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Gap options (třída Kapitána Jaroše, Brno, CZ)
Černík, Matyáš ; Mráz, Ondřej (referee) ; Smržová, Kristýna (advisor)
The project is looking for an ideal use for a historically valuable urban plot in a gap on the street tř. Kap. Jaroše, located in the epicentre of cultural and social use of the city behind the city centre, which implies the need to respond to the huge potential from a cultural point of view. Analyses aimed at finding and understanding the genius loci revealed the ideal use of the plot as a multifunctional cultural and social centre, responding to the presence of the city theatre, the gymnasium and the ZUŠ. The project "Behind the Curtain" has the ambition to culturally enrich the proluka with activities chosen by the individual, becoming a stage for events.
Professional competence of members of units of voluntary fire brigades of municipalities in the district of České Budějovice
MRÁZ, Ondřej
This diploma thesis provides an overview of the issue of voluntary fire brigade units in municipalities. Its main focus is on the training of members of the units and the professional competence of commanders and engineers of the voluntary fire brigade units of municipalities. The first part of this thesis brings the basic legislative overview. The structure of the units is described in relation to the area coverage by fire brigade units and the concept of operability is mentioned in the following parts. The voluntary fire brigade unit is also described. By the conclusion of the theoretical part is devoted to professional training and professional competence. The practical part is focused on the level of knowledge of all members of the voluntary fire brigade units. The diploma thesis also points to professional training and professional competence in terms of scope, and whether this expertise is realized in the units at all. The evaluation takes place in the form of a questionnaire survey and test questions at voluntery fire brigade units from the district of České Budějovice. These are respondents from among the commanders of the JPO III and V categories, engineers of the JPO III category and firefighters of the JPO III and V categories, in the total number of 150 respondents. Based on the correct answers from the questionnaire, the average level of knowledge for individual functions and also the level of knowledge of all respondents is determined. As a results of this survey and also from the results of the SWOT analysis, a solution is proposed leading to an increase in the quality of professional knowledge. By comparing the evaluated open questions from the second part of the questionnaire and the SWOT analysis, the scope of the performed training and competence in the units is determined. The fact of training and professional competence in accordance with legal regulations is also determine. The outcome of this survey should be used as a tool to set changes that should lead to more efficient training and professional competence.
LIBRARY plus - Multiporpouse Building with Library
Mráz, Ondřej ; Vítek, Jiří (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The library is a display of the world by systematization Symbol and image. The library is also a tool for Cognition of the world. Like the library, the Internet can be considered For the image of the world that arises from the systematization of the symbol and Image and even the Internet is a tool for its discovery. Searching for information has changed in crawl With plenty of picture. Loss of significance One particular object - instead it is the result Information meat. Searching for information on the Internet The search engine has become a full-fledged human activity. Searching for information by an internet search engine is Way of discovering the world where the image of the thing is torn apart Its physical reality. Man needs a material environment to Dematerialized knowledge? How should a house look like, Whose existence is based on a typology whose content is Moved to the virtual cloud?

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2 Mráz, Ondřej
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