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Analysis of cold-blooded horses in the forestry
Svobodová, Nicole ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis is dedicated to horse wood skidding problematic. It deals with cold-blooded horses characteristics and describes the wood skidding processes realized by horses. The thesis also presents other wood skidding technologies, especially tractors using, harvester technology and forest funiculars. It is also engaged in subsidies for horses wood skidding supporting. The economic exacting of horses work in the forestry contains the end of the theoretical part. The practical part of the thesis is divided into two objects. The first one deals with the Ministry of Agriculture financial contributions for the horse wood skidding. The second part deals with analysis of the offered price for 1 m3 of the manipulated wood and with the annual performance of the horse work. The founded data are evaluated and the improvement of the economic situation for horse wood skidding is recommended at the end of the thesis.
Statistical analysis of tourism in South Moravia
Pochobradská, Hana ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Macháček, Otakar (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to use mathematical and statistical methods to analyze data relating to visitors of the South Moravia region. Data was collected via survey, which could participate respondents living in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part presents the basic concepts related to the theme of the thesis, such as tourism, visitors, tourists, excursionist and more. The thesis also includes the categorization of tourism from various perspectives, examples of organizations involved in tourism and especially familiarization with specific tourism destinations in the region. The practical part consists of an analysis of data collected and processed by the author. Furthermore, this section presents the results of a survey carried out by the author, who focused on attendance of the South Moravia region, the attractiveness of the region, most visited sites and financial possibilities of visitors of the region.
Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic with the focus on Ústí nad Labem region and Karlovy Vary region
Hrabětová, Jana ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the analysis of both demographic and socioeconomic development of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic with the focus on Karlovy Vary region and Ústí nad Labem region based on the available data. This study is composed of two basic sections, which present theoretic aspects and analysis. The first section explains basic terms, theories, history of Vietnamese migration, changes in the motives of migration and the laws that affect foreigners. This part of the thesis also describes changes in the law that affected the sources of the data and their consistency. The second part presents demographic analysis and comparison of the development of the foreigners and the Vietnamese population. On the basis of the result of my analysis the study also includes their estimated future development, which was assessed using trend functions. This thesis is aimed at evaluating the applicability of some of the migration theories on Vietnamese community. Lastly, the study describes the characteristics and socioeconomic activities of the Vietnamese community in Ústi nad Labem and Karlovy Vary region.
Development of the company's share price of Philip Morris CR, a.s. on the stock exchange
Vosátková, Radka ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
The aim of the thesis is based on statistical methods to predict the evolution of the share price of company Philip Morris CR, Inc. and subsequent determining the period of investment return, which was made during the reporting period for companies trading on the Prague Stock Exchange. The author first defines the position of the capital market, defines used tools within the market and divides the capital market into type of securities business and into the type of the opportunities to participate in the market and into the type of organized character. For the analyze shares are identified market participants and are listed investment tools. Finally are formulated types of exchanges, clarified ITS functions and author defines The Public Market in the Czech Republic In the subsequent part of the thesis is executed fundamental and technical analysis, forecast of the shares of Philip Morris and calculating return of investment using macroeconomic ratios, indicators of sectoral analysis, the dividend discount model, profitable models, trend indicators and oscillators, multiple linear regression and profitability investments. The author on the Base of the fundamental analysis, recommended shares of Philip Morris CR at 06/2017 sell.
Traffic accidents in the Czech Republic
Debnar, Filip ; Grosz, Jan (advisor)
In this dissertation on the topic of traffic accidents in the Czech Republic will discuss the causes of accidents, its prevention and the institutions that deal with this issue, railway crossings, statistics both in comparison with other European countries, season, age of drivers ages motor vehicles in the Czech Republic and their impact on traffic safety. Furthermore, this work will mention the point system and that after its introduction into practice reflected in the reduction of traffic accidents, the consequences of human life and that had an influence on the drivers themselves and their behavior in traffic on the roads.
