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Authenticing Active Devices in Identity-Based Networking Services
Lomnický, Marek ; Lampa, Petr (referee) ; Matoušek, Petr (advisor)
Main goal of this thesis is to study and test network access based on IBNS technology giving possibility to design flexible security policy based on user's identity and rights that is transparent to physical network components.
Distributed Brute Force Attacks Protection
Richter, Jan ; Čejka, Rudolf (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
This project deals with analysis of brute force attacks focused on breaking authentication of common services (especially ssh) of Linux and xBSD operating systems. It also examines real attacks, actual tools and ways of detection of theese attacks. Finaly there are designed new mechanisms of coordination and evaluation of distributed brute force attacks in distributed environment. These mechanisms are then implemented in distributed system called DBFAP.
Online DNSSEC Records Validation
Bachtík, Martin ; Čejka, Rudolf (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
Master's Thesis is studying an extension that secures the domain name system by introducing the verifiability of authenticity of data, known as DNSSEC. Productive output is proposal of application and its subsequent implementation that at each stage of browse the namespace to the selected domain name checks the appropriatenesses of this extension and in detail reports the trusted chain.
Improving Console Implementation in FreeBSD
Jurásek, Petr ; Lampa, Petr (referee) ; Čejka, Rudolf (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis consider problems of console implementation in FreeBSD. Study the implementation console in FreeBSD from sources code. Aspire solving deficiencies of console implementation. This bachelor's thesis focus on work with a marked section by mouse.
Wiki Module in Information System
Volf, Tomáš ; Skokanová, Jana (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
This master's thesis aims to develop own wiki module for information system of our faculty based on knowledge of known wiki systems. The project introduces the basic information and syntax of three wiki systems, specifically MediaWiki, DokuWiki and WikkaWiki; introduces also the WikiCreole project, which tries to set up easier way for users to contribute to different wiki systems that defines common syntax. Then it deals with design and implementation of own wiki module to the information system of faculty. The project also introduces with universal wiki system concept. At the conclusion there is th results evaluation of this master's thesis.
Methods of Authentication to WiFi Network
Valašek, Filip ; Kašpárek, Tomáš (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with authentication using RADIUS protocol and authentication methods in accordance with standard IEEE 802.1X. At the beginning there are shortly characteristics of chosen authentication methods, such as CHAP, PAP and some EAP types. Document includes summary of RADIUS protocols implementations, especially the FreeRADIUS server. Our goal is to implement a management tool to adminitrate FreeRADIUS server.
Cosign Authentication in PHP
Kovářík, Jiří ; Skokanová, Jana (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
Master's thesis deals with issue of cookie-based central authentication services. Present-day methods of single sign-on are described. The specification of single sign-on mechanism Cosign and its authentication filter is closely viewed. Cryptographic algorithms needed by this filter are described, as well as their possible realization in PHP. Next, the implementation of Cosign authentication filter is described. Performance of the filter is tested and its future use is analysed.
Solar Powerstation Web Interface
Škvařil, Radek ; Michal, Bohumil (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is focused on practical usage of solar energy in photovoltaic systems and on the Fronius product portfolio. It is also focused on implementation of web interface for modular solar photovoltaic Fronius powerstations system. It is purposed on displaying statistic data, drawing charts and solar system monitoring. This system is desired to act autonomic and self-configurable. System will be implemented using the PHP5, MySQL4 technologies and object oriented programming technique.
Cryptography Acceleration Using GPU
Potěšil, Josef ; Čejka, Rudolf (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
The reader will be familiar with selected concepts of cryptography consited in this work. AES algorithm was selected in conjunction with the description of architecture and software for programming graphic cards (CUDA, OpenCL), in order to create its GPU-accelerated version. This thesis tries to map APIs for communication with crypto-coprocessors, which exist in kernels of Linux/BSD operating systems (CryptoAPI, OCF). It examines this support in the cross-platform OpenSSL library. Subsequently, the work discusses the implementation details, achieved results and integration with OpenSSL library. The conclusion suggests how the developed application could be used and briefly suggests its usage directly by the operating system kernel.
IPv6 Hosts Monitoring
Rapavý, Martin ; Kašpárek, Tomáš (referee) ; Lampa, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to network layer protocol IPv6, purposes of its creation and penetration. Former chapters briefly describe IPv6 protocol format and protocols, methods and technologies related to IPv6. The thesis summarizes security risks and flaws in IPv6 and ICMPv6 protocols. In context of the risks and flaws the thesis describes several of local ICMP attacks. It also mentions security incidents resulting from exploiting those security flaws and means of countermeasures. One of the used countermeasures is passive monitoring of ICMP messages. Thesis contains brief description of tool used to achieve this - NDPMon with its advantages, disadvantages and concepts of usage. Rest of the thesis describes design and implementation of monitoring tool similar to NDPMon, but with some improvements.

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