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Trade union plurality at an employer
Kalina, Vojtěch ; Tomšej, Jakub (advisor) ; Pichrt, Jan (referee)
Trade union plurality at an employer Abstract In this thesis I deal with the issue of trade union plurality at an employer. In the thesis I describe the role of trade unions and the development of the legal regulation of their plurality. In doing so, I analyse the conclusions of the Constitutional Court expressed in the ruling Pl. ÚS 83/06 and its implications for current and possible future legislation. I also describe the problematic aspects of the current legislation in this area. These problems concern both the representation of non-unionised employees in individual matters and, in particular, collective bargaining. The aim of the thesis was to try to suggest possible options for solving the current unsatisfactory state of the legislation. The thesis analyses three basic options for dealing with trade union plurality in the context of collective bargaining. These are the introduction of the majority principle in some form, the involvement of employees by way of voting, and allowing for the existence of multiple collective agreements at a single employer. Changing the conditions for starting of functioning of a trade union at an employer is mentioned as an additional option. Finally, I discuss the possibility of addressing problematic aspects in the context of a situation where a trade union is to...
Employment law in times of coronavirus pandemic
Burdová, Tereza ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
Employment law in times of coronavirus pandemic Abstract This thesis on employment law in the coronavirus pandemic focuses on the impact of the pandemic on Czech legislation, presents the author's own view on the issue and offers a comparative view of the legislation of the Slovak Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This thesis takes into account the legal situation from 1 March 2020 to 31 December 2022 and is divided into six chapters. After a general introduction defining basic concepts and briefly summarising the employment legislation of the selected countries, the individual chapters follow and address important employment law topics in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The second chapter focuses on impediments to work, assessing the various impediments to work related to the coronavirus pandemic on the part of both the employee and the employer, followed by contribution during periods of partial unemployment. The third chapter focuses on the ordering of annual leave as one of the options to deal with a crisis and examines the impact of the pandemic on the regulation of annual leave. Another theme is home working, as the coronavirus pandemic has triggered the rise of various forms of flexible working, with the need to reconcile...
The impact of the coronavirus pandemie on labour relations
Nouzáková, Sandra ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
Vliv pandemie koronaviru na pracovněprávní vztahy Abstrakt Diplomová práce se zabývá vlivem pandemie koronaviru na pracovněprávní vztahy. Cílem práce je zaměřit se na právní instituty, které se ocitly v centru zájmu v souvislosti s příchodem pandemie a posoudit, zda právní úprava byla dostatečná a jaký dopad měla na adresáty právních norem. Diplomová práce je rozdělena do sedmi kapitol. První kapitola je zaměřena na překážky v práci praktikované na situace, které vyvstaly s příchodem pandemie. Tato kapitola klade důraz na otázku, kdo nese, popř. by měl nést náklady za negativní dopady způsobené pandemií. Druhá, třetí a čtvrtá kapitola se věnují jednotlivým subjektům a míře, jakou byly dotčeny pandemií Covidu-19. Druhá kapitola se zaměřuje na zaměstnance pracující distančně a možné potíže, které jsou s prací mimo pracoviště zaměstnavatele spojené. Třetí kapitola se zabývá právním postavením povolaných studentů, kterým byla za nouzového stavu nařízena pracovní povinnost a vhodností využití tohoto institutu. Předmětem kapitoly čtvrté jsou pak zaměstnavatelé a jejich nárok na státní pomoc. Pátá, šestá a poslední sedmá kapitola mají základ v bezpečnosti a ochraně zdraví na pracovišti a zabývají se aktuálními otázkami spojenými s pandemií a taktéž s jejími možnými následky. Kapitola pátá poskytuje základní...
Temporary agency employment
Zůbek, Jan ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Title of the thesis: Temporary agency employment Abstract The topic of this diploma thesis is temporary agency employment. Temporary agency employment is a type of employment intermediation realized with the cooperation of three entities - the employment agency, the user undertaking and the temporary agency worker. Based on this institute of labour law, temporary agency workers may be assigned to user undertakings to work there temporarily. Temporary agency employment is a popular way of recruiting a labour force, as it provides the possibility to respond relatively quickly and effectively to the need to increase or decrease the number of employees. This work aims to summarise the essential characteristics of temporary agency employment and to point out some problematic aspects of the Czech legislation related to temporary agency employment. The text of this thesis is divided into six chapters. The first chapter deals with employment intermediation and its individual forms. One of these forms is a temporary agency employment, to which the rest of the chapters are devoted. The second chapter is dedicated to the temporary agency employment definition and the characteristics of this institute in terms of its basic attributes: atypicality, flexibility, and precariousness. This chapter also compares temporary...
Labor relations within the so-called sharing economy
Novák, Oliver ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
: Labor relations within the so-called sharing economy This diploma thesis deals with sharing economy, especially in the field of labor law and gig platforms. The first part of the thesis defines the concepts related to the sharing economy. In the following part pros and cons of platform economy are discussed. This discussion is focused on relationship between service providers and gig platforms. The next part of the diploma thesis is devoted to concealment of employment relationship in the gig economy and comparison of this phenomena with " Svarc System". In this context, the thesis outlines some aspects of labor law in the United Kingdom and the United States. The thesis also evaluates the impact of EU Directive 2019/1152 on labor law in Czech Republic. The final part is focused on possibility how to prevent concealment of employment relationship and ways for reduction of negative consequences associated with it.
