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Ecophysiological characteristics of key members of Betaproteobacteria in freshwater bacterioplankton
This thesis primarily focuses on one segment of freshwater Betaproteobacteria, the Limnohabitans genus (including the RBT lineage). As opposed to other recent research directions, the major aim was to recover the members of the previously uncultured RBT lineage through their isolation from various freshwater habitats. However, the results presented in this thesis have also ambitions to go far beyond the taxonomic descriptions only; the dissertation intends to contribute significantly to unveiling of important ecophysiological characteristics of the studied lineage in a set of both laboratory and field research. Therefore, understanding of growth characteristics, mortality, diversity and life strategies of aquatic microbes is of highest importance regarding profound human impact on water quality and increasing need of drinking water supplies.
Detection of microorganisms in the soil using CARD-FISH (Catalyzed Reporter Deposition - Fluorescence in situ hybridization)
Krištůfek, Václav ; Kasalický, Vojtěch ; Chroňáková, Alica ; Elhottová, Dana ; Němec, Jan
CARD-FISH protocol (Catalyzed Reporter Deposition - Fluorescence in situ Hybridization) for detection of soil microbial community composition was successfully established in the Institute of Soil Biology. CARD-FISH is the relatively new molecular biology tool permitting to quantify distinct groups of microorganisms by hybridization of specific oligonucleotide probes. Compared to classic FISH-protocol the probe-attached enzyme amplifies the fluorescent signal and enables to detect nearly all microorganisms in soil or in organic compounds. As the first, we used this method to determine the bacterial community composition of a dated layer of guano-heap from Domica Cave (Slovak Carst National Park, Slovakia). We quantified the percentuel composition of Archaea, Eubacteria (.i.Planktomycetales, Verrucomicrobiales./i. included) and major bacterial groups (Actinobacteria, proteobacteria, .i.Cytophaga-Flavobacter./i.-Bacteroidetes, Sphingobacteria).
Fotosyntetické cirkadiální rytmy u mořské rozsivky Thalassiosira weissflogii v podmínkách dostatku a nedostaku dusíku
Kasalický, Vojtěch ; Rottnerová, K. ; Sciandra, A. ; Babin, M. ; Prášil, Ondřej
T. weissflogii was grown under dynamic irradiance conditions (sinusoidal light-dark regime) and then switched to constant, low irradiance. Cellular characteristics (pigment and nutrient content, cell size) indicated synchronization of algal population, furthermore pronounced variations in the aktivity of variable fluorescence, thermoluminescence and in the gene expression (rbcL, psbA, fcp) were observed

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3 KASALICKÝ, Vojtěch
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