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Load carrying steel structure of the sport stadium roofing
Hubáček, Ondřej ; Karmazínová, Marcela (referee) ; Melcher, Jindřich (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design load bearing steel structure of the sport stadium roofing with 67,2 m length and 28,8 m width. Roofing structure is designed and examined in two versions. Variant A is designed like tubular truss girder with axis distance 4,8 m. Variant B is designed like welded solid-web girder with same axis distance. These versions are compared by weight, manufacturing complexity and appearance, preferable version is processed in detail. Drawings contain layout of both versions and manufacturing drawings of truss.
The role of media in formation of socio-cultural regulatives. Image of values​​, norms and cultural patterns in lifestyle magazines for women a men.
Herrová, Anna ; Hubáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Opletalová, Lenka (referee)
This thesis concerns itself with the effects of media on socio-cultural regulatives. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The first one describes the theoretical foundations related to mass media - their importance and power, their potential effects and how they can be analyzed. The work also deals specifically with printed media. The practical part is focused on the research. Two lifestyle magazines were selected, both of which are presenting values of the two main segments of the population (Elle for women and Maxim for men). The empirical part of the thesis thoroughly scrutinizes these two periodicals in terms of their content. This analysis led to the formation of hypotheses pertaining to customer behaviour and value orientation, most of which were verified thanks to the in-depth interviews that were conducted. Key words: media, influence of media, lifestyle, magazines
Interpersonal communication language in new media
Blažková, Kristýna ; Hubáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The central theme of the thesis is the impact of the new media on interpersonal communication of common life. The thesis is divided into two basic parts - theoretical part and empirical part. The first chapter of the theoretical part is focused on history and fiction of media, it is concerned with new media and their possibilities and also with media science and medial education, which deal with media data and their influence. Second chapter represents the theme Language and communication, is concetrated on transformations of language in new media communication. The empirical part of the thesis presents research project itself and analysis of survey results, which was used for collecting of information. The conclusion of the thesis is focused on the evaluation of the empirical part and the thesis itself.
Role of media education in the forming of media literacy of children and young people
Urbanová, Markéta ; Hubáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Poláková, Markéta (referee)
This theses conserns with the theme of the role of media education at formation of the media literacy of young people. This segment of population is found in the part of life, when the life values and life habits are forming This theses is conceived as theoretic - empirical cultural- studies concept, which is researching "media behavior", media literacy and it's compatibility with everyday-life of this population segment. It comes from assumption, that it is necessary to put focus on family - and school influence on formation of media literacy of young people. It aims for answering some key-questions, which flow from this assumption. The text is divided into three parts In the first, theoretical part, I pay attention to terms culture, socialization, enculturation and I engage with media communication, media literacy and media education. The next, empirical part, in which I formulize hypotheses, I put questions to them for polling and consequently based on acquired data appreciate, how much is possible the verifiing of mentioned hypotheses. The third part contains the final summary and includes generalizing interpretation of results and resumes.
Sport in Film as a Cultural Phenomenon
Děkanovský, Jan ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Hubáček, Ondřej (referee) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
Sport in Film as a Cultural Phenomenon Abstract: The relationship between sport and the media has undergone rapid development in recent decades. The combination of television and top sport has created a specific and very influential genre of popular culture. Creating sporting stories, which is typical of the current media, is also an attempt to impress these stories in a more permanent and cohesive form. Sport therefore also features in the most varied of forms in the film media. This work presents a culturological, thus holistically and interdisciplinary-oriented, view of the phenomenon of sport in film. Firstly, sport as a part of popular culture is investigated. This includes the philosophical concept of the cultural phenomenon of games. The question is considered of the universal themes which typify the sport film genre. In order to explain the continuing popularity of sport film, a study of film is then undertaken with regard to the cultural dynamics to which research in the field of film genres also belongs. Thereafter, sport film is examined in terms of the cultural-anthropological categories of myth and ritual. In conclusion, this study concentrates on the ability of fictional and documentary films with a sporting theme to become representative of various ideologies. The same methodology is applied...
Leisure as a cultural phenomenon
Patočková, Věra ; Matějů, Martin (advisor) ; Hubáček, Ondřej (referee) ; Patočka, Jiří (referee)
Leisure as a Cultural Phenomenon Věra Patočková: Obecná teorie a dějiny umění a kultury - kulturologie PhD Thesis Abstract The main aim of the PhD. thesis is to provide the complex view of leisure from the culture studies perspective. It is expected that leisure behaviour takes always place within the framework of the specific sociocultural system. In accordance with Kelly (1987) an attempt is made to prove that leisure is always in and of its particular culture. The thesis focuses on three main topics. After introductory explanation of the main terms "culture" and "leisure" attention is focused on discussion about their relation. This discussion is based on theoretical analysis of studies that concern of leisure and approach it from the perspective of cultural studies, sociology or anthropology. Value system is an important part of all cultures. Also leisure can be seen as a part of the value system of specific society. After brief introduction to approaches of leisure and work in historical perspective, attention is focused on the explanation of the position of leisure in the value system of the Czech society and its changes. The third part is devoted to leisure in the Czech society, while the Czech society is seen as a specific sociocultural system and attempt is made to explore leisure in a complex way...
