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Analysis of slope deformation from the Mužský hill, Příhrazská plošina plateau
Pantůčková, Klára ; Blahůt, Jan (advisor) ; Lešner, Jeroným (referee)
This thesis is dealing with analysis of landslide on the eastern hillside of the Mužský hill, which lies on the Příhrazská plošina Plateau in Český ráj. Příhrazská plošina Plateau belongs to areas, where landslides occur very often and it is well known for a destructive landslide at Dneboh village in 1926. Landslide under the Mužský hill originated on hillside of a Tertiary volcano, which penetrated Cretaceous sandstones and claystones. That distinguishes it from other landslides in the area. Geophysical method of electrical resistivity tomography was used for finding landslides slip surface. Due to small resistivity contrast between landslide mass and underlying claystones, it was not able to identify slip surface with high certainty. The results show only some indications of it. The geophysical exploration however, proved that the landslide mass is overlaying originally exposed sandstone blocks in the accumulation part of the landslide. The whole area of the landslide was mapped into engineering geology map of slope stability at 1:2000 scale with the help of GPS. Slope map on the basis of digital model terrain acquired from LiDAR measurements was used, as a basis of new map. This slope map provided more information about older landslides around examined landslide. From results of the mapping was...
Land grabbing in the Context of the New Geopolitical Division of Africa
Pantůčková, Klára ; Riegl, Martin (advisor) ; Kofroň, Jan (referee)
This thesis examines two phenomena of the current global politics, land grabbing and the so-called New Scramble for Africa. It presents motives leading up to land grabbing, the impacts it causes, as well as the actors involved and recommendations for the future. The phenomenon is explained on an example of land grabbing in Ethiopia. The second part of the thesis focuses on both historical and actual relations of the region of Sub-Saharan Africa with foreign actors, in particular with recently emerged new economic powers. I reviewed land grabbing and New Scramble for Africa as two associated phenomena with regard to their mutual interconnection and common historical background.
State-of-the-art and perspectives of geothermal energy utilization in Iceland
Pantůčková, Klára ; Dědeček, Petr (advisor) ; Jiráková, Hana (referee)
This thesis focuses mainly on the Iceland area and deals with the geographical and geological conditions within the context of geothermal energy. The thesis also focuses on history of Iceland, past and current utilization, tries to summarize basic types of acquisition and evaluates advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy. The end of the thesis focuses on the latest projects, which interfere in the nearest future. Especially, the thesis is concerned with the IDDP project, which aims to drill into unknown conditions close to the magma chamber.

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2 Pantůčková, Kristýna
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