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Unconventional heat cycles
Snášel, Jan ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Jedelský, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is describing four unconventional heat cycles and devices which are using them. It is Stirling cycle, organic-Rankine cycle, Kalina cycle and Brayton cycle. The cycles are described in terms of the main parts of their devices and in terms of their thermomechanical principle. In thesis are also stated applications for each cycle and their advantages and disadvantages. There are also stated formulas for the ideal cases of cycles to calculate specific work done, specific input heat flow and efficiency of cycle.
Warm Air Heating
Bečica, Radek ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Janotková, Eva (advisor)
The introduction describes the basic information about warm air heating and general recommendations for using this type of heating. The next chapter contents a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of warm air heating. The following chapters deal with the main elements of the whole system. There is also pointed out the difference between radiant and convective heat transfer. At the end of this thesis there is shown an overview of warm air heating systems used for last years. Last part tells about prospects of warm air heating according author’s opinion.
Design of an air handling unit
Měrka, Jan ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Charvát, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to design a modular air handling unit based on determined requirements. Modular air handling units provide great flexibility for consultants when work-ing on a project. Modular air handling units are assembled using many sections (heater section, cooler section, humidification section, fan section, etc) which gives the consultant an advantage to use only those sections necessary for particular project.
Comfort Air Conditioning Systems and Application
Trávníček, Tomáš ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Janotková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor work deal with analysis factors determining state of inside environment of buildings, where human resides. In next step is mentioned research fission, comparison and using single comfort air conditioning systems. Some air conditioning make possible usage backward obtaining heat. In work are mentioned possibilities usage heat pumps.
Use of thermal solar collectors for pool heating – design of application
Zatočilová, Aneta ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Jaroš, Michal (advisor)
The objective of this bachelor’s thesis is to evaluate the possibilities of using solar collectors for swimming pool heating. The solar pool heating is often combined with solar water heating. The thesis examine technical parameters, effectivity and purchase cost of the thermal solar systems for both mentioned applications. The first part of the study is focused on general description of the solar radiation, its availability and potential of usage. The next part is dealing with collectors’ energy budget, their efficiency and means of their insulation. Further, there are described the most used types of the thermal solar collectors and various constructions of the thermal solar systems of nowadays. The last part is dedicated to specific project of thermal solar system for pool heating and its price budget.
Air - conditioning of office building
Birhanzl, Petr ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Janotková, Eva (advisor)
The thesis describes the various ventilation and air conditioning systems used to maintain suitable, temperature-humidity parameters of air in office buildings. The thesis deals with their advantages and disadvantages and assessing the suitability of using several systems for the application. The main task is to choose the most suitable system and it's calculation. For the actual system design is needed to detect a heat loss and gains the specified object and calculate the minimum amount of ventilation air. There will also be given psychrometric calculation of a device and drawing documentation, including draft of an engine room.
Design of warm air heating system for low-energy house
Koutník, Martin ; Krejčí, Vladimír (referee) ; Košner, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with design of warm air heating and ventilating system for low energy house. Introduction of this thesis is focused on dividing residential buildings by their heat requirement. Then problems of residential building ventilation and possibilities of warm air heating systems including heat recovery are presented. In the next chapter summary of ventilating units with heat recovery and warm air heating units for residential low energy buildings and pasive family houses is presented. Calculation of low energy house heat losses, which is solved, is based on CSN 06 0210, CSN 73 0540 and CSN EN 12831 standards. Design and calculation of warm air heating and ventilation system and ground heat exchangers is also described. Floor heating system, fireplace insert and solar heating system are designed as supplementary systems. At the end of this thesis the control system is presented. Project documentation is enclosed in appendix.
Design of heating system for low-energy family house
Kytýrová, Zdeňka ; Hejčík, Jiří (referee) ; Košner, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design of a heating system for a "low-energy" house. It is conceived as a low temperature system using a combination of radiators and underfloor heating. The design is supplemented with a calculation of heat loss, a proposal of needed components, a scheme of the system and means of regulation. The second part solves the heat source selection. A solar system with vacuum tubes is used as the primary source. The second one is an electrical water heater located in the accumulation reservoir for the hot domestic water. Necessary calculations for the design of the solar system, together with a scheme and means of regulation, are enclosed in this section.
Community halls ventilation requirements
Machala, Martin ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis deals with ventilation systems and requirements for ventilation of cultural rooms. First of all author focuses on basic ventilation systems. This should be useful to create some theoretical view about this theme. In next topic hygienic requirements for cultural rooms with specification on theatres are discussed in details. In final part author presents suitable ventilation systems capable to fit stated hygienic requirements.
Air conditioning of kitchen and butttery hatch
Dvořák, Vlastimil ; Košner, Jan (referee) ; Janotková, Eva (advisor)
This thesis describes the design and dimensioning of a device for air conditioning in kitchen and dispensing room in the administrative building according to the given parameters. The thesis begins with a calculation part that contains the determination of ventilation air, the calculation of heat losses and heat load of the object. In addition, here are psychrometrics calculations of air-conditioning device for summer and winter operation. The following is part of the design, which includes design of terminal components, design and sizing ductwork and the design and location of air-conditioning unit. The thesis includes a technical report, list of used materials and drawing documentation.

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