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Analysis of antimicrobial peptides by capillary electrophoresis
Ehala, Sille ; Niederhafner, Petr ; Čeřovský, Václav ; Řezanka, P. ; Sýkora, D. ; Král, V. ; Kašička, Václav
Capillary electrophoresis was used for the purity degree determination of new antimicrobial peptides: octadecapeptide melectin and tetradecapeptide mastoparan PDD-B, and their synthetic analogues. Besides, four semiempirical models correlating electrophoretic mobilities of these peptides with their charge and size (relative molecular mass) were applied to predict their probable structures in solution. Additionally, capillaries coated with gold nanoparticles were employed for the separation of mixtures of antimicrobial peptides.
Melectin analogues: The influence of dendrimerization on antimicrobial and hemolytic activity
Niederhafner, Petr ; Šafařík, Martin ; Ježek, Jan ; Borovičková, Lenka ; Bednárová, Lucie ; Fučík, Vladimír ; Čeřovský, Václav ; Slaninová, Jiřina
Dimers and tetramers of MEP and MEP derivatives were synthesized on Fmoc-Lys(Fmoc)-Rink amide resin, the tetramer was obtained from the dimer C-terminally extended via Cys-Cys linkage. In general, the dendrimerization of MEP led to an increase of haemolytic activity but did not improve substantially its antimicrobial properties.
Syntéza bis-cystinyl fragmentu hinge oblasti lidského IgG1 na PEG, využívající enzymaticky štěpitelnou spojku
Niederhafner, Petr ; Šafařík, Martin ; Hlaváček, Jan
Bis-cystinyl fragment of hinge region from the human IgG1, containing enzymatically cleavable linker, was prepared using PEG.
Synthesis of the bis-cystinyl fragment 225-232/225'-232' of the human IgGl hinge region
Niederhafner, Petr ; Šafařík, Martin ; Hlaváček, Jan
Hinge peptide was prepared using soluble polyethylene glycol (PEG) as a carrier and Boc strategy. We analyzed the peptide by CD.

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