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Navigation Focused on Geocaching
Nohejl, Petr ; Mlích, Jozef (referee) ; Koutný, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis deals with design and implementation of application for navigation focused on game Geocaching. Program works on Windows Mobile platform. It allows users to read the information about cache fast and easily and via GPS navigation takes player to the cache. The theoretical section introduces GPS navigation issue, rules of Geocaching and description of aplication itself. The aim of the practical section is to create a program and test it in real environment.
Facebook Contacts Export
Škrabánek, Ondřej ; Čermák, Martin (referee) ; Koutný, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals mainly with issues of social networking websites, especially of web Facebook, and program Microsoft Outlook. The application is designed to export contact informations of friends at the Facebook social network site. The implementation uses the technology of Microsoft C#.NET, Visual Studio Tools for Office, Microsof Office Document Imaging and Facebook SDK.
Application for Retrieving and Processing Table Data on Web Sites
Kalus, Jiří ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Koutný, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes a web application which is focusing on obtaining and processing data tables on the Internet. The application provides the possibility to get the tables from some web address in periodical intervals and later work with them. This work mainly writes about the detection method, treatment and storing of the tables which are extracted from the web documents. It also describes the technology and programming languages (PHP and JavaScript) used in the implementation. In conclusion, the results and possible extension of the program are talked over.
Compiler Back-End of Subset of Language C for 8-Bit Processor
Horník, Jakub ; Koutný, Jiří (referee) ; Křivka, Zbyněk (advisor)
A compiler allows us to describe an algorithm in a high-level programming language with a higher level of abstraction and readability than a low-level machine code. This work describes design of the compiler back-end of subset of language C for 8-bit soft-core microcontroller Xilinx PicoBlaze-3. Design is described from the initial selection of a suitable framework to the implementation itself. One of the main reasons of this work is that there is not any suitable compiler for this processor.
Fractals and Their Applications in Computer Graphics
Tesař, Martin ; Čermák, Martin (referee) ; Koutný, Jiří (advisor)
First part of this bachelors thesis consists of fractal theory, Hausdorff dimension and their applications in computer graphics. In second part is choosen idea for application. It is interactive creation of flame fractals. In this section, there is defined mathematical system of iterated functions, that is the heart of flame fractals. After mathematical examination follows analysis of original algorithm for creation of flame fractals. Thesis continues with methods for image improvement and suggests new enhancements.
Grammars with Restricted Derivation Trees
Koutný, Jiří ; Janoušek, Jan (referee) ; Vojnar, Tomáš (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
V této disertační práci jsou studovány teoretické vlastnosti gramatik s omezenými derivačními stromy. Po uvedení současného stavu poznání v této oblasti je výzkum zaměřen na tři základní typy omezení derivačních stromů. Nejprve je představeno zcela nové téma, které je založeno na omezení řezů a je zkoumána vyjadřovací síla takto omezené gramatiky. Poté je zkoumáno několik nových vlastností omezení kladeného na cestu derivačních stromů. Zejména je studován vliv vymazávacích pravidel na vyjadřovací sílu gramatik s omezenou cestou a pro tyto gramatiky jsou zavedeny dvě normální formy. Následně je popsána nová souvislost mezi gramatikami s omezenou cestou a některými pseudouzly. Dále je prezentován protiargument k vyjadřovací síle tohoto modelu, která byla dosud považována za dobře známou vlastnost. Nakonec je zavedeno zobecnění modelu s omezenou cestou na ne jednu, ale několik cest. Tento model je následně studován zejména z hlediska vlastností vkládání, uzávěrových vlastností a vlastností syntaktické analýzy.
Analysis and Visualization of NC Code
Konečný, Michal ; Čermák, Martin (referee) ; Koutný, Jiří (advisor)
This project deals with NC tooling visualization and NC code analysis problems. Implementation`s solutions for tooling`s techniques and tools are described in the project . Here visualization`s solution of the tooling`s proces are described, for this OpenGL library si used. In this work problems, we encoutered during work on this project, are analyzed.
Context-Dependent Scanner
Hatina, Peter ; Koutný, Jiří (referee) ; Čermák, Martin (advisor)
This paper is devoted to principles of a lexical analysis and to a means of context resolution of a lexeme type, depending on its source code position. The lexical analysis, process of a lexical analyzer creation and possible solution for context lexeme recognition, based on a multiple automata system, is described. Lexical analyzer functionality is extended to accept tokens in other languages code blocks.
L-Systems and Their Applications in Computer Graphics
Sojma, Zdeněk ; Čermák, Martin (referee) ; Koutný, Jiří (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis describes deterministic context-free L-systems (D0L-systems), which function is parallel rewriting symbols in string for purpose of modeling plant-like structures, mainly plant leaves. Next it shows how to use such L-systems in computer graphics and explains usage of stochastic L-systems. They effect topology and geometry of plant by randomizing interpretation of the L-system and allow us to generate whole class of respectively different but still simile leaves. L-system interpreter is implemented in .NET framework with OpenGL library.
Methods of Increasing the Dynamic Dange of Image
Sailer, Zbyněk ; Juránek, Roman (referee) ; Koutný, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with dynamic range of digital cameras sensors problem and methods for solving this problem. There are described the existing methods of high dynamic range image creation, the techniques of obtaining the input data and a new method of creation of HDR image - so-called direct generation.

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