Public Broadcasting Television in the Czech Republic
Kořánková, Olga ; Hubáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Opatrný, Martin (referee)
1 The thesis Public Broadcasting in the Czech Republic focuses on Czech Television and its broadcasting which should fulfill special tasks of public service. It is divided into two main parts - theoretical and analytical. The theoretical one starts with a description of evolution of Czechoslovak television and continues with establishment of dual system of broadcasting and formation of Czech television. Then the thesis deals with public service broadcasting, its significance, potential criticism and above all its definition in the laws. The definition of public service tasks is used for the analysis in the analytical part of the thesis. In its beginning author laid down some hypotheses. For the purpose of verification of their compliance the thesis continues with the analysis of broadcasting schedule which shows differences as well as similarities between the public and the commercial broadcasting media. Last part of the bachelor thesis is dedicated to the analysis of selected programs in terms of the public service tasks defined by appropriate laws and documents. On these selected programs author tries to show the specifics and meaning of the public service broadcasting for the society.
Czechoslovak (Czech) Radio Broadcasting and Cultural Innovation
Trubačová, Lenka ; Hubáček, Ondřej (referee) ; Šisler, Vít (referee)
This thesis Czechoslovak (Czech) Radio Broadcasting and Cultural Innovation is designed as a cultural study of radio boradcasting development in years 1923 - 1999. Radio broadcasting development is interpreted as a process of cultural change. The aim of this thesis is to capture spreading innovation of the radio and describe the stages of this cultural change. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical part and an empirical part. The theoretical part defines basic problems, deals with the theory of culture and media, the characteristics of radio communication. Particular attention is paid to description of the conditions affecting formation and development of the radio. The main focus of this work is to describe the radio development in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. The second part is devoted to analysis of empirical data and sources, predominantly to secondary and historical analysis of accessible data regarding the radio. The major emphasis is placed on culturological interpretation of results of the analysis. This part also summarizes the importance of cultural innovation in terms of development of the Czechoslovak and Czech radio broadcasting. The concluding chapter deals with changes of this radio broadcasting.
The Impact of the Internet on the Socio-Cultural System
Boháč, Radek ; Opletalová, Lenka (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee) ; Hubáček, Ondřej (referee)
Dissertation The Impact of the Internet on the Socio-cultural System focuses on a research method of shared orientation in a new (in the complexity of human existence) environment of a global context, which is provided in particular by communication systems based on new media technologies. A study of the influence of media technologies, which grow on the basis of connection via the internet, on the nature of the society represents an extension of the original mediological interest in everyday communication to the broader socio-cultural view. Study of media communication takes into account the type of social interaction - purpos 'media logic' own specific media and media change leads to the corresponding social changes. New media and internet, as a potential carrier of social change, as seen through a combination of media development - primary, secondary, and especially the mass media and cultural context at the level of specifically human way of adaptation to the external environment, in particular its social manifestation, and interaction at the individual level. Information sources and methods correspond to thematic combination, are reflected in the method itself and the selection of literature and research tools, both in conjunction qualitative research related to the interpretation of media...
The advertising spot as a means of acculturation. The influence of advertising spots on university students in the Czech Republic.
Kamarytová, Bára ; Hnilica, Karel (advisor) ; Hubáček, Ondřej (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor's thesis is to evaluate the online advertising spot as a means of enculturation process by which people adopt socio-cultural regulatives, ideas and artefacts of their surrounding culture, using culturological analytic point of view. The first theoretical part of thesis is focused on specification of terms of enculturation and advertising spot, describing its history, the process of advertising spot strategy development and production, psychology of advertising and changeovers in process of enculturation driven by audiovisual records and the Internet environment. The second empirical part of thesis uses the outcomes of combined research, which included semi-structured depth interviews among selected Czech Advertising and Creative Directors who are producing the audiovisual advertising spots (qualitative research) and questionnaire survey among Czech students on Czech Universities, which are influenced by online advertising environment (quantitative research). The main goal of this thesis is to bring the actual picture of enculturation process driven by online advertising spots and its impact on university students in the Czech Republic. Keywords: enculturation, internet, advertising spot, students, qualitative research, quantitative research

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