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Military justice in selected NATO member states
Stypa, Ondřej ; Kudrna, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis explores military justice in selected NATO member states. First, it defines the concept of military justice and presents models of military justice. It than analyzes systems of military justice in three selected NATO member states, which are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States of America and the Republic of Poland. It focuses on the scope of jurisdiction of military courts, the entities subject to military courts, the composition of military courts, the process of appointment and dismissal of judges and lay members of military courts and the design of the system of military courts. Subsequently, it compares the military justice systems of selected states and examines in which areas similarities and differences can be found. It then uses the results of this comparison, together with an analysis of relevant case law of the European Court of Human Rights, to determine how the European Court of Human Rights has influenced the military justice of selected European NATO member states compared to the USA.
Right to be Forgotten - Right to Privacy in the Internet Age
Váňa, Jan ; Kudrna, Jan (referee)
Right to be Forgotten - Right to Privacy in the Internet Age Abstract The first chapter of the diploma thesis aims to identify the threats to human privacy and forgetting that were brought on by the advancements in the field of information and communication technology in the recent decades. Both privacy and forgetting have important functions in the life of the individual, as well as on the societal level. The protection of those functions, whose analysis can be found in the second chapter of the diploma thesis, is one of the basic tasks of modern, liberal and democratic societies. Unless we want to leave the evolution of our civilization up to the technological developments and their often unforeseen (and unforeseeable) consequences, it is imperative that we systematically evaluate their impact on society. Such evaluations should then serve as bases for devising regulation (both legal and non- legal) that would eliminate or at least mitigate the identified societal threats. In the context of human privacy and forgetting, one of the outcomes of such an impact assessment and regulatory consideration is the right to be forgotten. This right can be seen as a legal instrument protecting the informational aspect of human privacy, or rather the informational self-determination of individuals, in the new reality...
The scope of the powers and staus of the SAO
Votápková, Michaela ; Hřebejk, Jiří (advisor) ; Kudrna, Jan (referee)
Theses focuses on the status and powers of the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic. The topics of the audits, done by SAO, have been described primarily in the framework of topics, describing audits done by state authorities. Scope of audits done by the Office one of them. Submitted work deals just with auditing competencies of the SAO and describes it from the theoretical point of view. Substantial space is dedicated to the case law, especially of the Constitutional court. Such case law has been important for defining of organizations, subjected to audit activities SAO. The aim of the thesis is to investigate the status of the Supreme Audit Office as independent authority sui generis, his powers and scope of his activities. The text is divided into individual chapters, with expanded analysis. The goal is to provide readers with detailed information on mentioned topics. Introductory chapters deal with history of audit organizations, preceding constitution of SAO. Further chapters are dedicated to constitutional anchorage of the SAO, its relations to other constitutional authorities and to attributes of the Office's independence. Attention is paid to the actual exercise of auditing powers of the SAO and its comparison with audit activities of other state authorities. Special part describes in...
Inovative asphalt mixtures to flexible pavement structure with using reclaimed asphalt
Horáček, Daniel ; Poulík, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the design and production of two innovative asphalt mixtures of the VMT 22 type into the base asphalt course. The newly produced blends contain modified binders, such as polymer modified bitumen (PMB) and Crumb rubber modified bitumen (CRMB). The theoretical part of the thesis describes the current state of the use of Reclaimed asphalt pavement in the base asphalt course. Furthermore, there are described types of asphalt mixtures for the base asphalt course are used in the Czech Republic and other countries. The conclusion of the theoretical part is devoted to the description of Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), its storage and processing in a hot mix center. In the practical part of this thesis, there is described design and test of two High modulus asphalt mixture VMT 22, into which 25% RAP is dosed cold without rejuvenators. These asphalt mixtures are then subjected to functional tests (Stiffness of asphalt mixture test, Resistance to fatigue test, Low temperature properties of asphalt mixture test). The results of the functional tests are compared with the functional requirements in the Czech regulation TP 151. In the end of this thesis it is verified by means of the LayEps software that a suitable design of the asphalt mixture can significantly extend the road life.
