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Numerické simulace oscilačních procesů ve sluneční atmosféře se započtením zdrojových členů
JÍCHA, Jaroslav
The aim of this thesis is to implement source terms to numerical model for curent sheet in solar atmosphere. The chapters are structured in the way that can present us with basic knowledge of the Sun and processes in its atmosphere. Than we present important equations for numerical solution and for the initial equilibrium of our simulation. One of the last chapters is dedicated to software we use for our numerical simulations called FLASH. In the end of the thesis we present results of our numerical simulations.
Nové pomůcky pro výuku fyziky na gymnáziu: testování, sestavování a vytváření návodů k experimentům
JÍCHA, Jaroslav
The aim of this thesis was to test and assemble high-school experimental equipment. Manuals were created to enable the teacher (frontal experiments) or the students (student's experiments) to easily reproduce the experiments. The experiments are listed in the order they appear in textbooks, which simplifies the searching process.
Biodiesel production from used edible oils
Menšíková, Petra ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Kohoutek, Josef (referee) ; Jícha, Jaroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis is engaged in considering of suitable technology for biodiesel production from used cooking oils. For the main parts of technology were made some mathematical models in a Chemcad programme. There was made a laboratory analysis of various samples of used cooking oil.
Microwave induced pyrolysis of biomass
Šmarda, Marek ; Gal, Pavel (referee) ; Jícha, Jaroslav (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis there are informations about different methods of processing organic nature substrate with a focus on a waste processing using microwave pyrolysis. In sum it is possible to say that microwave pyrolysis is a progressive solution to process waste substrate. Due to evenly and rapid heating of organic nature substrate, this method is more effective compared to conventional methods of waste disposal. The result of this work is to submit information on processing waste substrate in the form of microwave analysis and subsequent economic evaluation.
Treatment of Waste Water Treatment Sludge Prior of its Following Utilization
Pěček, Jan ; Klemeš,, Jiří (referee) ; Žaloudík, Petr (referee) ; Jícha, Jaroslav (advisor)
Industrial production of cellulose is an energy intensive process. Businesses aim to utilized as much input energy, materials as possible while minimizing the waste as well. In addition to the main product – cellulose and large amounts of organically polluted water which is subsequently treated in waste water treatment plants. This PhD thesis deals with formation of suitable mixing formula for sludge from cellulose production and available materials (waste) from close neighborhood of Biocel Paskov a.s. so that well balanced cofermentation products are achieved. This mainly involves grass from lawn maintenance, grass ensilage, potato peels, and leftovers from vegetable processing. Fermentation processes (both mesophilic and thermophilic) of prepared fermentation products were conducted in semi-continuous and continuous laboratory fermentation units. Reduction of organic mass depending on residence time was closely observed as well as production and quality of biogas along with quality of output digestate. Course of process behaviour under controlled pH was tested. Results of particular tests were integrated into graphs. Conclusion of the thesis presents balance scheme drawn for selected variants, and design of real fermentation station with individual buildings, operations, basic machinery and equipment description including investment costs. Financial calculation and expected investment return was conducted in two variants – without subsidies and including subsidies from Operational Programme Renewable Sources of Energy.
System for heat recovery of gas microturbine flue gas
Vilda, Dalibor ; Jícha, Jaroslav (referee) ; Máša, Vítězslav (advisor)
The theme of the work is the integration of gas microturbines in industrial plants. The aim is to extend the application potential of this technology by the design of the integration into the process in which this technology is not exploited yet. This process is a professional laundry service. Professional laundry services have been selected as a representative of the generally known process, which is interesting in terms of energy intensity. Combining of progressive cogeneration technology and enhanced industrial process brings a promising application potential. The work focuses on small industrial laundries to 500 kg of processed linen per shift. As a cogeneration unit a gas microturbine Capstone C30 has been used. The microturbine has an adequate power due to the process. Complete laundry operation and a gas microturbine is a part of the equipment of the Laboratory of energetically demanding processes in the NETME Centre. The main contribution of this work is to design a system for utilization of flue gas heat for heating of the main input currents to the laundry room, a hot water for washing machines and warm air for drying in the dryers. The integration of the gas microturbine made to suit specific process can be a major cost-saving measures with positive impacts on the economy of operation.
Neutralization of acid solutions
Pavlík, Ondřej ; Bébar, Ladislav (referee) ; Jícha, Jaroslav (advisor)
The present thesis is concerned with neutralization of acid groundwater after the hydrochemical uranium mining in the area of Stráž pod Ralskem. In the thesis is briefly described progression of the hydrochemical uranium mining and follow-up negative impacts on the environment. There is described the technology involved in its disposal. This is followed by the design calculation of major apparatus technology associated with neutralization of acid solutions. Output of technology is determined by the mass balance. The results are the main dimensions of the apparatus, mechanical parts and electric power each device.
Hydrogen production from renewable energy source
Lakva, Petr ; Baláš, Marek (referee) ; Jícha, Jaroslav (advisor)
Hydrogen, as a form of storage for the excess energy from renewable sources, is a technically and economically viable option. However, the technology is not mature enough to compete with the other renewable energy possibilities. In this thesis, a study based on coupling two 330 kW wind-turbines with an NELP. 40 electrolyzer this connection should improve the utilization of wind power. In this thesis are two options of energy utilization. The energy produced by the wind-turbine is stored in the form, of hydrogen and is then delivered for consumption at variable power through a fuel cell, second option is use of produced hydrogen as alternative fuel for cars. This study is a general introduction for the wind energy system with hydrogen storage. Future studies should be more complex and detailed in order to understand and model the system with greater accuracy and to increase the possibility for the utilization of wind energy to generate hydrogen. This would enhance wind power competitiveness and sustain the continuously changing world energy demands.
Pilot Scale Solar Dryer Design
Plucar, Tomáš ; Jícha, Jaroslav (referee) ; Houdková, Lucie (advisor)
This Diploma’s thesis is addressing the issues of technical drying, principles and types of technical drying, solar drying possible usefulness of sewage sludge in the Czech Republic, its availability during the season, the legislation related to the processing of sewage sludge and design of pilot scale solar dryer.

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