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Correlation of moraines in the eastern part of the Krkonoše Mountains
Šebestová, Eva ; Engel, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Vočadlová, Klára (referee)
The master thesis deals with evaluating of moraine accumulations age in Łomnica and Łomniczka valley, Poland, and Obří důl valley, Czechia. The aim of thesis is obtained the set of weathering characteristics of moraine accumulations. Weathering characteristics will be used to correlation of moraines in the study area. It was set preliminary position of moraine accumulations according to maps of glacial relief, which were collected for studied area. Subsequently, moraine accumulations were precisely mapped in terrain and suitable locations were chosen for measuring of weathering characteristics. Schmidt-hammer measurement was used for determination of weathering degree of boulders located on moraine accumulations. Proportions of weathering pits and thickness of weathering rind were measured for supplementary data, which characterize state of boulder weathering. Acquired data of moraine accumulations were statistically evaluated using correlation analysis, ANOVA, and cluster analysis. On basis of measured data and using statistical processing, it was confirmed that observed moraine accumulations of three studied locations don't exhibit distinctive differences according to surface weathering. Correlation of moraine accumulations showed congruent relative age of moraines lying in lowest altitudes in the study...
Risk analysis methods of natural catastrophic processes in high mountain areas
Falátková, Kristýna ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Engel, Zbyněk (referee)
Glacial hazards such as ice or rock avalanches, debris flows, jökulhlaups or glacial lake outburst floods threaten lives and livelihoods of people. They may grow to unexpected magnitude, travel very long distances and afflict vast areas. To prevent loss of life and human installation damage, risk analyses need to be assessed for hazardous regions. There are various methods to gain information on slope stability, geology of moraine dam or loose debris availability. They can be divided into those used during terrain on-site research and methods of remote sensing. Based on processed data a risk analysis is created and mitigation measures are carried out if necessary.
Geomorphological evidence of the Scandinavian glaciation in the Moravian Gate
Pavurová, Zuzana ; Engel, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Nývlt, Daniel (referee)
Geomorphological evidence of the Scandinavian glaciation in the Moravian Gate Abstract This thesis is aimed at area in the Moravian Gate which was covered by continental ice sheets during the Quaternary. The goal of this thesis is to analyze relief and ice-margin landforms in the Moravian Gate. Main parts of this thesis are: current views on the extent of glaciated area, definition ice-marginal landforms, methods my fieldwork, results and discussion. Maps and graphs were created as a part of this thesis. Present relief is very different from pleistocene relief. It is difficult find ice-margin landforms. I agree with extent of pleistocene ice sheet glaciations from Tyráček (2006).
Ground-penetrating radar in peri/glacial environments
Bartůšek, Filip ; Engel, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Tábořík, Petr (referee)
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) technique is a non-invasive geophysical method based on sending an electromagnetic signal into the ground and evaluating it after reflection from subsurface structures. The Georadar method is used to study a large number of geomorphological phenomena. This paper focuses on defining the potential applications of GPR in periglacial and glacial environments. Based on a literature search, an overview of GPR applications in periglacial and glacial environments was developed. Attention was also paid to the suitability of individual environments for GPR surveys and the advantages and limitations of GPR method in cryogenic phenomena research. In periglacial environments, GPR is most commonly used for active layer delineation and ground ice detection, but the depth range is limited by the presence of liquid water in the active layer. In glacial environments, GPR is most often used to measure the thickness of glaciers and to image their structure. Ice is the most suitable of all materials (except air) for radio signal propagation and the depth range of the signal in ice is many times greater than in other materials. Key words: Ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic waves, periglacial environments, glacial environments, permafrost, glaciers
Morphology of the Moravice valley head, the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains
Steffanová, Petra ; Engel, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Křížek, Marek (referee)
There are several amphitheatrical valley heads in the Hrubý Jeseník mountains. Velká kotlina is situated bellow Vysoká hole mountain and has been an object of interest since 19th century. Several methods of geomorfological research were used to prove pleistocene glaciation in the area. The aim of diploma work is to extend knowledge about morphology and genesis of Velká kotlina. Study area was limited by distribution board till the first right affluent of Moravice. Morphometrics characteristic of the cirque were analyzed in GIS 9.3 enviroment. Identification of the shape and size of glacial accumulations during which was used method of longitudinal and transverse shaping showed the posibility of Quartenary glaciation. Cirque is built with less resistant rocks that caused that evidence of the glaciation is not so significant as it is in Šumava mountains or Krkonoše mountains. There are two moraines identified at the valley of river Moravice. The upper one that was created during the last recession of glacier devides cirque floor into two degrees. Frontal moraine is situated behind the lip of the cirque and shows the maximum of glacier expansion. Identification of these two morains were supported by analysis of glacier sediments and by georadar method. Even though existence of moraines suggests...
