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Properties study of periodic gratings prepared by electron-beam lithography
Krátký, Stanislav ; Opletal, Petr (referee) ; Matějka, Milan (advisor)
This study examines the process of the relief periodic structures creation by way of electron beam lithography. It describes how to design these structures by means of a computer and subsequently how to create them by electron beam lithograph. Moreover, this study explores the methods by which these structures are measured and evaluated. These methods are used to measure and evaulate binary periodic gratings and thanks to obtained data it can be determined the dependence of the depth of grating on its period. The study also contains measurement of diffraction efficiency on manufactured gratings and comparison of the dependence of its diffraction efficiency on the depth of grating.
Plasmonic structures fabricated by e-beam lithography
Šimík, Marcel ; Urbánek,, Michal (referee) ; Krátký, Stanislav (advisor)
The presented study deals with the process of the formation of plasmonic structures using electron beam lithography. The main aim of this work is to create a structure published in NatureNanotechnology using PMMA resist. It has been created several variants of these structures with different exposure doses and shapes in order to determine the best option. From these variants it is concluded which one is the most effective by using optical and electron microscopy. With this information are created and evaluated large-scale exposure.
The contrast curves determination for e-beam writer with Gaussian beam
Šuľan, Dušan ; Horáček,, Miroslav (referee) ; Krátký, Stanislav (advisor)
This work deals with technological process of structures creating by using of electron beam lithography. The main focus of the work is contrast curves of PMMA resist determination for electron beam lithography system Vistec EBPG 5000+ ES. Contrast curves are determined for different developers, developing times and the depths of resist. Sensitivity and the contrast of resist are determined from these contrast curves for each resist-developer system. Sensitivity curves are applied to the proximity effect correction on real structures, specifically the periodic diffraction gratings and then they are evaluated.
Combined Electron Beam Lithography
Krátký, Stanislav ; Mikulík, Petr (referee) ; Škereň,, Marek (referee) ; Kolařík, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with grayscale e-beam lithography and diffractive optical elements fabrication. Three topics are addressed. The first topic is combined grayscale e-beam lithography. The goal of this task is combining exposures performed by two systems with various beam energies. This combined technique leads to a better usage of both systems because various structures can be more easily prepared by one electron beam energy than by the other. The next topic is the optimization of shape borders of exposing structures that are defined by image input. The influence of such optimization on exposure data preparation is evaluated, as well as the exposure time and the change of optical properties of testing structures. The possibility of deep multilevel diffractive optical element fabrication in plexiglass blocks is researched as the third topic. Plexiglass can replace the system of a resist and a substrate. A new approach to writing down the structures by electron beam is presented, minimizing thermal stress on the plexiglass block during the exposure. The writing method also improves the homogeneity of exposed motifs. A method for computing the exposure dose for specific multilevel structures was designed. This method is based on the existing model of proximity effect computation and it minimizes the computing time necessary to obtain the exposure doses.
The silicon etching technology
Krátký, Stanislav ; Ježek,, Jan (referee) ; Matějka, Milan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the silicon etching technology. It Examines using of water solution of potassium hydroxide. It focuses on plasma etching of silicon using mixture of CF4 and O2 as the dry way of etching. Important parameters of etching like etching rate of silicon and masking materials, etching selectivity, surface roughness and underetching of mask are determined for both ways. Some additional processes has been examined as well, namely creating of mask of resist and silicon dioxide, lithography process and etching of resist using oxygen plasma.
Study of asymmetric blazed gratings created by electron beam lithography
Brunn, Ondřej ; Urbánek,, Michal (referee) ; Krátký, Stanislav (advisor)
This work deals with fabrication of asymmetric blazed gratings by electron beam lithography. It describes the whole process of structures preparing in software, followed by exposure carried out by an electron beam writer, and it finishes by creating and analysing both qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the fabricated gratings. These results are then compared with analytic calculation and numeric simulation.
SMV-2023-04: Template for bio–applications prepared by EBL
Kolařík, Vladimír ; Krátký, Stanislav ; Kopal, Jaroslav
Research and development of template samples for bio–applications and the realization of replicas.
SMV-2023-01: Relief structures based on diffractive optics
Horáček, Miroslav ; Kolařík, Vladimír ; Matějka, Milan ; Krátký, Stanislav ; Chlumská, Jana ; Meluzín, Petr ; Král, Stanislav
Research and development in the field of physical realization of graphic and optical structures based on the principle of diffractive optics by means of electron beam lithography in a recording material supported by a silicon or glass board. The research covers the analysis of the graphical or optical motive, research and application of relief structures implementing the required graphic and optical properties, research and modeling of the physical possibilities of implementation of relief structures, preparation and analysis of technology of implementation of relief structures with regard to the limits of current scientific instruments, verification of theoretical considerations by means of relief structure sample exposure.
SMV-2023-02: Relief optical elements for shaping light bundles
Horáček, Miroslav ; Kolařík, Vladimír ; Matějka, Milan ; Krátký, Stanislav ; Chlumská, Jana ; Meluzín, Petr ; Král, Stanislav
Research and development in the field of relief optical elements for shaping light bundles, metrology of samples of relief optical elements using various microscopic techniques with regard to analysis of relief degradation in production processes, consulting in the field of lithographic processes focusing on electron beam and subsequent replication processes. Design and optimization of microoptic structures for various configurations of projector lighting systems, metrology of selected optical microstructured reliefs and optical function analysis, optimization of materials for replication of microoptical structures, consulting in the field of replication of deep microoptic elements for various optical surfaces.
SMV-2023-06: Development of test specimens for SEM
Matějka, Milan ; Krátký, Stanislav ; Meluzín, Petr ; Košelová, Zuzana ; Chlumská, Jana ; Horáček, Miroslav ; Kolařík, Vladimír ; Knápek, Alexandr
The study focuses on the research and development of precise calibration samples featuring relief structures. These samples are designed for calibrating parameters in scanning electron microscopes (SEM). The testing patterns enable the verification and calibration of magnification, orthogonality, and geometric distortion. The preparation of calibration specimens utilizes micro lithographic techniques tailored for silicon processing and other relevant technological procedures.

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