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Business and Investment Cooperation of China and selected Middle Eastern countries with a focus on oil trade
Kunovský, Ondřej ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to find out what the drivers of Chinese oil imports are. Also, it highlights an oil demand from three Middle Eastern countries. The reason for the topic was a rising Chinese oil demand and its interest in investments in oil industry. The thesis is divided into four parts. The first part describes development of mutual relations with the Middle East and a Chinese economy development. The second chapter introduces an economic development of Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates and explains their dependency on oil exports. Next part identifies internal and external oil trade drivers and highlights various investment projects. Then, the last chapter presents the perspectives of the New Silk Road and highlights projects with an impact on oil trade.
EU Transport policy: Case study of conflict resolution on SESAR example
Poslušná, Kristýna ; Němcová, Ingeborg (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
This thesis is analysing the negotiation process on the occasion of the Czech presidency in 2009, by example of SESAR: Air Traffic Management (ATM) Master Plan. Shortly, it also describes theoretical background of the thesis: air transport, Air Traffic Management and EU Transport policy.
Economical and Political Relations between Hong Kong and PRC
Knápek, Ondřej ; Vlčková, Jana (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
Thesis is about political and economical relations between Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Peoples Republic of China with focus on time period 1978 till present. Main objective is to assess mutual political and economical relations and their development. Secondary objective is to examine the role of Hongkong in economic growth of Peoples Republic of China. The thesis offers a insight to an unique system of relations that was architected by the administration of Deng Xiaoping. The system is called One country, two systems. China capitalized on unique characteristics and abilities of Hongkong in its way to becoming an economical hegemon. However Hong Kong is also profiting from these connections.
Shale gas production in USA and China: impacts and potential
Trenkner, Peter ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis dedicates to production of shale gas in USA and China, impacts related to it and future potential of shale gas. The main objective of the thesis is to analyse and explore in detail current situation with this commodity in selected countries. In the first theoretical-methodological part, the thesis is focused on essential characteristics and information about natural and shale gas. In the next chapters is situated detailed breakdown of resources, production and impact on various sectors of economy and environment in USA and China. Final chapter is dedicated to potential development of shale gas in selected countries. In the theoretical-methodological part is primarily used descriptive method, mainly based on literature sources. In the next chapters is also used analysis, comparative method, analogy and synthesis, which are mainly consist of internet resources.
The current position and trends of development of VW Group in the global automotive industry
Nikšová, Petra ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
The thesis titled The Current position and trends of development of the VW Group in the global automotive industry maps two core areas, the VW Group and the global automotive industry. The automotive industry is viewed in a broad global perspective, taking into account regional specifics. The main point of the thesis is the analysis of the current position of the VW Group in the automotive industry and the development trends that define and influence the current and future direction of the VW Group. The analysis of the current position is based on the number of sold cars, the volume of production and the actual percentage share on the market. The work concludes that the VW Group's position remains stable in the global automotive industry, but the position varies according to the regions. VW's developmental trends are driven by current technological changes in the industry as well as by social changes and legislative regulations.
Transport in the EU with special focus on the multimodal and intermodal system
Šnobr, Michal ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis analyzes the current situation of the transport system in the European Union and focuses on the multimodal and intermodal system. The first chapter focuses on the theoretical aspects of transport. It defines terms connected with transport and establishes various ways to measure it. The second chapter describes the current state of transport in the EU, provides statistics and examines the most important documents and projects (White Paper on Transport and TEN-T). The third chapter analyzes multimodal and particularly intermodal transport system and identifies the key advantages and disadvantages of this type of transport.
Current position of tourism in the global economy
Kadlecová, Anna ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the current position of tourism in the global economy. The work focuses on the regional layout of international tourism in terms of international arrivals, international tourism receipts and international tourism expenses. An emphasis is also put on the economic importance of tourism, mainly in relation to GDP, employment, price stability and balance of payment. The thesis is also focused on current issues in the field of international tourism - shared economy, China as the largest source market of international tourism, exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union and sustainable tourism development. The conclusion outlines the expected development of international tourism and its prospective changes in its layout by 2030 according to the data of the World Tourism Organization.
Impact of low-cost airlines on air transport market
Dvořák, Jakub ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
The master thesis analyses the impact of low-cost carriers on development of both primary and secondary airports. The analysis of selected airports in Italy, Germany, Norway and Sweden and following comparison between the development across the regions are the used methods. The thesis examines the historical development, liberalization of the market, formation of low-cost carriers and their impact on the development of secondary airports and airports themselves. The analysis of primary and secondary airports in three geographically different regions allows a comparison of the development between both airports groups and the identification of the impact of low-cost airlines on different regions of Europe.
OPEC: an effort to maintain market position
Brückler, Jaroslav ; Vošta, Milan (advisor) ; Neumann, Pavel (referee)
This work is describing an effort of OPEC to maintain its oil market share. The aim of the dissertation thesis is to examine the oil market and provide an insight on members of the OPEC in their effort to pursue their intentions on this market. The thesis looks in to the conditions on the oil market and examine the possibilities of OPECs influence on the oil price through supply cuts and subsequent effects on oil market, competitors and OPECs market share. In additional, the thesis looks in to the history of relations between the member states and in to its capabilities in fulfilling of agreed limits within the OPEC. In the thesis are also mentioned new competitors and their influence on this market or their capability of decreasing OPECs market share.
Barriers of transatlantic trade in automotive industry
Růžičková, Anna ; Antal, Jarolím (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on barriers to transatlantic trade affecting the automotive industry. Attention is paid to the role of barriers in bilateral trade at global level and to their importance for international trade. The thesis also assesses their impact on trade liberalization. Specifically, the thesis focuses on EU-US automotive industry and current barriers in the automotive sector of these markets that make mutual trade difficult. At the end of the thesis potential effects of harmonizing these barriers is examined and, based on several studies, the feasibility of this harmonization is commented on.

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