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Analysis of cold-blooded horses in the forestry
Svobodová, Nicole ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis is dedicated to horse wood skidding problematic. It deals with cold-blooded horses characteristics and describes the wood skidding processes realized by horses. The thesis also presents other wood skidding technologies, especially tractors using, harvester technology and forest funiculars. It is also engaged in subsidies for horses wood skidding supporting. The economic exacting of horses work in the forestry contains the end of the theoretical part. The practical part of the thesis is divided into two objects. The first one deals with the Ministry of Agriculture financial contributions for the horse wood skidding. The second part deals with analysis of the offered price for 1 m3 of the manipulated wood and with the annual performance of the horse work. The founded data are evaluated and the improvement of the economic situation for horse wood skidding is recommended at the end of the thesis.
Evaluation of the Administration and Yields of the Real-estate Tax in Olomouc city
Sedláček, David ; Kukalová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
Thedissertationdealswiththe tax on immovableproperty and itsimportanceforthe city of Olomouc. It containsananalysisoftheactuallawofthe tax on immovableproperty a tries to incorporateitintothe standard tax systems. There are accentuatedthepossibilitiesforthe municipality withregard to theincreasingordecreasingofthe tax revenue. Thedissertationevaluatesthe tax on immovablepropertyregardingthecity of Olomouc in theyears 2009 až 2016 and comparesit to similarcitiesof Ústí nad Labem and Liberec.
Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic with the focus on Ústí nad Labem region and Karlovy Vary region
Hrabětová, Jana ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the analysis of both demographic and socioeconomic development of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic with the focus on Karlovy Vary region and Ústí nad Labem region based on the available data. This study is composed of two basic sections, which present theoretic aspects and analysis. The first section explains basic terms, theories, history of Vietnamese migration, changes in the motives of migration and the laws that affect foreigners. This part of the thesis also describes changes in the law that affected the sources of the data and their consistency. The second part presents demographic analysis and comparison of the development of the foreigners and the Vietnamese population. On the basis of the result of my analysis the study also includes their estimated future development, which was assessed using trend functions. This thesis is aimed at evaluating the applicability of some of the migration theories on Vietnamese community. Lastly, the study describes the characteristics and socioeconomic activities of the Vietnamese community in Ústi nad Labem and Karlovy Vary region.
Differences of demographic development in the northwest region of the Czech Republic
Císařová, Adriana ; Svatošová, Libuše (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the demographic development in the Usti nad Labem region and Karlovy Vary region from the year 1993 up to the present. It captures the evolution of demographic processes in the regions using the time series, compares their development and explains the differences between the two regions. It also compares the development of selected socio-economic indicators that have significant impact to the demographic situation in the regions. The conclusion provides evaluation and selected recommendations aiming at improvement of the socioeconomic aspects that affect the entire region most importantly.
Analysis of the FOREX - case of the exchange rate CZK/USD
Stehlík, Jiří ; Burian, Stanislav (advisor) ; Milan Robin, Milan Robin (referee)
In the first, theoretical part, the Forex is explained, along with its characteristics and basics of technical and fundamental analysis, followed by economic factors affecting the development of currency exchange rates. Second part of this paper, practical part, is developed as a series of experimental trading sessions using demo account. The trades are executed using mainly fundamental data supported by technical analysis. Final part of this thesis evaluates conducted trades and other features discovered during the tradings.
Monetary policy and exchange rate commitment of the Czech National Bank
Králová, Lucie ; Burian, Stanislav (advisor) ; Milan Robin, Milan Robin (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to value the effect of the exchange rate policy of the Czech National Bank on the internal economy. In this case, exchange rate policy means the introduction of foreign exchange intervention, which was joined by the Czech National Bank in November 2013. In the theoretical part is the most attention paid to the foreign exchange market, foreign-exchange interventions, which are among the indirect monetary policy instruments. There are also described the functions and roles of the central bank. In the practical part of the thesis is an analysis of macroeconomic developments in the Czech Republic and other selected European countries. There is the comparation which allows to evaulate the realized exchange rate policy of the Czech National Bank. This part of the thesis are also discussed possibilities deadline for the completion of the exchange rate commitment and its form. The last chapter includes opinions of respected economists and organizations on exchange interventions.
