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Design of Supplier-Customer Relationships in Terms of FinancialTies
Kučera, Lukáš ; Sedláčková, Magda Piknová (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with an evaluation of the situation of individual entities from a selected company on the basis of information and documentation provided by the company. The thesis consists of theoretical part and practical part, of which theoretical part consists of individual definitions which are related to the thesis, it deals in more detail with claims which then helps realization of the analysis in the practical part. The practical part focuses on the analysis of supplier-customer relationships within individual entities of the selected company. The invoices issued in 2020 within the entities provided by the company were subjected to the analysis. The results of the analysis were then evaluated, commented and on the basis of the results are written recommendations for improvements and innovations in the company.
The Proposal of Motivation System for the Employees of a Trading Company
Kučera, Lukáš ; Šimek, Jan (referee) ; Mucha, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis deals with the analysis of contemporary motivation system at the company MONING BRNO, s.r.o. It contains proposals to improve the incentive system of the company to improve its corporate culture, motivation and job satisfaction of employees. Furthermore, it contains of recommendations for improvement of interpersonal relationships in the workplace so that employees work in the most efficient way, so the company could develop in the near future.
Traffic Simulator
Kučera, Lukáš ; Hynčica, Ondřej (referee) ; Honzík, Petr (advisor)
The object of the bachelor’s thesis was to study a code of a traffic simulator TRASI, to find causes of a malfunction in giving way at the crossing and to fix these causes. Several methods of solution were suggested and one was selected and implemented into the simulator (the priority mask system). The solution’s functionality has been tested on three simple model situations. On a crossing with a main road, on a crossing with a right road priority and on a crossing with traffic lights. The design of these situations is as well the part of the bachelor’s thesis. Then there is a brief manual for the simulator, both for users and the following programmers, in the thesis.
Swarm Intelligence in MRDS
Kučera, Lukáš ; Hynčica, Ondřej (referee) ; Honzík, Petr (advisor)
The background research in this Master’s thesis is focused on swarm intelligence. Further, there are two experiments described. They are based on released publications and they study behaviour of a group of robots during a puck gathering and during a target search. The actual thesis follows a repetition of these experiments in Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS), a free robotics simulation environment. The realization of both experiments in RDS is documented in detail and the achieved results are evaluated and compared with the results described in the publications. In conclusion, the thesis summarizes basic features, advantages and disadvantages of developing in RDS, based on a personal experience.
Development of refractory mastics for stove fireclay technology
Kotásek, Martin ; Kučera, Ladislav (referee) ; Sokolář, Radomír (advisor)
Refractory mastics are used for making compact brickworks or for sealing up the joints. This thesis deals with lenghthening of best before date of Regnaterm mastic, modification of recipe and suggestion of suitable method for evaluating reologic characteristics.
Technology of a selected part of the vacuum pump
Lišková, Tereza ; Kučera, Lukáš (referee) ; Chladil, Josef (advisor)
The content of study is related to reducing the production times of milling of aluminum component of vacuum pump. The primary aim of the thesis is to experimentally verify the proposed cutting conditions when milling the rotor blades and then evaluate them according to predetermined parameters. The output is reducing machining time with respect to cost, tools and machine.
Wetting and Spreading of Liquid Solder on Metal Surface
Kučera, Lukáš ; Špinka, Jiří (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with the metal surface wetting problems of molten lead-free solder and monitoring of ongoing processes at the inter-phase interface using the method of evaluation of the height of the molten solder deducted from the video sequences. The work is aimed at evaluating the metal surface wettability, wetting angle determined. Wettability of the metal surface is compared for different types of surface treatments and for different ages of the measured samples. Measurement is performed at the improved workplace, is used to evaluate the newly derived formula for calculating the wetting angle and created program for automatic evaluation of Picture is used to.
Rodinný dům s prodejnou
Kučera, Lukáš
The thesis theme is the design of a family home with a shop in the ground floor, located on the land of the current building for demolition. The property is designed for a family of four working from home. This is a non-basement house, with the shop on the ground floor being a walled and residential part of a wooden frame structure. The work is divided into text and drawing sections with attachments. The text section contains basic explanations of the used frame structure of the woodwork, the issue of barrier-free use of structures needed for the proposed house, criteria of low-energy buildings, options with dealing with flat roofs and fire safety of buildings. The practical part involves creating a documentation of the demolition works to obtain a permit for the removal of the structure and then creating the design documentation of the new building using two structural systems. The work also includes thermal technical assessment of perimeter structures and assessment of the building's fire safety.
Study of de novo purine synthesis in model systems of Caenorhabditis elegans and HeLa cell lines
Součková, Olga ; Zikánová, Marie (advisor) ; Šebesta, Ivan (referee) ; Kučera, Lukáš (referee)
Purines are involved in many biologic processes and are required to maintain stable energy charge, for metabolic regulation, as cofactors in enzymatic reactions and as building blocks in DNA and RNA. Necessary role in purine synthesis is played by de novo purine synthesis (DNPS) that is highly active in developing cells. DNPS is complex pathway involving enzymes that assemble into multienzyme complex, purinosome, which facilitates flux of purine intermediates through sequence of ten enzymatically catalyzed reactions. Properly functioning enzymes and purinosome ensure the fast flux of unstable and potentially cytotoxic intermediates resulting in final product IMP, the branch point for AMP and GMP synthesis. The mutations in DNPS genes lead to inherited rare disorders that are accompanied by elevated concentrations of enzyme substrates in body fluids and cells. Lack of a suitable model system to study pathophysiology of DNPS raised the necessity to develop a system mimicking DNPS disorders. HeLa cells with malfunctioning DNPS were characterized on the level of genes, transcripts, proteins, metabolites, and for the presence of the purinosome. Homozygous or compound heterozygous mutations led to the absence of proteins, decreased enzymatic activities, accumulation of enzyme substrates, downregulation...
Vegetation effects on ambient air quality alongside the motorways
Kučera, Lukáš ; Hůnová, Iva (advisor) ; Lhotka, Radek (referee)
The bachelor thesis is a literature search on the removal of pollutants emitted by traffic with the use of vegetation barriers along public roads. The aim of the thesis is to investigate the reasons leading to contradictions existing in the literature about the effectiveness of vegetation barriers. It explores which type and structure of vegetation barrier is the most effective in removing pollutants from the air. On the basis of the conducted research and available data, it determines whether it makes sense to consider introduction of vegetation barriers along H6 Úlibice-Hořice and H7 Hořice-Sadová, the segments of the D35 highway. The first part of the paper outlines that the effectiveness of a vegetation barrier is influenced by a number of factors such as the wind speed and its direction, precipitation summary, vegetation density,itś height and species composition or dimensions of vegetation barriers itself. For this reason, there is no general type or structure of vegetation barrier that improves air quality, and it is therefore essential to desingn such barrier on a site-specific basis. The reason for negative impact of some vegetation barriers on air quality was due to their improper design. The second part of the thesis deals with the suitability of planting vegetation barriers on selected...

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