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Dynamika nože žacího stroje
Kašpar, Václav
Master thesis includes a small description of agricultural mowers. It is about principles of these machines, activity description and about main properties of these machines. Second part of the thesis deals with protection of cutting knife, primarily about rotary mowers. At the end, it analyses behavior of the knife related to the protection , when it hits into a~barrier. The thesis defines the new coefficient K, which represents cutting resistance of a grass and it used for studying dynamic of the knife for various value of K.
Matematický model strojního mechanismu
Kašpar, Václav
This bachelor thesis includes a brief history of the mowing machines, tells about development and division of these machines. It describes kinematic of the cutting apparatus. It solves optimal ratio between rotation and working speed, when the cutting knife is used of the whole. At another part of this bachelor thesis, there is analysed a coverage of harwested area by the cutting knife. It shows solution, by which we can determine the optimal ratio between rotation and working speed, when the harvested area is crossed by the cutting knife minimally twice.
Nation branding of the Czech Republic and its effective presentation in the European area
Dianová, Markéta ; Dostál, Petr (advisor) ; Kašpar, Václav (referee) ; Riedlbauch, Václav (referee)
The thesis focuses on relationships, structures and processes that fundamentally influence the implementation of the nation branding mechanisms to the scope of activities carried out by Czech republic´s institutional actors; on the mutual communication between the state and the European cultural environment; and on the role that the Czech republic´s institutional actors play in the communication with the external environment of the country. The thesis elucidates the extent of involvement of relevant actors in the process of nation branding of the Czech Republic and its position in the international relations on the European territory. It critically interrogates models and approaches towards the nation branding and brings detailed insights into the matter through the perspective of supranational, national and local actors (both formal and informal) that contribute to the creation of a country´s image. It provides an insight into the institutional framework of the nation branding in the Czech Republic and identification of the sources of double-track processes in the distribution of agenda and a level of involvement of public diplomacy actors and other institutions responsible for the presentation of a country. Based on the analysis of the formal and informal level of such relationships and interactions, it brings a plan of formal simplification of the implementation process of the nation branding strategy in the Czech Republic.
Process optimization in a trade company
Kašpar, Václav ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Bruckner, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on application of a chosen BPM methodology in a real trade company with the aim of optimization of its processes, identification of the possible improvement areas and proposing measures leading to an increase of the efficiency of the company. One BPM methodology is chosen based on a methodology comparison in the introductory part of the work. A description of the trade company and a process analysis follows. Then an identification of the improvement potential is done and limits of the improvement potential are found followed by the projects proposed, which should lead to an increase of the efficiency of the company's processes. This thesis produces an overview of chosen BPM methodologies and approaches, brings up the results of the process analysis in a real trade company, and proposes a set of project for realization. Ultimately the work done demonstrates a procedure of BPM methodology implementation in a small trading company, which may be replicated in another similar firm.
Developmental comparison of automotive industry in China and India
Havránek, Filip ; Kašpar, Václav (advisor) ; Pavlík, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the comparison of developmental trends of the automotive industry in China and India most of all from the perspective of current significant changes in geographic allocation of automotive production capacities and continual attenuation of position of traditional automotive centers. The first chapter discusses economic significance of the automotive industry and related economic and environmental challenges. The second chapter is focused on impact of the globalization process on systemic and geographic organization of the automotive industry. Next chapters analyze and compare the automotive industry in China and India focused on historical predispositions and current developmental trends. The last chapter compares future potential of both countries in the global automotive industry, identifies main competitive advantages and analyzes possibilities of future development.
Investment into renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Bursová, Katarína ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Kašpar, Václav (referee)
The main goal of master thesis is to proof that investment into renewable energy may have a positive impact on standard of living for local community and the region of Sub-Saharan Africa. The thesis is divided into three main chapters, while the first one is dedicated to detailed analysis of renewable energies, demographic and geographical indicators, the second one is focused on investment and financing of energy projects. The last chapter leads readers through case study of small hydropower plant into findings that are essential in proving the main idea of whole thesis.
Tourism in the EU - current trends
Jurištová, Lucia ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Kašpar, Václav (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to analyze the current trends in tourism in the European union. Then also determine which factors influence its further development, as well as predict the future trends in tourism in the EU. The thesis is also trying to answer scientific questions regarding the impact of the global economic and financial crisis on the development of tourism in the regions of the European Union, the specific factors affecting the tourism trends in the European Union and the activities of the institutions of the European Union to support the positive development of tourism in the European Union. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first is theoretically based and contains definitions of terms related to tourism, the methodology of its research, its development and its economic importance. The second focuses on the position of the EU in the issue of tourism in comparison with the world and other regions, as well as on current trends in individual regions of the European Union and their main tourist destinations. The third chapter analyzes the current trends, including factors that may affect them. It also includes information about the activities of the institutions of the European Union to promote tourism in this area, information about sustainable tourism development in the EU and specific prediction of the future development of tourism in the European Union.
EU Structural Funds
Pikulová, Barbora ; Kašpar, Václav (advisor) ; Formanová, Věra (referee)
Is the significant role of the structural funds in the EU budget appropriate? The main goal of the thesis is to analyze the role and potential of the EU structural funds with a special focus on their use since the beginning of the economic integration of the EU until today and to answer the question raised. The thesis consists of five chapters. The first chapter describes the historical evolution of the structural funds in three phases in parallel with the deeper integration and extension of the EU. The second chapter is focused on the analyses of economic aspects of the structural funds. Research on possible improvements of the structural funds is presented in chapter three. Chapter four compares the structural funds management between France and Czech Republic. Chapter five provides insights into the upcoming 2014-2020 programming period. Based on the outcomes of the past evolution of the structural funds, empirical experience of their usage in France and Czech Republic and in the context of the current financial crisis and rising euroscepticism, we predict the future evaluation and priority of the structural funds in the process of European integration
Asian automotive industry: the impact on the European market
Benc, Tomáš ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Kašpar, Václav (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to describe the automotive industries of the most significant countries in the Asian region. The whole thesis is focused on passenger cars. The thesis is focused on the following countries: Japan, South Korea, China and India. Another aim is to analyze the impact of selected auto makers from these countries to the European market. One of the aims is also introduction of the future trends in the Asian automotive industry, related to Europe. The last aim is to determinate when the Chinese automaker will belong to the world's car manufacturers.
Transport policy and transport within European union
Madurová, Helena ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Kašpar, Václav (referee)
Thesis is amimed at transport, its development within European union and finally EU transport policy. It focuses on specific issues and strategies that affect all european countries such as development of Trans-European Transport Network.

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