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The approach of kindergarten pedagogues to children with school postponement
Petrů, Jana ; Procházková, Jana (advisor) ; Janošová, Pavlína (referee)
In the diploma thesis I concentrated on an approach of preschool teachers to children whose school attendance was postponed. Thesis is divided in two parts. In theoretical part I deal with a definition of school maturity and readiness, which are the basics to find child's troubles with postponement of school attendance. Then I delineate present situation in the Czech Republic - I define contemporary concept of preschools, I deal with compulsory school education and possibility of postponement of school attendance. In the last chapter of the theoretical part I concentrate on the approach of teachers and in sub-chapters I define activities and impact which they have. In empirical part I used a snowball sampling to approach some preschool teachers. Eleven teachers from Prague and Plzeň region have participated the research. After filling in questionnaires focused on individual children whose school attendance will be postponed, questions were adapted to the main research method - interview. Using thematical analysis I discovered various approaches of teachers to organizing forms of work, cooperation with parents, cooperation with specialists, documents in preschools, contemporary perspective of postponement of school attendance in the Czech Republic.
Actual problems of computerization of insolvency proceeding
Petrů, Jana ; Smolík, Petr (referee) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
v anglickém jazyce This diploma thesis deals with analyzation of actual problems of computerization of insolvency proceeding. The main topics are publishing information in insolvency register, delivering through the data mailboxes and insolvency register and form and requirements of insolvency proposal. The main goal is to elaborate problems relating with computerization of insolvency proceeding, comparing differences between computerization of civil proceeding and insolvency proceeding and bringing solution of this problems.
Using of leisure time in families with pre-school children in the region of the city Pelhřimov
The thesis deals with leisure time in families with pre-school children in the region of the city Pelhřimov. It desribes conception of the leisure time in families with one or more children. The theoretic part talks about family, follows up its meanings and functions in human life. There is a short description of development of the family in modern time and some specifics of the families with younger preschool children too. Then there are desribed relationships in family (depending on the number of children in the family) and an intergenerational learning process. The next section is devoted to leisure time and its role in human life. We will find there a definition of a leisure time, a brief look at the historical evolution of this phenomenon in modern time and some of its specifics in contemporary family life. The work next deals with some socio-psychological characteristics of younger pre-school children with regard for leisure time. There are written some characteristics of the Pelhřimov?s region related to leisure time. The researching part of the work describes how the conception of the leisure time looks in the family of younger pre-school children in the Pelhřimov?s region. It highlights some of the differences in the conception among families with one or more children too. In a selected population sample survey was carried out using semi-structured interviews. They were then processed using a triple-coding grounded theory.
The communication between parents and children at the age of 18 Conflicts relating to usage of teenage boys and girls' leisure time
The bachelor thesis was drawn up with a focus on conflicts which are formed in communication in the family between parents and adolescents at the age of 18. The goal of the thesis was to determine whether gender of adolescents has influence on causes of conflicts between parents and adolescents or not. The theoretical part contains family influence on adolescents? free time and her function. It also explains the term communication and mentions some ways of inadequate communication in the family. As well as it describes psychological and social characteristics of adolescents and some differences in thinking and behaviour of each of the genders. This part deals with evolutional functions of conflicts according to Ericson and Montemayor and it also illustrates several concrete conflicts between parents and their children. The goal of the practical thesis was to determine whether there are important differences in causes of conflicts between parents and adolescents at the age of 18 according to the gender. In selected group of population a questionnaire research in electronical form was effected. The statistic processing of results showed that in causes of conflicts between parents and adolescents at the age of 18 there aren?t any statistically important differences in dependence on the gender.

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