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Möbius function of matrix posets
Medek, Michal ; Jelínek, Vít (advisor) ; Kantor, Ida (referee)
In this work, we focus on the M¨obius function µ(X, Y ) of four variants of containment posets of sparse matrices, for which the M¨obius function has not been studied before. A sparse matrix is a binary matrix containing at most one 1-cell in each row and column. We focus mainly on the dominated scattered containment, where X ≤ Y if X can be created from Y by removing some rows and columns and by changing some 1-cells to 0-cells. We consider this poset to be a generalization of the permutation poset, as for permutations σ and π, if σ ≤ π, then the permutation matrices Mσ and Mπ satisfy Mσ ≤ Mπ. For the dominated scattered containment, we study the values of the M¨obius function on intervals of the form [1, Y ], where 1 is the 1 × 1 matrix consisting of a single 1-cell. We show that the situation when Y contains a zero row or column can be reduced to a situation when Y has no such zero line, that is, Y is a permutation matrix. For a permutation matrix Y , we derived a theorem expressing µ(1, Y ) in terms of the blocks of the sum decomposition of Y .
Foreign Market Entry Strategy of the Chosen Company
Medek, Michal ; Lustig, Petr (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zaměřuje na českou společnost JOHNNY SERVIS, s.r.o. a její aktuální záměr, kterým je vstup na zahraniční trh. Po vzájemné diskuzi se společnost rozhodla participovat v této práci a ocenila tuto možnost. Zprvu se rozhodovala mezi více možnostmi v rámci jednotlivých trhů, avšak nakonec se vyjádřila s prosbou o zpracování této práce na vstup na německý trh.
Efectivity of Methods For Commercial Profiles at Social Network Facebook
Medek, Michal ; Lustig, Petr (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
The dissertation aims on social networks as a trend of 21st century, their impact on society and how to use their potencial for marketing communication. It was made new profile at social network Facebook for this purpose, we will look after its development and test methods for gaining subscribers.

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