Judicial Review of Executive Orders
Slezáková, Monika ; Kudrna, Jan (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the judicial review of executive orders. The thesis begins with the first chapter dedicated to executive lawmaking with a focus on the separation of powers context. The second chapter then describes executive orders as legal acts, paying attention to the specifics of their binding force, usage and issuance procedure. The third chapter delves into the judicial review of these acts, first delineating the authority for review and specifics of jurisdiction, followed by analyzing the context of review of executive orders, ultimately formulating a guideline to follow when determining the validity of executive orders. The final chapter applies this guideline and all the foregoing information to chosen cases which are analyzed. Key Words: Executive orders, executive lawmaking, separation of powers, judicial review, authority, case or controversy doctrine
The use of glassgrids in asphalt pavement structure
Sadil, Dominik ; Šperka, Pavel (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the use of fiberglass grids in asphalt layers. These materials are used as reinforcement materials in road construction primarily to partially elimination or delay the formation of cracks in the roadway and to transfer the tensile loads that are distributed to the sub-layers. The bachelor thesis tests the properties asphalt layers reinforced by geogrids by using selected functional tests and also was monitored their behavior between asphalt layers. At the same time, the thesis determines whether these functional tests are practically applicable for asphalt layers with fiberglass grids.
Bituminous mixture for wearing course with increased content of reclaimed asphalt
Spies, Karel ; Šperka, Pavel (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with design of asphalt mixture for wearing course, by performing functional tests according to ČSN EN 12697 (736160) Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot asphalt mixtures and comparison of its properties with asphalt concrete for wearing course (ACO 11 +) according to ČSN EN 13108-1 ed. 2 (736140) Bituminous mixtures - Specification for materials - Part 1: Bituminous concrete. The proposed layer is characterized by a high (50%) reclaimed asphalt pavement content (RAP) and the use of a crumb rubber modified bitumen (CRMB) without the use of rejuvenators or other softening additives. The aim of the work is to verify the expected properties of the asphalt mixture and point out the possibility of using larger amounts of reclaimed asphalt pavement in asphalt mixtures.
The Role of Constitutional Organs in Ensuring the State Security
Dienstbier, Jakub ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor) ; Hřebejk, Jiří (referee)
1 The Role of Constitutional Organs in Ensuring the State Security Abstract This diploma thesis deals with question, what role are constitutional organs, such as President of the Republic, Government, Parliament and Security Council of the State, playing in the security system of the Czech Republic. For this purpose, the thesis shows the constitutional system of the Czech Republic on the example of position of President of the Republic. Main part of the thesis is based on analysis of President's status as Commander in Chief of armed forces because of the lack of complex attention of Czech constitutional doctrine. According to that, the thesis describes Czechoslovak constitutional development in the first place and compares it with present legal framework. The thesis uses all methods of legal interpretation from the constitutional point of view as well as knowledges of other academic disciplines and interprets the constitutional terms "armed forces" and "Commander in Chief". This interpretation is followed by the criticism of statutory regulation and assess the content of Commander in Chief`s authority. The thesis express other presidential activities with security dimension, too. The thesis especially justifies presidential rights and competencies in connection with intelligence agencies. In other part, the...
Bituminous mixtures with a higher lifetime using recycled asphalt
Stromecký, Roman ; Musil, Vladimír (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with a project of asphalt mixtures with high stiffness modulus using R-material. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of these mixtures in the Czech Republic and in Switzerland. Further this part deals with the use of R-material in the Czech Republic and chosen other countries of the world, it also deals with the ways of recycling roads. The theoretical part also deals with the testing methods used. In the practical part two new asphalt mixtures of the high stiffness modulus type with the addition of 25 % R-material are suggested. As a base for these two mixtures a mixture of the high stiffness modulus type, which was taken from an asphalt mixing plant, was used. Tests were run on the binders and several functional tests (stiffness modulus, fatigue resistance, low temperature qualities) wer done on the suggested asphalt mixtures and also the mixture taken from the mixing plant. Consequently, the results were compared. The conclusion of the thesis is devoted to modelling a construction of a road using the program LayEps, which verified if the suggested mixtures could reduce the thickness of roads.
Bituminous mixture desing with the use of 30 % reclaimed asphalt and its functional evaluation
Horáček, Daniel ; Šperka, Pavel (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to design asphalt mixture with a higher lifetime (mixture of type VMT 16) and its subsequent assessment by selected functional tests. VMT blends are used for load and underlayer layers of roads with higher transport loads. The main idea of this bachelor thesis is the design of an asphalt mixture consisting of natural aggregates, recycled asphalt mixtures and crumb rubber modified bitumen, yet retaining good road-holding properties. The use of recyclable bituminous mixtures will allow the recycling of bent or milled asphalt layers, which is currently high in surplus, and will allow the overall cost of building new high-quality asphalt layers to be reduced. The bachelor thesis describes the empirical and functional tests performed, according to which the resulting asphalt mixture was designed, and the results compared with the TP151 Asphalt mixture with high modulus of stiffness (VMT).

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