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Historical development of alcohol addiction treatment in the Psychiatric Hospital in Dobřany until 1989
Talpa, Radek ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Miovský, Michal (referee)
Background Abstract: Medical care for addicts began to develop in the territory of the Czech Republic after 1911. The foundation of the Apolinar established a pivotal treatment procedure. Subsequent medical facilities did not start blindly copying it, but partially deviated from it and sought their own paths. The Psychiatric Hospital in Dobřany was such a facility. Objective: The aim of the thesis is to map and present the development of alcoholism treatment in the Psychiatric Hospital in Dobřany in a closed historical unit. In the period from its creation to 1989. To find key moments in the development of new therapeutic-treatment approaches. Find and map any deviation from the original model of treatment in Apolinar. Method: The work is conceived as a qualitative study based on the analysis of the searched documents related to the topic of the work. Results: Through the conducted research, it was possible to compress a comprehensive picture of the development of alcoholism treatment in the Psychiatric Hospital in Dobřany until 1989. To find the key moments in the development of treatment and its deviation from the original model of treatment in Apolinar. Conclusion: The residential addiction treatment model in the Psychiatric Hospital in Dobřany follows on from the treatment in the Psychiatric...
Screening for impairment and design of a rehabilitation program for executive function in substance abusers from the perspective of an addictionologist
Votavová, Aneta ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Miovský, Michal (referee)
Background: The entire research is based on the hypothesis that due to regular and long-term abuse of addictive psychotropic substances, the risk of damage to executive and cognitive functions in a given user increases. If a deficit develops, very often there is a decrease in the quality of life of the individual. The addictologist should be able to notice a deficit in his patients and, if confirmed, also intervene in the right way. Aim: The aim of the research is to create a proposal for two cognitive rehabilitation programs that could be implemented in clinical work with addictological patients. If an executive or cognitive deficit is detected in a patient, the selected programs should be able to provide high- quality and effective rehabilitation. In this way, each of the programs could bring a higher quality of life in selected patients. Another aim of the diploma thesis is to test the selected research set for damage to executive functions. The research set is divided into four groups. Each group is characterized by an abuse of a selected addictive substance or group of addictive substances. Methods: Each participant in the research set was tested through a test battery. The test battery was composed of several parts. These included frontal Assessment Battery, Pathway Test (version A, version...
Comparison and conceptual definition of various components of rehabilitation care within residential treatment programs for men based on the original Apolinář model of addiction treatment
Dékány, Ladislav ; Miovský, Michal (advisor) ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (referee)
Background: The Apolinář model of substance abuse treatment was formed between 1948 and 1958. Other facilities implemented this model based on the broader concept of physical rehabilitation. Currently, no information is available on the differences in the set of physical activities between the different programs, nor are they systematically described. The conceptualization and comparison of these activities in the context of the need to place rehabilitation care in addiction medicine within a broader concept should help to improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment. Aim: The aim was to describe, analyse and compare the physical rehabilitation activities of treatment programs for men based on the Apollinarian model. The sub-objective was to describe how these activities are conceptually defined, namely how frequent they are, the composition of their components, their scope, indications, technical and personnel support and the context in the program. The final objective was to compare the individual programmes based on the Apolinář model against the original form of the model at the point of its inception. Methods: Data were obtained through semi-structured interviews with personnel in each addiction treatment department. The research sample of ten programs was selected by purposive...
Development and changes of motivation to treatment among clients with diagnoses ADHD in therapeutic communities for drug addicts
Zvingerová, Nina ; Miovský, Michal (advisor) ; Minařík, Jakub (referee)
The aims of this study were to examine the relationship between symptoms of ADHD (Attention deficit/Hyperactivity disorder) and motivation for change, to explore their role in the prediction of treatment completion and to identify domains in psycho-social characteristics which can affect the motivation. The sample was composed of 250 illicit-subsatnce users, treated in therapeutic communities for drug addicts. Motivation for change was assessed with the Change Questionnaire, the presence of ADHD symptoms was assessed with DIVA2.0 (Diagnostic interview for Adult ADHD). Respondents indicated strong motivation to change the problematic behavior, but the study struggled with high rate of premature dropping out of the treatment, so the hypothesis about the effect of measured motivation for successful completing of the tretment could not be confirmed or disconfirmed. The relationship between ADHD and motivation could not be confirmed as well. The most important finding is probably the positive correlation between rate of psychopathology and ADHD, and it's negative influence on motivation. The work also gives a report about the problem of measuring of motivation, and reports some suggestions for the improvement. Powered by TCPDF (
Treatment Outcome Evaluation of Therapeutic Community for Drug Addicts
Šefránek, Martin ; Holda, Dalibor (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee) ; Miovský, Michal (referee)
Evaluace výsledků léčby v terapeutické komunitě pro drogově závislé Martin Šefránek Abstrakt: Východiska: Výzkumem podložené závěry prokazující efektivitu léčby v terapeutických komunitách pro léčbu závislostí a umožňující mezinárodní srovnání jsou v ČR ojedinělé. "Evaluace výsledků léčby v terapeutické komunitě pro drogově závislé" je v ČR první prospektivní výzkumná studie hodnoticí efektivitu léčby uživatelů drog v terapeutických komunitách. Cil: Cílem studie je vyhodnotit, jak se změnilo užívání drog, kriminalita, osobní a sociální fungování a kvalita života uživatelů drog 1 rok po ukončení léčby. Metody: Data byly sbírány prostřednictvím strukturovaných interview s klienty terapeutických komunit. Studie porovnává změny v problémovém chování klientů ve 30 dnech před začátkem léčby a ve 30 dnech po 1 roce od jejího ukončení. Základním výzkumným nástrojem je the Maudsley Addiction Profile, který jsme doplnili o další měření. Soubor: Výzkumný soubor tvoří 176 uživatelů drog, kteří v letech 2007 a 2008 zahájili léčbu v rezidenční terapeutické komunitě. 1 rok po ukončení léčby byly data získány od 77.8% (N=137) klientů. Na studii participovaly 4 terapeutické komunity. Výsledky: Po 1 roce od ukončení léčby došlo k signifikantnímu nárůstu abstinence od metamfetaminu, opiátových drog a benzodiazepinů. Před...
Using elements of systemic approach in a counseling program for addict mothers
Bulvová, Hana ; Valentová, Lidmila (advisor) ; Miovský, Michal (referee)
This graduation theses with the topic of,, How to take advantage of the systemic access in the counseling program for drug addict mothers" put mind how to enrich the counselling profession. The works explains principles and methods of one of the psychotherapeutic streams consequently shows possibilities of taking advantage in counselling proffesion. It put mind to efficient exploitation of counselling procedure with drug addict mothers, what can be proved by case reports.

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