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Data Mining Methods for Text Analysis
Kozák, Ondřej ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Dohnal, Přemysl (advisor)
This bachelor thesis explores the current methodology and possibilities of text mining and the subsequent application of some methods. The thesis described methods for preprocessing, methods for converting text to vector space and methods for text analysis and discusses their possible applications. The different preprocessing methods were applied to the text and then the conversion to vector space was demonstrated using simple methods such as BOW, Bag of n-grams, TF-IDF or with machine learning methods which are FastText and GloVe. LSA, LDA, TextRank and cosine similarity methods were applied to the extracted vectors to extract information from the text.
Drone swarm control
Kolísek, Josef ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the drone swarm control and the using in practice. It is about the interconnection of several control units of drones and subsequent coordination in the air. The work is divided into theoretical part and practical part. The practical part describes the possibilities of drone swarm flying and coordination of multiple drones. Possible ways of communication and transmission of telemetry data for control using the MAVLink protocol. The next part describes the possibilities of controlling multiple units from one central point and creating flight instructions. The practical part deals with the realization of the software for synchronized flight of two unmanned aircraft and their connection with the ground control station for the transmission of flight instructions. The last part of the work deals with evaluation of the control, compliance of the established flight plan and the proposal of other possibilities for improvement with the solution of deficiencies.
Correction of artifacts in diffusion-weighted MR images
Petrek, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Pavel (referee) ; Marcoň, Petr (advisor)
The semester project is described by nuclear magnetic resonance, is discussed further in diffusion MRI and its method of measurement. The next section discusses the creation and correction of artifacts in MRI, and in the last part of the experiment made ??various filtering image distortion artifacts.
Precise segmentation of image data
Svoboda, Jan ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Mikulka, Jan (advisor)
The concern of this thesis is a development of an extension module for 3D Slicer platform. The core of the module is an implementation of a Support Vector Machines classifier, which is used for segmentation of the vertebral column image data provided by the University Hospital Brno. One of the goals of the thesis was resampling and registration of these image sequences. CT volumes provided solid contrast and were used as a reference for gaining properly segmented groups of vertebrae. Due to the low quality of the MRI volumes image data, segmentation of MRI images was not completely succesful. The extension module scripted in Python language can be seen as a tool and can be used in the future for different datasets.
Temperature and humidity measuring station
Vilímek, Tomáš ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Szabó, Zoltán (advisor)
Bachelor thesis entitled „Temperature and humidity measuring station“ is focused on design of a device, that will be able to measure, save and display information about temperature and humidity from connected sensors. There is described used components such as LCD display, sensors, RTC, data saving, communication with personal computer and description of alternative sensors. Practical part contains implementation of components, scheme, manual for the device and decription of device firmware.
Smart Plug
Šebesta, Ondřej ; Szabó, Zoltán (referee) ; Marcoň, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis discusses the design of a smart plug. The theoretical part focuses on the individual parts and functions of smart plugs, and their functional possibilities are analysed together with the related fabrication perspectives. The practical portion concentrates on the selection of appropriate components and proposes a complete design of the hardware and software of a smart plug, including a web server for its control. The practical portion also describes a calibration of a measuring part and compares measured values with values from another measuring device.
Weight sensing of beehives with long-term stability
Vozdecký, Martin ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Mikulka, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to describe the design of stable measurement of weight in beehives. Work evaluates suitable types of weight sensors and their effect on stability. The main part of the thesis is a custom design of electronic sensing the weight of the beehive and telemetry data to the user. The concept of engagement enables stable measurement of mass loading of independence on the ambient temperature.
Methods of deep learning in image processing tasks
Polášková, Lenka ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Mikulka, Jan (advisor)
The clue of learning to recognize objects using neural network lies in imitation of animal neural network's behavior. In spite the details of how brain works is not known yet, the teams consisting of scientists from various medical or technical professions are trying to search for them. Thanks to giants like Geoffrey Hinton science made a big progress in this domain. The convolutional networks which are based on animal model of optical system can be advantageously used for image segmentation and therefore they ware chosen for segmentation of tumor and edema from images of magnetic resonance. The models of artificial neural networks used in this work had achieved the 41\% of success in edema segmentation and 79\% in segmentation of tumor from brain issue.
Virtual measuring instruments to support the education
Bilík, Petr ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Mikulka, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the creation of the Virtual Measuring Instruments web application. This tool mainly enables us to simulate the real measuring instruments widely used in the laboratories of FEEC BUT. It is intended to serve students for initial acquaintance with specific devices. The theoretical part is focused on the research into the web applications programming and suitable programming languages to implement the proposed application are selected. Furthermore, the specific virtualized devices are described. The result of the experimental part consists in creating a universal application interface to extend the proposed application with other devices. Finally, the specific tests of the developed platform are presented.
Smart Cities
Soldán, Michal ; Sedláček, Pavel (referee) ; Marcoň, Petr (advisor)
Tato bakalářská práce se zabývá obecným úvodem do dílčích projektů, které jsou důležité pro realizaci chytrých měst i v nich používaných technologií. Podrobněji tato práce přibližuje projekty v různých zemích, hlavně však v Japonsku a na Havaji. Konkrétně shrnuje technologicky pokročilé energetické řešení a testovací projekty chytré sítě, které jsou základním kamenem pro budoucí chytrá města i efektivní využití elektomobilů. Práce také zmiňuje projekty chytrých měst v Evropě, kde je synchronizace vyvinutých technologií testována v praxi.

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