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Legal aspects of financing of Cohesion Regions
Cvik, Eva Daniela ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee) ; Mrkývka, Petr (referee)
Regional policy is one of the most important activities of the European Union. The fundaments of the regional policy can be found already in the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community from 1957, in whose preamble states commit themselves to reinforce the unity of their national economies and to ensure their harmonious development by reducing differences between individual regions. Above all, the regional policy attempts to equate differences among different developed regions through financial assistance, which they obtain both from national funds as well as supra-national funds. To key goals of the Regional policy belongs the reduction of differences in average incomes, unemployment, regional development and related satisfaction of public needs. On 1st February 1995, the Agreement on the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union became valid, and this was a fundamental impulse for the development of regional policy in relation with the possible drawing of financial means from supra-national sources. For this purpose, there was established the Ministry of Regional Development, which became the central coordinator for the use of means from the European Union. In the framework of the new program period, its position was reinforced. Thus, since 2004, the Czech Republic began...
Personality Protection and Camera Systems
Široký, Oldřich ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
The thesis deals with the protection of individual integrity and camera systems, through the lens of valid and effective law regulation. The content of this work is formulation of theoretical basis, an analysis of relevant laws governing the issue of individual integrity protection of natural persons (especially their privacy) and camera systems, specifically for each type of camera system: the camera system with recording, camera system without recording, comparison of both types of camera systems and an account of legal instruments available for protection of individual integrity of each person, whose universal individual integrity rights were violated due to the operation of a camera system (regardless of it's type). The theoretical basis is followed by the main body of work, which explores researching camera system usage within a specific public authority agency. The operation of camera system is subjected to critical legal analysis, where particular aspects of a specific public authority subject's practice is evaluated as part of the findings of the thesis and qualified as compliant or non-compliant with the law. At the end of the work, the author formulates specific recommendations to the public authority agency, aiming to improve the approach to operating a camera system from the legal point of view.
The issue of loans in the banking and non-banking sector
Kratochvílová, Olga ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (advisor) ; Pikola, Pavel (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis is focused on the issue of credit products in banking and non-banking sector in the Czech Republic. The first part introduces the theory related to explanation keywords, description of the credit products which are currently offered on the Czech market and which are linked with the legislative interpretation of relevant terms related to the credit issues. The practical part includes description of the credit products by leading representatives of the banking and non-banking sector, comparison of consumer credit, questionnaires and interviews with employees representing selected financial institutions. Author's own experience and the analysis of accomplished investigation helped to design an innovative loan products that could use its parameters to provide clients with more favorable conditions.
The Law on Civil Service and State Administration
Hanuš, Ondřej ; Jansa, Viktor (advisor) ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the complicated evolution of the law from the very beginning, in the form of the Service Act to the final form, which is the Law on Civil Service and its practical implementation at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The concept of state administration, including its divisions and funding is also defined. In the conclusion the strengths and weaknesses of the law and the expected estimated development follow.
Administrative torts and misdemeanors according to the construction law
Svoboda, František ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
This degree thesis deals with administrative torts and misdemeanours according to the construction law in the Czech Republic. First, the paper describes in general the development of imposition of administrative sanctions together with legislation currently in force, focusing on individual facts of administrative torts and misdemeanours according to the construction law. In compliance with its objective the degree thesis is focused namely on the legislation in force, basic principles and rules of administrative proceeding, application of relevant legal regulations and procedures within administrative proceedings differentiated according to the nature of the person being sentenced. The procedures and possible decisions in administrative proceedings are presented in the thesis both from the view of the first-instance authority and the appellate authority, including other methods of defence against decisions issued. Based on the data obtained from employees of building authorities the degree thesis also describes the development of behaviour of persons in the Region of Pilsen while respecting the construction law and summarizes the problems occurring in administrative proceedings. It also follows up the relations of administrative proceedings and factors causing infringement of the construction law and offers possible solutions for better general awareness of the existence of legal regulations and possible sanctions imposed for the breach thereof.
