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Míra synchronizace hospodářských cyklů v zemích V4
Novotný, Ondřej
This diploma thesis deals with issues of economic cycles in the countries of the Visegrad Group. The main aim of this diploma thesis is to determine the rate of synchronization of economic cycles in the Visegrad Group countries and to determine the rate of synchronization of economic cycles of the Visegrad Group countries with the economic cycle of the European Union represented by the reference country in the form of Germany. The theoretical part deals in detail with the theoretical and methodological bases connected with the economic cycles as well as with the short presentation of the regional group of the Visegrad Group. The practical part describes the development of two basic macroeconomic indicators of each of the Visegrad Group countries, and then the wavelet analysis is applied on monthly data in 1991-2017 in order to determine the rate of synchronization of economic cycles among the Visegrad Group countries and in addition to determine no less important synchronization of economic cycles of these countries with Germany's economic cycle.
Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert as an opportunity to teach Czechoslovak history at second grade of elementary school
Novotný, Ondřej ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This diploma thesis Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert as an opportunity to teach Czechoslovak history at second grade of elementary school deals with the use of Seifert's poems issued between years 1937 and 1950 during history lessons in the ninth grade of primary schools. Texts are thoroughly chosen from the collections of poems created during great historical events and milestones (such as 1930s crisis, The Munich Agreement, The Second World War, the liberation of Czechoslovakia and finally Stalinism in 1950s Czechoslovakia). Seifert's poems are perceived as lyric diaries offering a view of given era through historical references while taking their artistic nature into consideration. This diploma thesis is divided into chapters corresponding with above-mentioned historical events. The introduction of each chapter briefly deals with historical background of given eras when Seifert wrote his poems. The actual analysis of the collections of poems is dealt with in corresponding subchapters where, considering aesthetical side of poems, the common features of collections potentially usable for preparations of lessons are identified and categorized. Illustrative propositions of such lessons directly follow the analysis. The proposition of lesson The Munich Agreement is furthermore supported with its reflection...
Geografické aspekty autostopu ve vybraných státech Evropy
Hitchhiking has a lot of stigma attached to it. General opinions on this specific way to travel vary throughout history and now it has begun to grow in popularity once again. This thesis deals with the issue of hitchhiking in certain European countries. The countries were selected based on their accessibility from the Czech Republic. It first discusses the issue of placing hitchhiking into scientific disciplines and the reasons for such placement and how the chosen discipline has affected hitchhiking. It further mentions other factors that may have contributed to hitchhiking in the past or do so today. The main part of the thesis consists of a map that is comparing the described countries in terms of their accessibility for hitchhikers. It could also be explained as a rating of how developed and approachable it is to do hitchhiking in these selected areas.
Italian idioms containing the names of body parts and their Czech equivalents
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to introduce Italian somatic idioms, ie those that contain the name of a body part. The work is divided into two parts. The first, theoretical part, presents the basic terminology, especially the definition of the terms "phrasal idiom" and "idiom", presents their properties, their internal structure and function. Furthermore, a brief historical and cultural insight into the topic is made and, last but not least, a comparison of the Czech and Italian conceptions of the issue is made. In the second part, the analysis of a selected sample of Italian somatic idioms is performed, the selected sample is analyzed in terms of formal, ie. according to the internal structure. However, the main task of the thesis is to indicate the possibilities in the translation of selected idioms and to present possible equivalents in the Czech language, including the introduction of various translation strategies. Furthermore, the possibilities of syntactic manipulation and internal transformation of idioms are also presented.
Effects of media consumption on attitudes towards migration
Novotný, Ondřej ; Linek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Lupač, Petr (referee)
(in English): The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of media effects on attitudes towards migration in the Czech Republic. For this, it uses data from the MEDIAN agency from 2021, which combines a questionnaire panel survey and personalized measurement of media consumption using mobile and computer applications. The work focuses on valence attitude to migration (on a scale of positive/negative) and perceived importance of migration, while testing hypotheses on different media effects according to different types of media and recipient characteristics. The analysis shows that exposure to commercial broadcasting (both directly on migration and news in general) has led to higher chances to have an anti-immigration valence attitude, while watching news on public television has partially led to a positive attitude. It has also been shown that overall TV news had a more negative effect on the valence attitude to migration compared to online media. At the same time, the analysis indicated a possible different effect of commercial media according to political interest. On the contrary, the effect of overall exposure to migration on attitude to migration or perceived importance has not been proven. Conclusions and methodological limitations, as well as recommendations for future research are discussed.
Financial literacy of pupils and teachers of primary school
Novotný, Ondřej ; Jančařík, Antonín (advisor) ; Novotná, Jarmila (referee)
The presented diploma thesis is focused on financial literacy at basic school, with the focus on the integration of financial skills into the education on the secondary school. The main aim of the thesis is to compare several selected methods for education of financial literacy at basic school with the intention to select a optimal way for developing the financial literacy of students and solutions of their various economical situations, problems and decisions that expect them in their future life. The theoretical part contains introduction into the topic, introductory theoretical basis, basic definitions of important terms and a description of the educational system. Reasons for introduction of financial literacy education into basic education system are explained. Further, the strategic documents influencing the education of financial literacy at basic school, which are the base for creation of frame school programs for the education of financial literacy, are introduced. The situation is described in more detail and it is explained, how it is possible to introduce the financial literacy education in the school education programs in agreement with the frame education programs. In the end of the theoretical part, the selected methods for evaluation of the financial literacy education at the basic...
