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Analysis of logistics processes in ESAB CZ LLC, member of the group
Martinec, Pavel ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Holeček, Petr (referee)
This Bachelor´s Thesis is focused on the analysis of logistics processes in ESAB CZ LLC, member of the group. This thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts of logistics, history and processes, which serve to describe the other part of the thesis. That is the practical part, where is described the chosen company, its logistics processes, activities and equipment, which this company uses. The goal is to analyze the processes and activities of the company and to find its weaknesses on the base of this analysis. Then is suggested a solution of these weaknesses.
Comparing the possibilities of passenger transport on the route Prague – Vienna
Šprojcarová, Simona ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Zeman, Bronislav (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to compare the possibilities of passenger transport on the Prague - Vienna route. The introductory theoretical part explains basic informations and terms related to transportation. In the second part, different types of transportation are individually described with their advantages and disadvantages being pointed out. The third section contains a list of actual options of the transport between Czech metropolis and Austrian metropolis while also providing basic description of each transport company that offers their services on the route in question. The final part summarizes and compares the travel links in terms of total costs and concludes with the optimal option available. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the possibilities of public transport between Prague and Vienna.
Ecologization of road transport
Češpivová, Andrea ; Rathouský, Bedřich (advisor) ; Mervart, Michal (referee)
This Bachelor's Thesis is concerned of emissions and their influence on the environment. First part of this Thesis is primary focused on various solutions for reduction of emissions. In this part are described legislative and technological arrangements. Another part talks about problems with fuels, about their advantages and disadvantages. In the final part is performed TOPSIS analysis. One of the main aims of this Bachelor's Thesis is to compare various types of fuels and analyze their environmental harmfulness.
Analysis of the logistic process in the chosen company
Rathouský, Lukáš ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Kratinová, Alžběta (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with logistic process in the chosen company. Logistics is an important element nowadays.Logistic elements have a significant impact on businesses. In the case of efficient application of logistics processes, these elements can greatly influence the company's flexibility and performance and become a competitive advantage. The main part of this thesis deals with inventory management.It includes an ABC method, a critical supply of important items, outsourcing, and a number of suppliers. The aim of the thesis is to characterize two selected warehouses and to analyze key items in them and to take care of them.
Optimalization of the Public Transport in České Budějovice
Laštůvka, Josef ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Toušek, Radek (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the problems of public transport in the city of České Budějovice. After explaining the basic concepts of transport and transportation, I focus on the specifications of passenger transport subsystems, the basic overview of the city of České Budějovice and the introduction of the company Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice. Further in my bachelor thesis I describe the network of public transport, tariff and fares. The practical part analysis the current state of this public transport and its potential recommendations for improvement. The aim of this thesis is to find the current problems of public transport in České Budějovice and propose their solution.
Logistics processes in the chosen company
Drahozalová, Barbora ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Stanisz, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with logistics processes in a chosen company, which is a worldwide retailer of sports equipment, footwear and clothing. The theoretical part explains the technical terms of logistics and ten principles of logistics, which are used to draw conclusions. The practical part contains information about the chosen company and the description of specific logistics processes. The aim of the thesis is identification of processes and deficiencies and possible solution proposal.
Analysis of the Taxi Services in Prague
Dušek, Šimon ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Mach, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the comparison of the Prague taxi service with the alternative service Uber. The theoretical part is devoted to defining the basic terms which are used in this branch. Subsequently the branch of taxi service is defined, together with all the conditions associated with its operation, with a look back on history. Another part contents brief description of main subjects in the field of classic and alternative taxis. In the practical part, the work first focuses on introducing the Uber company, operating conditions within its services and services itself. The analysis of taxi and Uber driver's input costs follows. The last chapter deals with the development of taxis for the future.
Comparison of Prague Airport and Vienna Airport
Melichar, Lukáš ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Marek, Tomáš (referee)
The Bachelors Thesis deals with air transport. The theoretical part focuses on the aviation history and the overall development of this mode of transport. There are also mentioned international organizations that operate in aviation. It is followed by a reference to the impact on health or the environment and their solutions. Next part, of the Bachelors Thesis, is security. Also other modes of transport are mentioned in this part. Mainly road and rail transport. Practical part is focused on comparison of Vaclav Havel airport in Prague and Vienna International Airport. In this part I deal with the history, general knowledge, size and number of checked-in passengers for individual years since 1999. In addition, I compare the services offered by the airport, airport transfers and prices of tickets to selected destinations. In conclusion, I speak about the overall assessment of selected parameters and an indication of which airport seems to be advantageous in terms of time and money.
Supply Chain optimization in the selected object
Trinh, Hoang Phong ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Kratinová, Alžběta (referee)
For my bachelor thesis, I have chosen the topic of Supply Chain Optimization in the selected object. I will run the project at one branch of the Vietnamese restaurant chain. Firstly, I will outline how logistics processes work in the enterprise and the problems of the business, and then try to improve the existing system. To do this, I will use AnyLogistix to perform the necessary analysis, optimization and simulation.
The evolution of competition in personal rail and personal bus transport on the Prague – Brno route
Chovanec, Martin ; Zelený, Lubomír (advisor) ; Mervart, Michal (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on personal railway and personal bus transport on the Prague - Brno route. The thesis is divided into two parts - theory and practical. The theory parts describes evolution of transport in the Czech Republic and its specifics in connection with rail and bus transport. Practical part targets on the main operators on the Prague - Brno connection. These are České dráhy, RegioJet, Tourbus, Eurolines and Flixbus. The operators description defines also services supply. Resulting in the final comparison, the thesis will provide an answer which of the operator is the most efficent for the passengers

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