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Compressed air in TRW Dačice, losses restriction in compressed air distribution
Kolman, Bohuslav ; Jegla, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kohoutek, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis analyses origin and detection of compressed air in TRW Dačice, with focusing on looses generated by improper and unnecessary use of compressed air. All presented actions are primary dedicated for implementation in TRW Dačice. However, these principles are generally useful for every industrial company using compressed air.
Algorithm for automatic selection of suitable equipment type from heat exchanger database
Havlů, Michal ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Jegla, Zdeněk (advisor)
Thesis is devoted to development of an database algorithm for selection (or necking selection) of suitable type of heat exchanger for given industrial application. Database creates a part of multipurpose calculation system containing three individual modules: (i) module for selection (or necking selection) of type of heat exchanger for given application, (ii) module for thermal-hydraulic design or rating of heat exchanger, (iii) module for calculation of investments and operating cost. Thesis describes details of method for selection of suitable heat exchanger type for given application and presents and discuss individual criteria for selection process which influence values in tables of priorites for given equipment. These tables are unavoible part of selection algorithm. Details of software application of selection algorithm are also presented in the thesis. Description of behaviour of individual types of heat exchanger creates important part of thesis. Practical application of developed selection algorithm is demonstrated on several industrial examples.
Design of chiller for specific application
Gaverník, Michal ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Jegla, Zdeněk (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design of chiller for specific aplication – The City Theatre in Brno. The solving equipment of cooling appliance includes complete design of heat exchanger, battery cold and dimensioning of pipeline system used for various media. One part of design is also choice of individual coolant pumps, which guarantee necessary cirkulation of cooling medium in a certain pipeline routes. Selected battery cold in this administration reduced the size of the necessary cooling resources, therefore the cost of implementation. Everything is processed in calculating software. The resulting proposal is also drafted in the design program and will serve as one of the bases for subsequent implementation.
Pospíšil, Tomáš ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Beneš, Viktor (referee) ; Franců, Jan (advisor)
Práce je věnována generování náhodných struktur dvousložkových vláknových kompozitních materiálů a statistickým metodám analýzy náhodnosti těchto struktur. Byly vyvinuty čtyři algoritmy a vygenerované struktury byly statisticky porovnány s reálnými daty.
VBA and Maple application in process engineering problematics.
Farkač, Daniel ; Jegla, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kohoutek, Josef (advisor)
The task of the diploma thesis named VBA and Maple Application on Process Engineering Problems is to show the possibilities of using these programming languages for various engineering tasks. Particularly the programming language Visual Basic for Application (VBA), which is a part of MS Office package, is very little used in practise. That´s why this thesis solves the complex task of a furnaces design process; the topic was reccomended by the supervisor prof. Ing. Josef Kohoutek, CSc. Specifically, the thesis deals with calculations of heat transfer and optimization of the height of extended surfaces of tubes in the convection section of process furnaces. The entire task is elaborated in VBA and runs in Excel. After entering the input information, the created program first calculates the size and heat output of the convection section, but it can also optimize the height of extended surfaces in different parts of the convection section and thus minimize investment costs.
Analysis and Design of E-commerce Firms
Kohoutek, Josef ; Luhan, Jan (referee) ; Němcová, Zuzana (advisor)
In my bachelor´s thesis, I focus on the proposal for a new e-commerce solution for the company ABBAS, a.s. which specializes in selling security systems, especially for camera systems. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the theoretical knowledge of the issue. The second part is focused on the practical part of e-commerce issues such as SEO analysis, competition analysis, keyword analysis, choice of providers of electronic commerce, methods of promotion and design possible solutions.
Application of recent methods for synthesis of heat exchanger network
Kunc, Vlastimil ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Jegla, Zdeněk (advisor)
Master’s thesis deals with the problems of heat exchanger network synthesis and compare the present methods with emphasis on Pinch Design Method and deterministic method. Based on theoretical formulation of deterministic model the computer program for heat exchanger network synthesis was developed in the software Maple environment. Developed software implementation of deterministic method has been applied to several case studies.
Small Company Security Measures Implementation According to ISMS
Kohoutek, Josef ; Ondrák, Viktor (referee) ; Sedlák, Petr (advisor)
In my master´s thesis I focus on the design of information security management system for the company INNC s.r.o., which specializes in the design and implementation of computer networks. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part provides theoretical knowledge of the issue. Second part is the analysis and proposal of security measures.
Calculation algorithms for thermal-hydraulic design and rating of unconventional heat transfer equipment
Mikeška, Petr ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Jegla, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of diploma thesis is creating calculation algorithms off single types unconventional heat transfer equipment and their aplication in thermal - hydraulic calculations in the industrial aplication . The main attention is paid to shell and tube heat exchangers with ROD and disc baffle system and radiation heat exchanger. All of these exchangers are used mainly in process of waste thermic destruction. The theoretical part of the work describes construction details of each heat exchanger and calculation algorithms of these equipments. The practical part of the work applies theoretic calculation alghortims in the industrial aplication which is design and rating. In the final part advantages and disadvantages of results have been assessed for construction and process aspects.
Using of professional software HTRI for the design of heat exchanger
Šimeček, Tomáš ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Kilkovský, Bohuslav (advisor)
The main goal of this master‘s thesis was to keep a basic orientation in commercial software HTRI. This software serves to design and rating calculation of heat transfer equipment. There were calculated four main types of heat exchangers and created a detailed user manual as a helpful tool for future education purposes on the faculty of mechanical engineering and its institute of process and environmental engineering.

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