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Traditional Indian Clothing
Šobrová, Radka ; Kostič, Svetislav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the theme of traditional Indian clothing - it is basic overview on this topic. The first part deals with clothing from the view of social and cultural anthropology. Following part is about the history of Indian clothing from ancient times to the present. Next part deals with the technology of production of clothing materials. The last section is devoted to the clothing itself and focuses on three aspects that affect its wearer (age, gender and occasion). The work is accompanied by a picture supplement and glossary of special terms.
The Caryāpadas: its language and religious meaning
Taimr, Martin ; Hříbek, Martin (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
This work aims to provide an overview of topic through the summary of available secondary literature. The discussed topic is one thousand years old Bengali religious songs. About fifty of these songs were discovered one hundred years ago in a Nepalese archive. Authors of the songs were mostly Buddhist laymen and masters from the area of nowadays Bangladesh and West Bengal. These songs are considered by scholars to be the oldest specimen of literature written in Bengali language although this pre-eminent position is claimed by closely related Indo-Aryan languages like Assamese, Bihari and Oriya too. Beside the philological aspect we are concerned with a particular coded language used in these songs. Then we discuss their content and spiritual meaning and we place the ideas they express into wider religious context.
The symbolism of flowers in the Hindu ritual
Duda, Petr ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
Plants and flowers play a relatively important role in the Hindu ritual and the elaborated system of rules concerning the suitability and unsuitability of particular flowers for particular gods offers an interesting subject of study in the field of ritual symbolism. This thesis attempts to describe the use of plants in the Hindu pj ritual and their possible symbolic functions. After summing up the present knowledge about the origin of the worship of deities in India in the last centuries of the period of Brahmanism within the Vedic domestic ritual tradition and stating the general similarities and differences between the temple and the domestic versions of the studied ritual, the thesis focuses on the latter, simpler version. A comparison of several primary materials has shown that the structure of the individual ritual acts during the ceremony is fixed and identical for all deities. The pjs for the individual gods and goddesses primarily differ on the level of the pronounced mantras. However, some specifics can be found with the offerings as well, while the most extensive instructions concerning the suitable and unsuitable offerings are those dealing with flowers. The analysis of more than three dozens of such passages has shown that besides a group of flowers which can be used for the worship of deities...
Influence of the age upon the job satisfaction
Riemer, Jakub ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
Presented bachelor thesis covers the topic of job satisfaction in the context of the age of worker. It is focused on theoretical base of job satisfaction, its character or influencing factors. It explores the job satisfaction-job behavior relations and basic methods of research in the field of job satisfaction. Attention is also paid to researches already performed and they are compared. The thesis also includes original empirical survey performed in the international bank company, which is focused on job values in the field of co-workers relations, being the important job satisfaction factor.
The fairness of tax system
Marková, Dagmar ; Rethmann, Albert-Peter (advisor) ; Ovečka, Libor (referee)
ANGLICKÁ ANOTACE The Fairness of Tax System This paper deals with the fairness of tax system. After introductory chapter the history of taxes is summarized and the basic functions of taxes are described followed by mentioning the requirements of good tax system. One of the main requirements is the fairness of the system. In the third part, paper discusses the role of justice. Three types of justice and several concepts of fairness will be introduced. I chose two concepts for further explanation. The first theory introduces utilitarianism; the second one is based on the opinions of John Rawls. According to the principle of Christian ethics I debate them. The next section evaluates taxes and kinds of tax systems on the basis of fairness theories. Examples from Czech tax system are included in the discussion. The reform of public finance is prepared in our country, thus at the end the implementation of flat tax and ecological tax reform is discussed. The last chapter concludes. Key words: tax, tax system, fairness, utilitarianism, Rawls.
Medieval Hindi Literature and Sikhism
Čvančarová, Lenka ; Kostič, Svetislav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
This paper deals with the Sikh society. History, the creation of this company. Its traditions, rituals and teachings. The main part is devoted to the sacred book of the Sikhs Guru Granth and the ten gurus, each contributed their thoughts and actions to the formation of the Sikh community, as we know it today. Part of the Guru Granth The contributions are Muslimand Hindu holy men, who are heavily involved in shaping this book. And their benefits will not be neglected in this work.
The partition of India and its reflection in Hindi literature
Tenzin, Eva ; Marková, Dagmar (advisor) ; Bendíková, Soňa (referee)
Úkolem této práce je pojednat o hindské literatuře věnující se rozdělení Indie. Při shromažďování materiálu a přípravných pracích jsem zjistila, že z hlediska daného tématu jsou hindská a urdská literatura neodlučitelné. V obou se jeví paralelní pohledy na situaci, pro obě je problematika stejně palčivá. Proto jsem nemohla nechat urdskou literaturu stranou. V rámci bakalářské práce nemohu ovšem zahrnout vše, co bylo na obou stranách k dané problematice napsáno, a tak jsem se soustředila především na tématické okruhy, které byly pro tuto literaturu typické. Zaměřila jsem se na různost jejich zpracování v dílech několika autorů, které považuji za nejvýraznější představitele literatury té doby, ať již na straně indické, či pákistánské.
The influence of Arabic and Persian language on the development of Hindi
Gamza, Dagna ; Kostič, Svetislav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
Cílem této bakálařké práce je stručně seznámit s příchodem perštiny a arabštiny do Indie, s jejím působením v Indii a s novými jazyky, které z této dlouhodobé přitomnosti perštiny a arabštiny na indickém subkontinentu vznikly. Také se pokusím podat stručný přehled perských a arabských prvků patrných v hindském jazyce, jako je především rozsáhlá slovní zásoba, užívání perských afixů, perského genitivu, vokativu a plurálu, arabského atributivnícho genitivu a adverbiálního akuzativu. Ve své práci bych chtěla uvést sémantické kategorie persko-arabských přejatých slov a hybridních kompozit v hindštině a urdštině a fonologické a morfologické změny, kterými přejatá slova musela projít. Speciální kapitola je věnovaná urdskému písmu a písmu Nastalík.
The portrait of mystic poet Mahadevi Varma
Zmeková, Barbora ; Kostič, Svetislav (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis presents the mystic poetess Mahadevi Varma, whose poetic work is of the Chhayavad period of Hindi poetry. The thesis introduces the reader to the dynamics of modern Hindi poetry. The main focus is on Varma's life and includes an analysis of her poetic work. The paper addresses Varma's use of traditional Indian literary elements in a modern context, which represents characteristic features of Chhayavad in general. A distinguishing factor of this thesis are translations of Mahadevi Varma's poems from Hindi into Czech. The translations are not direct translations but take poetic license to retain the spirit of the poetry in Czech.
The Aesthetic Elements of the Bharata Natyam Dance
Kučerová, Vendula ; Bendíková, Soňa (advisor) ; Marková, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis deals with the aesthetic elements of South Indian classical dance bharatanatyam and its main task is to give readers an insight into the fundamental issues of this topic. It consists of a historical outline which tries to grasp the overall development of this dance with the necessary supplement of the basic dance technique and outline of a dance performance. The second part focuses on the individual aesthetic features with special emphasis on their function which often doesn't have only a single meaning.

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