Internet and its use in the households
Blažek, Ondřej ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Macháček, Otakar (referee)
The thesis describes the history of the internet, its development and the main functions this network offers. In addition to the description, it will also analyse the main technologies by which users get connected to the worldwide network. It will also gather information about the leading providers of internet in Czech Republic. The analytical part touches on all aspects of the system from a static point of view. Firstly, identifying the regular Czech home network users which are dependent on the computer and internet equipment, and secondly, underlining the most widely used internet providers. The next important part of the thesis analyses the growth and extension of all operations done on internet itself. It puts all users on a scale to compare major fields for which that internet is used.
Foreigners in the Czech Republic
Sedlecká, Anna Josefína ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
The thesis is focused on foreigners living in the Czech Republic. It showed the development regarding the increasing number of foreigners in our country and their integration into Czech society. The thesis described the overview of social services provided to foreigners and their communication with Czech public authorities. It takes to an account the characteristics of the biggest minorities living in the Czech Republic including Ukrainians, Slovaks and Vietnamese. The thesis brings us closer to their culture, way of living and their effort for integrating to our society. The timeline analysis describes facts in migration development. The thesis is focused on the period from 2004 till present. Using knowledge of regression functions and their verification based on statistical hypothesis, the number of foreigners in the Czech Republic until 2020 is estimated. The thesis also mentioned the issue of illegal migration, which occurs since 2015. It describes the causes of this migration wave. The context is characterized with regard to the situation in the European Union in response to a direct connection in the Czech Republic. The thesis includes author´s own opinion how the situation in Europe could be solved, particularly in the Czech Republic.
Expenses and consuption of the households
Kašpar, Luboš ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the issue and household consumption from several aspects, namely: realize an analysis of the development and structure of expenditure and consumption of households in the Czech Republic between 2006 and 2014 to determine the differences in expenditures and household consumption Czech Republic in urban and rural areas and compare issue and household consumption Czech Republic with selected European Union member states from 2006 to 2014. The analytical part of the thesis is preceded by theoretical-methodological part, which is focused on identifying expenditure and consumption of households by the Czech statistical Office on the issue of reporting households on classification of items expenditures of households by purpose and explanation of the statistical methods of time series analysis using regression and correlation analysis. In the analytical part of the thesis is to further understanding of the behavior of households in the area of expenditure and consumption specifics for each time period and is implemented prediction household expenditures Czech Republic and selected EU countries in 2019.
Foreigners in the Czech Republic
Malchárková, Šárka ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
This dissertation entitled Foreigners in the Czech Republic deals with the issue of legal stay of migrants from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, but also other countries, so called third countries, in the Czech Republic. The author uses his experience and knowledge gained when dealing and communicating with foreigners at the Section of Asylum and Migration Politics of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, contact site in Příbram. The dissertation is divided into two parts. The first part is theoretical and it is based on studies of scientific literature and websites of Central Administration Offices. It contains a brief characteristics of multi-cultural and intercultural societies and focuses on the issue of communication. The main part focuses on the development of migration politics in the Czech Republic from its beginnings to date and legal aspects of foreigner residence in our country. The dissertation also lists and analyses conditions of all residence permits for individual groups of foreigners in the Czech Republic. The author elaborates on the Vietnamese community in connection with the questionnaire investigation. The practical part of the dissertation involves an analysis of foreigner residence from 1989 to date with an evaluation of statistical data and defines current changes in legislation related to foreigners along with new conditions of granting Czech citizenship. It also contains a questionnaire investigation with information on the Vietnamese minority, including reasons for residence of one of the largest minorities in the Czech Republic. One of the dissertation objectives is also to evaluate foreigner support provided by the state, but also non-profit organizations in order to propose strategies to improve migrants social status within the Czech majority society.
Statistical analysis of traffic Babylon entertainment center in 2012-2015 .
Knajbelová, Barbora ; Petera, Jiří (advisor) ; Grosz, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the traffic of the entertainment Center Babylon located in the center of Liberec. Methodology includes the theory of time series analysis and possibilities of prediction using trend functions and index analysis. The aim of the thesis the practical part is actually to perform a statistical analysis of traffic of entertainment Center Babylon in Liberec in the years 2012 - 2015. In the practical part are commented specific values of the traffic, evaluated elementary statistics (index analysis), flatted time series by using the chosen method and using the method of trend functions is determined prediction for the next 3 periods.

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