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Interior vertical garden project
Hrabětová, Jana ; Vacek, Oldřich (advisor) ; David, David (referee)
Vertical gardens are considered to be quite a recent topic in the world of landscape architecture. Companies are pushed to come up with new technologies regarding application of the vegetation on the vertical surfaces. Interior vertical gardens are more common in Czech Republic than the exterior vertical gardens because of the local climate. Interior vertical gardens are not just beautiful but they present a lot of other positive functions. Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering by the Sick Building Syndrome which is caused by bad microclimate of modern buildings. This problem can be solved by using indoor plants. Indoor plants improve air humidity and quality and have a positive psychological effect. The subject of this thesis is designing three interior vertical gardens in Observatory of the Zizkov tower in Prague. Simple and attractive design of the interior is underlined by the vertical gardens. Objective of the thesis is creating unifying theme of the vertical garden´s design but using different kind of technologies and plants. Analysis of factors important for creating interior vertical gardens, such as light conditions, temperature and air humidity and technical infrastructure, are part of the thesis. The project part of the thesis includes design of the interior vertical gardens, technical information about particular technologies which have been used, planting plans and visualizations owadays majority of people spend most of the time indoors. Interior vertical gardens connect people with nature. Because of that they are very important in the modern architecture. However, vertical gardens are still quite expensive which is considered to be their biggest downside.
Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic with the focus on Ústí nad Labem region and Karlovy Vary region
Hrabětová, Jana ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the analysis of both demographic and socioeconomic development of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic with the focus on Karlovy Vary region and Ústí nad Labem region based on the available data. This study is composed of two basic sections, which present theoretic aspects and analysis. The first section explains basic terms, theories, history of Vietnamese migration, changes in the motives of migration and the laws that affect foreigners. This part of the thesis also describes changes in the law that affected the sources of the data and their consistency. The second part presents demographic analysis and comparison of the development of the foreigners and the Vietnamese population. On the basis of the result of my analysis the study also includes their estimated future development, which was assessed using trend functions. This thesis is aimed at evaluating the applicability of some of the migration theories on Vietnamese community. Lastly, the study describes the characteristics and socioeconomic activities of the Vietnamese community in Ústi nad Labem and Karlovy Vary region.

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2 Hrabětová, Jaroslava
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