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Analysis of sheep utility attributes in Valachian sheep in selected flock.
Habětínová, Kateřina ; Ptáček, Martin (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The aim of my Diploma thesis was to evaluate a basic reproductive, milky and growth characters of sheep tribe Wallachian sheep in the chosen facility. The monitoring of the reproductive fiures has been made in years 2012, 2013 and 2014. There have not been shown any results for the year 2015, that is why these particular figures are not explicit. The measures of reproductive figures of Wallachian sheep were compared to the average of Czech republic. The evaluation of the figures given at the chosen farm has had a good results in all four evaluated figures (fertilization, fertility, intensity and nursling). The evaluation of an utility value processed in 2015. The milk production in order of the milk utility value (% fat, % proteins, % kasein, % lactose, % TPS, % solilds) has been dependent from the authority of mother sheep as well as the influence of the countability of farrow. The influence of mother sheep´s age on the milk production has had a demonstrable influence mainly on the milk sicking and the percentage of fatty solids (TPS). The best results have been achieved on three aged sheep and the worst results on five aged sheep. At the percentage of proteins and kasein there has also been fount the explicit impact of mother´s age. Differences have been measured also on the fat percentage, milk and solid with a statistically provable measures. The impact of a farrow´s countability on the milk utility has been proved in milk sicking. Mothers with geminus sicked in average 93 g milk more. This difference was apparent on the level of detectability P < 0,05. The evaluation of meat utility processed in the year 2015 where the birth weight of lambs and their growth abilities (40, 70, 100 and 140 days of age) were measured. Sex influence on meat utility has been statistically demonstrable on the weight at the age of 70 and 140 days. In both cases the fleeces showed biger weight. Also another measurements have showed the gaps between the weight of fleeces and lambs on the fleeces´s behalf. The mother´s age influence on meat utility has not been statistically proved in any of figures although the measured figures have been slightly rising. The results can serve as a preparation or adaptation of these sheep cultivation as well as an improvement of their utility.

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