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Analysis and design of the use of the existing building in Brno
Jeřábek, Ladislav ; Sadílek, Augustin (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
The thesis deals with the analysis and design of a new use of an existing building using the highest and best use method, also known as HABU. The first part focuses on the current state of knowledge and describes the issue in theoretical terms, mainly explaining concepts from the field of construction and real estate valuation. This chapter is supplemented by a research describing the use of the HABU method in the Czech Republic and abroad. In the following sections, the problem is formulated, the objectives of the solution are set and the procedures used to achieve them are also defined. In the design part, individual variants of possible use are presented, which are subjected to tests of the mentioned method. The option achieving the highest evaluation represents the highest and best use of the building.
Proposal of Process Management of Order in Selected Company
Jeřábek, Ladislav ; Ing.Jaroslav Zich (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the process management of an order in a selected manufacturing company. The first part describes the theoretical background and defines important terms. The next part is an analysis of the current state with the main emphasis on the production of a specific semi-finished product, which is part of the contract. The third part is about own suggestions for improvement, evaluation of their benefits and conditions of implementation.
Utilization of Inventor Studio for model creation of electrical machines
Jeřábek, Ladislav ; Hájek, Vítězslav (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
This work is focused on description of various geometrical constraints existing in environment Outline. It deals with relationships used in creating of composition in environment „composition“. The all used constraints, which were created in program Autodesk Inventor, are described. The procedure, how is possible to reconstruct one part in order to put together with other with usage of adaptive components and constraints, is described. In the end of the work there are described the parameters of motor which figures in animation created by program Autodesk Inventor. Here are also described detail manuals of creating animations in to ways. 1. By means of presentation of breaking up the constraints. 2. By means of application Inventor Studio.
Utilization of Inventor Studio for modelling of electric machines manufacturing process
Jeřábek, Ladislav ; Janda, Marcel (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
In this work are described detail manuals of creating animations in two ways. 1. By means of presentation of breaking up the constraints. 2. By means of application Inventor Studio. Furthermore, there is described the principle functions of the DC motor. There is the procedure which can simulate the transient with Matlab Simulink. There is also explained how to measure engine parameters needed to calculate the transient.

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4 Jeřábek, Lukáš
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