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Optimal design of solar air collector with latent heat thermal energy storage
Zálešák, Martin ; Mauder, Tomáš (referee) ; Klimeš, Lubomír (advisor)
The thesis deals with the creation for a numerical model of a solar collector with a phase change material as a heat storage medium. The model was implemented in Python. Using the created model, design optimization of several problems was carried out with the use of selected methods of heuristic optimization. The results of the behaviour of the created model and of design optimization were then analysed and evaluated.
Wind power – the past, the presence and the future
Kučera, Vítězslav ; Klimeš, Lubomír (referee) ; Charvát, Pavel (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis deals with the evolution of wind turbines from the past to present and also concentrates on the evolution of wind turbines in the future. In first part the begin-nings of wind energy use are given, and the first wind turbine is mentioned. Further, the parts of wind turbine and its construction are described in next part, where the current state of wind turbines in the Czech Republic and in the world is presented. New concepts of wind energy are introduced. Finally, last part performs wind turbine simulation over the span of one year.
Design optimization of packed bed for thermal energy storage
Krist, Thomas ; Charvát, Pavel (referee) ; Klimeš, Lubomír (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá tématem výměny tepla v zásobníku tepla typu ”packed bed”. Cílem je popsat přenos tepla v zásobníku tepla obsahující kamínky malých průměrů, skrz který proudí horký vzduch. Toto je modelováno v prostředí MATLAB. Na začátku je krátký úvod do problematiky zahrnující ukládání tepla a jeho možné využití. Dále je uveden krátký přehled o základech přenosu tepla, typech přenosu tepla a termofyzikální vlastnosti systému vzduch-kámen. Ve třetí kapitole je představen zásobník tepla typu ”packed bed” a rozličné modely a dané podmínky jsou vysvětleny. Další kapitola se zabývá s numerickými metodami, převážně s metodou konečných diferencí použitou v této práci. Pátá kapitola se zaměřuje na obecnou optimalizaci daného problému přenosu tepla. Populačně založený metaheuristický optimalizační algoritmus zvaný Genetický algoritmus je popsán. Sestavení modelu je ukázáno v šesté kapitole, stejně jako prezentace výsledků získaných z programu MATLAB. V poslední kapitole je pak diskutován závěr a doporučení.
Thermodynamics of ideal gases in Matlab
Zábojník, Jakub ; Klimeš, Lubomír (referee) ; Štětina, Josef (advisor)
In terms of bachelor’s thesis a toolbox of functions for basic computing in thermodynamics with ideal gases and their mixtures was built in environment of computer program MATLAB. Source code of these functions and their description are parts of this thesis. Among others fundamental characteristics of thermodynamic values and terms on which the creation of functions was built, and instruction for calling of functions are mentioned here. Functions in toolbox imaginary are divided to some groups. This dividing is results from principle of thermodynamic calculation. Functions from two neighbouring groups are directly tied together. For lucidity of function sequences and for functions usage and toolbox explanation the examples of using functions examples of functions usage in specific thermodynamic calculations.
Regeneration of heat and water for paper drying process
Milko, Michal ; Klimeš, Lubomír (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma thesis titled Regeneration of heat and water for paper drying process analyzes use of waste hot air ventilated from drying section of paper mill. Moreover is described detailed design process of recuperation heat exchanger, which should be part of regeneration loop of paper mill. Designed heat exchanger is plate-fin crossflow heat exchanger. For deasign is used – NTU method.
The solving of ordinary differential equations by means of the Laplace transform method
Klimeš, Lubomír ; Tomášek, Petr (referee) ; Čermák, Jan (advisor)
The Laplace transform is a very powerful mathematical tool for solving of ordinary linear differential equations with constant coefficients. Its usage is wide - it can be applied to first order and also to higher order equations, it is very convenient for solving of differential equations with several forcing terms (including noncontinuous terms) and of course, it can be used for solving of systems of ordinary differential equations. The Laplace transform plays the key role in control theory, where the transformation of the differential equation of the control system enables to analyse the behavior of this system, e. g. its reaction to input values. Our aim was to present essentials of the Laplace transform theory and demonstrate this strong mathematical tool in the solving of concrete problems, including the usage of the software Maple.
Development of inverse sub-domain method for boundary conditions computation of heat conduction
Hřibová, Veronika ; Klimeš, Lubomír (referee) ; Pohanka, Michal (advisor)
It is very important to develop efficient but still accurate and stable numerical methods for solving heat and mass transfer processes in many industrial applications. The thesis deals with an inverse heat conduction problem which is used to compute boundary conditions (temperatures, heat flux or heat transfer coefficient). Nowadays, two approaches are often used for inverse task - sequential estimation and whole domain estimation. The main goal of this work is to develop a new approach, the so-called sub-domain method, which emphasizes advantages just as reduce disadvantages of both methods mentioned above. This approach is then tested on generated prototypic data and on data from real experiments. All methods are compared with respect to accuracy of results as well as to computational efficiency.
Assessment of possibilities for reduction of water consumption in steel industry
Bohunský, Tomáš ; Březina, Michal (referee) ; Klimeš, Lubomír (advisor)
This bachelor thesis assesses possibilities for a reduction of water consumption in the steel industry and individual methods reducing water footprint in the whole process of steel making. At the beginning, the current situation of the steel industry is introduced and the problem with excessive water consumption classified. The biggest part of this thesis is then dedicated to the construction of universal procedure which can be applied in any steel plant. This procedure consists of analytical models and the specification of individual water-saving technologies. The results are compiled in a table containing the detailed influence on the whole manufacturing process.
Combined heat and power generation
Hlaváč, Ivan ; Zálešák, Martin (referee) ; Klimeš, Lubomír (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the power generation by means of a combined gas-steam cycle. In the first part of the work, an overview and description of the combined cycle as well as of the Brayton cycle and the Rankine cycle are provided. The second part of the work focuses in the thermal analysis of the cycles. As a part of the work, a computer program was created, which allows for such thermal analysis of the combined cycle.
Aerodynamics of road vehicles
Mužíková, Markéta ; Klimeš, Lubomír (referee) ; Štětina, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with aerodynamics of passenger cars, racing cars and trucks too. On the basic theoretical knowledge are connected various solutions used in the practice for a particular type of vehicle. To create a comprehensive overview of this issue is there described testing of vehicles in wind tunnels and numerical techniques with using computational systems.

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