Foreign direct investments and their impact on the Czech Republic
Klugová, Kateřina ; Burian, Stanislav (advisor) ; Milan Robin, Milan Robin (referee)
The theoretical part of the dissertation is dedicated to the balance of the payments as well as to the theory of the direct foreign investments with the linkage to new methodology of the balance of the payments. The determinants of the direct foreign investments are consequently introduced in the economic theory. The attention is to the higher extent dedicated to the industrial and territorial break-down. The incentive system and the Agency for the support of incoming direct foreign investments (CzechInvest) are described and introduced in the connection with the system functioning in Czech Republic. The incoming direct foreign investments in the period from 2004 to 2014 are analyzed in the second part of the dissertation. The time series were set up on the basis of the annual reports and the databases of Czech National Bank; the evolution phases of direct foreign payments is consequently analyzed with the regard to the respective industries and territories. The development of the direct foreign investments and their impacts on Czech Republic is assessed in the conclusion of the dissertation. It is concluded that the development of the incoming direct foreign investments is in a close correlation with the economic situation in Czech Republic and neighboring countries. The dissertation confirms that the economic and also non-economic factors of each country are key determinants for the final level of the incoming direct foreign investments.
Unemployment in Ústecký region
Štěpánová, Veronika ; Burian, Stanislav (advisor) ; Milan Robin, Milan Robin (referee)
This diploma thesis investigates the topic of Unemployment in Ústecky region. Diploma thesis is divided into two parts and it is the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is dedicated to a definition of a labour market, economic models of a labour market, types and impacts unemployment and employment policy. The practical part includes charakteristics the Ustecky region and then defines supply in the labour market. Supply is defined through analyses of the demografic trends, structure of the unemployed labour force, risk groups, graduates and their unemployment. Demand on the labour market is defined by the bussinesses, major employers, major businesses and job structures.
Development of the company's share price of Philip Morris CR, a.s. on the stock exchange
Vosátková, Radka ; Grosz, Jan (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
The aim of the thesis is based on statistical methods to predict the evolution of the share price of company Philip Morris CR, Inc. and subsequent determining the period of investment return, which was made during the reporting period for companies trading on the Prague Stock Exchange. The author first defines the position of the capital market, defines used tools within the market and divides the capital market into type of securities business and into the type of the opportunities to participate in the market and into the type of organized character. For the analyze shares are identified market participants and are listed investment tools. Finally are formulated types of exchanges, clarified ITS functions and author defines The Public Market in the Czech Republic In the subsequent part of the thesis is executed fundamental and technical analysis, forecast of the shares of Philip Morris and calculating return of investment using macroeconomic ratios, indicators of sectoral analysis, the dividend discount model, profitable models, trend indicators and oscillators, multiple linear regression and profitability investments. The author on the Base of the fundamental analysis, recommended shares of Philip Morris CR at 06/2017 sell.
Assessment of security of approaches to selected primary schools of Smichov and measures to its enhancement
Procházková, Barbora ; Novotný, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Milan, Milan (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the issues relating to the safe walking of children and youth to the school facilities. Specifically, this work describes four primary schools located in Prague Smíchov. The surveyed school facilities include the Kořenského elementary school, teaching elementary school Drtinova with an extended language teaching, elementary school U Santošky and elementary school Grafická. The theoretical part includes a literature search, dealing with safety and security features that help meet objectives in this area. The analytical part identifies specific problems that are eliminated in the proposal of safety measures. The thesis contains analyses of bottlenecks in the selected area. Investigations are based on own surveys carried out directly in the field. The aim of the work is to draft safety measures that would help increase the safety of children walking to school in the surveyed area. In future, the thesis can serve as a basis for the study on transport or assist in the drafting of transport solution for Prague 5.

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