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Nohavica, Dušan ; Grym, Jan ; Gladkov, Petar ; Hamplová, Marie
Oriented pore networks in GaAs were created by electrochemical dissolution. Low supersaturation overgrowth of the porous substrates by InxGa1-xAs (x<4%) was realized by Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE)
Applications of porous III-V semiconductors in heteroepitaxial growth and in preparation of nanocomposite structures
Nohavica, Dušan ; Grym, Jan ; Gladkov, Petar ; Hulicius, Eduard ; Pangrác, Jiří
We investigate the concept of epitaxial growth on porous substrates Both crystalographically oriented and current line oriented pore networks in InP and GaAs were created by electrochemical dissolution. Heat treatment of InP pores at 650 ºC and GaAs pores at 700-850ºC converted them into microcavities. The capability of improved structural quality homo- and hetero-epitaxially overgrown films is demonstrated on InAs and GaInAs layers with a different composition grown on porous GaAs substrates
Nohavica, Dušan
A brief overview of the field of metallic nanoparticles and nanocrystalline materials preparation and their properties is presented. Dependence of the chemical potential on surface curvature is important for particles solubility in the melt, vapour pressure of liquids as a function of droplet radius, Ostwald ripening and sintering of the individual particles. Melting point and lattice constant depends on the radius of nanoparticles as well. The major processing for nanocrystalline materials production includes chemical reaction, vapour condensation, electrodeposition, ball grinding, SPD etc.
Nohavica, Dušan ; Gladkov, Petar
The advantages of ZnO are a low price, good gas sensing properties, photocatalytic activity, antibacterial activity, possibility to prepare structures with interesting optical properties, like photonic crystals, catalytic materials etc. In our laboratory the special research type of MOCVD apparatus has been developed. In the study we have investigated the influence of the growth rate on the morphology of ZnO deposited on Si (100), GaP (111) as well as nanoporous GaP. The same apparatus has been used for ZnO nanoparticles preparation with the diameter of individual nanoparticles of about 25 nm.
Nohavica, Dušan ; Grym, Jan ; Hulicius, Eduard ; Pangrác, Jiří ; Gladkov, Petar ; Jarchovský, Zdeněk
Structural and optical properties of micro and nano-porous InP and GaAs substrates used for an epitaxial overgrowth of thin films were investigated. Both crystalographically oriented (CO) and current line oriented (CLO) pore networks were created by electrochemical dissolution. Heat treatment of InP pores at 650oC and GaAs pores at 750-850oC converted them into microcavities The capability of improved structural quality homo- and hetero-epitaxially overgrown films on the porous InP, was also demonstrated by LPE growth of InP and InAs and GaInAs on GaAs by MOVPE technology.
Respiratory and cardiovascular health effects of nanoparticles
Nohavica, Dušan
Numerous combustion related and natural sources generate airborne ultra fine particulate matter (<100 nm). Several epidemiological studies have found adverse respiratory and cardiovascular health effects in susceptible parts of the population to be associated with these particles. Published clinical studies with 10-50 μg/m3 ultra fine elemental carbon particles as surrogates for ambient particles did induce cardiovascular effects in healthy adults.
Liquid phase epitaxy
Nohavica, Dušan
Extended lecture collects mojority aspect of the "Liquid Phase Epitaxy", LPE, with special attention to the semiconductors growth. Methods of growth modifications enabling to increase growth reproduction and deposition efficiency are included. Also dislocations generation by different mechanisms is discussed in the article.
Asymetrie krystalografických pórů v polovodičích A.sup.3./sup. B.sup.5./sup
Nohavica, Dušan ; Gladkov, Petar ; Jarchovský, Zdeněk
In the contribution the crucial influence of the (011) planes nonequivalence on pores formation in InP and some other A.sup.3./sup. B.sup.5./sup. semiconductors is demonstrated. In plane (01-1) are three different, crystallographically oriented (CO) sets of pores with three different orientations. In the perpendicular plane (011) triangular crossing points are observable. Heat treatment of the InP plates containing pores produce spherical figures which we have used to decrease the dislocation density in epitaxial layers by mechanism of the ELO.
Surface to bulk vacancy conversion in GaAs - discussion of the problem
Nohavica, Dušan ; Krier, A.
In the contribution the growth condition influence in MOVPE, MBE and ALE on the surface vacancies conversion to the bulk one was discussed. We adopted Van Vechten's concept supposing comparison of the reconstruction velocity and growth rate as leading parameters of the conversion. We try to consider reaction kinetics in Farrell's et al. surface vacancies fade away mechanisms during MBE growth on the reconstructed surfaces.

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