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The Iconography of St. Francis during the 17th and the 18th Century
Drdáková, Kateřina ; Vymazalová, Marie (advisor) ; Oulíková, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the iconography of selected works of St. Francis in the 17th and 18th centuries in Bohemia. The work is focused mainly on the paintings that were created and were associated with the development of begging orders during the Reformation of the Church. The first part is devoted to the life and legend of St. Francis, which is the basis for the subsequent processing of individual images. An integral part of the work is also the topic of the origin and development of the begging orders that caused the depiction of St. Francis. Specifically, Franciscans, Minorites and Capuchins. An important chapter is also the piety of the Czech lands in the Baroque period, which demonstrates the revival of the veneration of St. Francis during the 17th and 18th centuries in Bohemia. All the above-mentioned parts provide the basis for the following chapters on specific illustrations. The iconography of the individual scenes is first described in a general depiction, including the world's most important examples. A large part of the work is devoted to individual works associated with the Czech environment. The most represented depictions are Stigmatization of St. Francis, Ecstasy, The Porciunculus Miracle or his Death. Last but not least, the work will focus on the monastery lunette cycles...
Iconography of the historical regions in the bohemian visual art from 17th to 19th century
DRDÁKOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis is focused on Czech historical regions from the 17th to the 19th century. Mostly on their pictures, which are appearing in the Czech art. The thesis focuses, for example, on a graphic sheet of the university thesis by Antonín Martin Lublinský. And in particular on the thesis of Jan Felix of Brandenstein, which illustrates the fifteen Czech regions paying tribute to Archbishop Jan Bedřich of Wallenstein. From the graphic works I carry on with the allegorical Map of Bohemia in the shape of a rose, which was used as an illustration for the book The Beauty and Wealth of the Czech Lands by Bohuslav Balbín. The next part of this work will lead to the 19th century to the creation of monuments, precisely on the monument of Franz I., also known as the Kranner's fountain. Finally the work focuses on the decoration of the original stage curtain in the National Theater by František Ženíšek. I compare the regions within their illustrations and meaning. I will emphasize especially on the individual shifts that occurred in the context of the ruling Habsburg dynasty, Czech baroque patriotism and national revival.

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3 DRDÁKOVÁ, Kateřina
2 Drdáková, Kristýna
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