Thermal and moisture regime of patterned ground in the High Tatras
Pechačová, Blanka ; Křížek, Marek (advisor) ; Engel, Zbyněk (referee)
6 ABSTRACT Thermal and moisture regime of patterned ground is closely associated with the presence of the regelation phenomenon. Generally, the regelation includes all processes leading to the water freeze-thaw alternations in soil or bedrock. As a result of cyclic freezing and thawing of soil water under specific conditions, processes, such a moisture migration, ice segregation or frost heaving, operate. Termal and moisture regime is the main factor of these processes and consequentely, of the patterned ground formation. The submited diploma thesis is concerned with thermal and moisture regime of patterned ground in the High Tatras. The main aims of the thesis was to characterize thermal and moisture regime of patterned ground, to evaluate and confront the patterned ground regelation activity depending on the diverse soil depths and different types of the patterned ground and to evaluate the soil temperature relationship to the air temperatures, soil moisture content and the water level regime of the nearest lakes. The partial purpose of the thesis was to assess the applicability of different methods of the regelation cycle determination based on the soil temperature measurements. During the study period 2007 - 2012 the regelation activity of sorted paterned ground (Hincove oká, Lúčne sedlo and Skalnaté...
Microforms of sandstone relief and their using in relative dating
Krbcová, Klára ; Křížek, Marek (advisor) ; Engel, Zbyněk (referee)
Microforms and mesoforms play the main role in the sandstone relief. Their origin is conditioned by some processes, the main are weathering and erosion. Based on the background research, the deffinition, classification, diagenesis and occurrence of sandstones was described. The second part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the mechanism of weathering and erosion. The microforms and mesoforms of the sandstone relief were divided into groups according to the guiding process of their origin. The description of the sandstone forms, the way of their origin, the stage of development and their extension were described. In the practical part of the bachelor thesis, the microforms in the gorge Apatyka in CHKO Kokořínsko were analyzed. The practical part was focused expecially on honeycombs, because their extension in the gorge is huge and they enable the complex analyse of their location in the gorge and in the rock outcrops. Using suitable methods it was found, that the honeycombs are located primarily in the eastern quadrant, their coverage decrease with the decreasing height of the rock outcrops and their presence in the lowest and the highest parts of the rock walls is limited. The second part of the fieldwork was focused on the relative dating of the parts of the gorge with honeycombs. The odlest part of the...
Extent and characteristics of alpine wetland in the Amazon River headstream area
Svoboda, Jan ; Chuman, Tomáš (advisor) ; Engel, Zbyněk (referee)
The Amazon River headstream was defined on the basis of the Hatun Mayu 2000 expedition results. It is the water catchment area of Apacheta and Carhuasanta streams down to their confluence in the Lloqueta River in the Cordillera Chila. The characteristic feature of these streams and their tributaries is the presence of the wetlands dominated by Distichia Muscoides. This plant here and elsewhere in the High Andean wetlands creates up to several meters of peat deposits. These deposits slow down and block waterways, causing wide wetland spreading. This specific alpine habitat, called bofedales, is crucial for the survival of a number of animal and plant species as well as for people living in these inhospitable areas. Defining these wetlands is one of the important steps to understanding what role these wetlands have in nature, as well as protecting them, as they appear to be very sensitive to environmental changes. Due to the isolation of the Amazon headstream the Remote Sensing Methods seem to be ideal for defining them. Keywords: Amazon River headstream area, bofedales, wetlands, remote sensing, NDVI, NDMI

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