with the help of using financial means of the European Union from Regional Operational Program NUTS II Northeast. Theoretic part deals main objectives and implements of the policy of the economic and social cohesion for the program period 2007 -- 2013. Priority axes and areas of intervention of Regional Operational Program NUTS II determined for drawing from the structural fund of the European Union Northeast are next components of the theoretic part. At first practical part devotes socio-economic analysis of Microregion Poličsko owing to the reason of the view on economic structure of the microregion. The next part analyses concrete use of realizing projects in Microregion Poličsko. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find contributions for the development of Microregion Poličsko with the help of financial support from the European Union.
Potential opportunities for development of Eastern Slovakia
Gajdošová, Kristína ; Postránecký, Josef (advisor) ; Grametbauer, Petr (referee)
In my thesis I am trying to characterise region of Eastern Slovakia, concretly two regions: Košický and Prešovský region. First part of thesis includes general characteristics of regions, their submission to regional structure, regional differences and common signs, comparison with Western Slovakia. The next part includes short history of Slovakia, mainly Eastern Slovakia before and after origin. Methodology of my thesis is a regional analysis, mainly SWOT analysis. This is the main part of my thesis. I concentrate on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in each region separately. Also characterise chosen operational programs and possibilities of subvention. In conclusion my thesis there are suggestions and recommendations for regional development of the region Eastern Slovakia.

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