Effectiveness of emergency
Ortinská, Jitka ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Annotation The submitted thesis deals with the role and importance ofemergency and emergency system Integrated Rescue System. The theoretical part describes the history and creation ofthe IRS in the Czech Republic with links to European developments. It documentsthe current laws of the IRS and its individual components. The comparison ismore focused on individual specifics of IRS, their tasks and content of workdescriptions of the various systems and forms of IRS and mutual cooperation.Furthermore, this section deals with the issue of emergency in the context ofbasic and primary articles IRS, which are individual operational centers of theIRS, taking into account the particular OS work of the Czech Parliament inPrague, where I work. Analyzing the information and support needs IRS. In the end of the theoretical eacut part Ithink about the situation of emergency calls within the IRS, awareness amongcitizens, streamlining its potential and possible options for the improvementof services to citizens. Carrying out research into practical methodology for transferringpart of the empirical survey on the main objective of the work - to determine,assess and generalize public awareness of emergency calls in the IRS.
The Landscaping in the Czech Republic in terms of Offices of state and local Administration
Chvojková, Jana ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Theoretical part of this thesis Landscaping in the Czech Republic in terms of Offices of state and local Administration elaborates compact overview of the issue of landscaping and in detail describes the whole process procedure of landscaping. Historical overview of land consolidation and development of evidence of ownership of land has been added into thesis. The data are processed by using statistical methods, especially time series analysis, synthesis and prediction. The part of the solution of analysis is also forecast future price development for the realization of 1 hectare complex landscaping.
The protection of personality and CCTV systems.
Orság, Oldřich ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the protection of personal details in the Czech Republic because it permeates the entire legal order and infringing on privacy is a fundamental right in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. The aim is to analyze the development and current state of protection of personality and the right to confront with the city camera supervision system indulging city police in the Carlsbad region. In the Czech Republic there is a collision of two components of fundamental rights and freedoms, the right to privacy and the right to safe living in society. Clash of these two components law is being compared under different regulations. The work is based on the decomposition of laws in force in the Czech Republic and subsequent research by municipal police Karlovy Vary region.
Institution President of the Republic in the legal order of the Czech republic from the point of view its election
Huptychová, Natálie ; Civínová, Denisa (advisor) ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on a president, especially from the point of view its election. The first part focuses on the institute of president in the Czech Constitution, and the election of the president. The practical part focuses specifically on the first direct election of the president to the Czech Republic, which took place in 2013. Gives information about the presidential candidates, who were candidates in 2013, their nomination during the campaign, campaign financing, and control the financing of these campaigns. Based on the information then evaluates the candidates' campaigns, and compares the detected information with the theoretical bases of the theoretical part, and examines if the course of direct presidential election in 2013 was conducted in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.
The issue of using real estate owened by the state and by management od selected organisation
Veihandová, Zuzana ; Civínová, Denisa (advisor) ; Cvik, Eva Daniela (referee)
This Bachelor thesis describes the issue of using real estate owned by the state administration and by the State Land Office. The aim of this thesis is to determine the difference of the amount of the rent and tenure for using real estate owned by the state for agricultural purpose in specified district. This topic is current because of the individual agendas of the State Land Office. SLO, after its transformation, is not sufficiently stabilized in the sphere of key agendas and also in the personnel and organizational sphere. This situation is the reason why there is insufficient management of entrusted property with the result of mismanagement, inefficiency and ineffectiveness. An important aspect is also overloading, or unutilizing of individual employees of SLO. ¨ It is possible to familiarize with the history of ownership relations and their impact on user relationships, in the theoretical part. There are described all rights to land and to the property of the state. The second part deals with the establishment of the State Land Office and it´s agenda, in which the immovable is used. The primary issue is the amount of the rent and the tenure and assessing whether remuneration is based on the territorial scope of the former districts. The thesis also desribes ways to use the assets in terms of current legislation and organizational standards of SLO. The thesis also includes the organizational structure and responsibilities of SLO. It breaks down the figuers on the performance of the organizational units of SLO in individual agendas focusing on the use of real estate. In conclusion, the thesis summarizes the results of the analysis and the corresponding recommendations are designed to remedy the shortcomings arising from the current situation on the SLO.

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