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Risks Related to the Modification and Supplementation of the Marketing Mix in a Specific Company
Bližňáková, Nela ; Habart, Lukáš (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
The subject of my diploma thesis is the analysis of the current state of marketing mix in the selected company, its follow-up modification and determination of the possible risks resulting from these changes. The theoretical part deals with marketing, marketing mix and risk. Practical part focuses on the evaluation of the marketing mix in the selected company. In the final part there are possible recommendations for formation a new marketing mix including taking into consideration of potential risks associated with realization.
Electronic Types of Marketing
Habart, Lukáš ; Kousal, Ivan (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
The content of my bachelor thesis is analysis of company’s marketing. In my study I am going to consider if company adequately use especially electronic types of marketing, summarize the most important types of e-marketing, its trends and finally set of optimal solution.
Use of Modern Camera Systems for the Analysis of Road Accidents
Habart, Lukáš ; Prochazka, Eduard (referee) ; Panáček, Vladimír (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the possibilities of using video records in analysis road accidents. There are described static and dynamic camera systems. There are also explained the principles of functioning digital cameras and other related terms and associated principles. In this thesis there are compared several types of dynamic cameras, desribed analysis an evaluation procedure. Part of this thesis is to describe the legal issues of recording.
Assessment of Information System for a Company and Proposal for Amendments
Habart, Lukáš ; Pivoda, Miroslav (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis concerning the analysis of current information system in firm ATYKO s.r.o.. The thesis includes the problems, insufficiency of the system as well as the possible solution to mentioned problems and proposal of changes which would lead to optimalization of the company. Part of this work evaluates the costs and benefits of proposed solution.