Analysis of the Kalvoda affair in articles from Lidové noviny and Deník Právo in the years 1996 - 1997
Novotný, Ondřej ; Groman, Martin (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with the well - known affair of the top ODA politician and the Minister of Justice Jan Kalvoda, who resigned from all his public positions in 1996 and left the top politics. Using the method of qualitative analysis, the work focuses on the resonance of this act in the articles of large domestic newspapers Právo and Lidové noviny and examines how the phenomenon, which until then had no parallel in Czech politics, was approached. Part of the work is a brief look at the development of the Civic Democratic Alliance, its top personalities and achievements during Kalvod's presidency, a medallion about Jan Kalvod, the main research evaluation of selected newspaper articles that began immediately after Kalvoda's resignation and culminated in the composition of his party as chairman in 1997. The whole work was written primarily on the basis of book sources dealing with ODA and subsequently through the study of major newspaper articles from the period 1996-97. Each chapter of the research part ends with the comparation and in the very conclusion there is a reflection on the whole case through the eyes of the author and its comparison with other political affairs.
India-U.S. Relations in the Late 1960s and in the First Half of the 1970s
Novotný, Ondřej ; Bečka, Jan (advisor) ; Vidén, Anna Karolina (referee)
This MA thesis titled as - India-U.S. Relations in the Late 1960s and in the First Half of the 1970s - focuses on mutual relations of the U.S. on one side and India on the other. It elaborates various events, which influenced these relations during the late 1960s and in the first half ot the 1970s. The result of this work is the confirmation that the U.S., in its foreign policy strategy, strictly followed the principle of realpolitik. Thanks to that their interests, however, often collided with those of India. Its effort of rapprochment with the PRC, during which Pakistan played an important role as the main communication channel between both countries, was a 'thorn in the side' of India's top officials, including its Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The U.S. foreign policy, which was mainly in hands of the National Security Advisor of President Richard Nixon Henry Kissinger, had to logically prefer an alliance with Pakistan. This, of course, was not welcomed by India because these two Asian countries waged several wars against each other and had strained relations since their birth. Thus, in spite of the fact that India might seem as the best American partner, given its strong democratic principles, the opposite was true. Nixon/Kissinger, in defiance of all obstacles, did not relent and remained firm...
Improving Robustness of Speaker Recognition using Discriminative Techniques
Novotný, Ondřej ; Ferrer, Luciana (referee) ; Pollák, Petr (referee) ; Černocký, Jan (advisor)
Tato práce pojednává o využití diskriminativních technik v oblasti rozpoznávání  mluvčích za účelem získání větší robustnosti těchto systémů vůči vlivům negativně ovlivňující jejich výkonnost. Mezi tyto vlivy řadíme šum, reverberaci nebo přenosový kanál. Práce je rozdělena do dvou hlavních částí. V první části se věnujeme teoretickému úvodu do problematiky rozpoznávání mluvčích. Popsány jsou  jednotlivé kroky rozpoznávacího systému od extrakce akustických příznaků, extrakce vektorových reprezentací nahrávek, až po tvorbu finálního rozpoznávacího skóre. Zvláštní důraz je věnován technikám extrakce vektorové reprezentace nahrávky, kdy popisujeme dvě rozdílná paradigmata možného přístupu, i-vektory a x-vektory. Druhá část práce se již více věnuje diskriminativním technikám pro zvýšení robustnosti. Techniky jsou organizovány tak, aby odpovídaly postupnému průchodu nahrávky rozpoznávacím systémem.  Nejdříve je věnována pozornost  předzpracování signálu pomocí neuronové sítě pro odšumění a obohacení signálu řeči jako univerzální technice, která je nezávislá na následně použitém rozpoznávacím systému.  Dále se zameřujeme na využití diskriminativního přístupu při extrakci příznaků a extrakci vektorových reprezentací nahrávek. Práce rovněž pokrývá přechod od generativního paradigmatu k plně diskriminativnímu přístupu v systémech pro rozpoznávání mluvčích.  Veškeré techniky jsou následně vždy experimentálně ověřeny a zhodnocen jejich přínos. V práci je navrženo několik přístupů, které se osvědčily jak u generativního přístupu v podobě i-vektorů, tak i u diskriminativních x-vektorů, a díky nim bylo dosaženo významného zlepšení. Pro úplnost jsou, v oblasti problematiky robustnosti, do práce zařazeny i další techniky, jako je normalizace skóre, či více-scénářové trénování systémů. Závěrem se práce zabývá problematikou robustnosti diskriminativních systému z pohledu dat využitých při jejich trénování.

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