Collective bargaining
Dobeš, Vojtěch ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Collective bargaining The subject of this thesis is collective bargaining. Alongside individual labour law, it is a traditional branch of labour law with roots going back to the 19th century. In the Czech Republic, the foundations of modern collective law were laid as early as 1870, when the so- called Coalition Act was adopted. The great flowering of collective labour law then occurred during the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic. Today, collective bargaining has an irreplaceable place in Czech society. The aim of the thesis is to describe collective bargaining and to reflect on the shortcomings of the Czech legal framework, or to contribute to the general discourse with de lege ferenda considerations. The thesis consists of the introduction, three chapters and the conclusion. The first chapter is devoted to the sources and legal regulation of collective bargaining. In addition to being enshrined in the Czech legal system, including at the constitutional level, the documents of international organisations, in particular the conventions of the International Labour Organisation, have a major influence on collective bargaining. The influence of the Council of Europe or the European Union cannot be overlooked. The second chapter describes the subjects of collective bargaining. The first subject is the...
Sport and labour law
Novák, Tomáš ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Title of the thesis: Sport and labour law Abstract This thesis deals with the legal status of professional athletes in team sports in the Czech Republic and primarily focuses on the question of whether the activity of professional athletes in team sports is dependent work and whether the current practice, where contractual relations between sports clubs and players as self-employed persons are mostly other than labour relations, is long-applied and by the public authorities tolerated false self-employment (in Czech the so-called "švarcsystém"). The first chapter initially deals with the definition of sport and its division, as well as the functions that sport has in society. It also provides a brief explanation of sports law, its basic principles and, last but not least, an insight into the current state of the legal regulation of sport in the Czech Republic. The second chapter of the thesis describes the position and activities of some entities with a significant influence on the functioning of the sports sector with the ambition to provide at least a basic insight into the organizational structure and the daily operation of professional sport. The following two chapters are the main part of this thesis. In the third chapter, the author presents the legal status of the professional athlete in team sports...
Organizational changes by employer in case-law of Czech courts
Suchá, Barbora ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Pichrt, Jan (referee)
Title: Organisational changes from the viewpoint of Czech courts case law The purpose of my thesis is to analyse the legal regulations, case law and publications regarding organisational changes. I have chosen this topic because it is often addressed by courts and still causes many problems to employers and employees, especially at this time of economic downturn. The reason for my research is to provide an overview on how to perform organisational changes in accordance with the Czech Labour Code and case law and to analyze, to what extent employers can find guidelines for reorganisation in the legal regulations and case law. The thesis is composed of an introduction, a main part with seven chapters and a conclusion. Each of the seven chapters deals with different aspects of organisational changes within an employer. Chapter One is introductory and defines basic terminology used in the thesis, addresses the function of organisational changes for an employer, development of relevant legal regulation and especially focuses on the categorisation of possible types of organisational changes. Chapter Two concentrates on individual organisational changes enabling the termination of employment according to relevant Czech legislation and case law. The chapter consists of four parts. Part One focuses on the...
Legal regulation of accident insurance of employees
Dvořáková, Tereza ; Bělina, Miroslav (advisor) ; Pichrt, Jan (referee)
77 Záv r Systém odpov dnosti zam stnavatele za pracovní úrazy a nemoci z povolání na našem území funguje již více než 40 let. V následujících letech by eskou republiku v tomto sm ru m la ekat velká zm na, která bude spojena nejen se zavád ním nových institut úrazového pojišt ní, ale i s finan ními náklady. Systémy úrazového pojišt ní zam stnanc nalezneme ve v tšin vysp lých evropských zemí. Fungují zde dlouhou dobu, bez v tších zm n a ot es . Na našem území došlo po roce 1948 k p erušení kontinuálního vývoje v oblasti sociálního pojišt ní a navazovat po tak dlouhé dob na tradice v oblasti úrazového pojišt ní bude jist velmi náro ným úkolem. První krok tímto sm rem byl u in n v roce 2006 v podob vydání zákona o úrazovém pojišt ní. Druhým krokem bude pak p enesení tohoto právního p edpisu do praktického života. Odp rci zákona o úrazovém ešení mohou namítat jeho rozpornost, nekoncep nost a nejasnost, jak se m žeme do íst i v d vodových zprávách. V legisvakan ní lh t by tyto problémy m ly být diskutovány a vy ešeny, aby ú innost již nemusela být dále posunována. Odpov dné osoby by si m ly uv domit, že by eská republika v d sledku neustálého odkládání ú innosti mohla velmi výrazn sankcionována ze strany Evropské unie a že je pot eba tento problém co nejd íve vyjasnit. A už n jakým provizorním ešením nebo novým...
Notice of employment
Homolková, Simona ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Bělina, Miroslav (referee)
The Notice of Employment The main reason I have chosen this topic for my diploma thesis is that we have to deal with questions of labour law in our everyday lives. Generally speaking it is a common issue and I believe that it is therefore very important to understand it correctly. The notice of employment can bring serious economic and social consequences into the life of every employee and at the same time have an impact on his family members. On the other hand the employers should be able to terminate employment with such employees who are irresponsible or incompetent. Hence, the aim of this thesis is to analyse the regulation of the notice of termination of employment in the legal order of the Czech Republic, explain the essential principles of this regulation and point out various options of its interpretation. The paper is divided into seven chapters. First, there is a general outline of the examinated issue followed by chapters dealing with the historical evolution of legal regulation and the European Communities` regulation of the notice of employment. Further passages are in regards to a closer analysis of the notice of employment in general, notice given by the employee, notice given by the employer and their legal reasons. Relevant judicial decisions were also incorporated in each of...

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