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The Notion of "Acceptance" in Paul Tillich's American Sermons
Chalupníček, Pavel ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis attempts to analyze the way in which German-American theologian Paul Tillich uses the notion of "acceptance" in sermons from his American period. Tillich's theology is distinguished by his search for new terms that, according to his opinion, could better approximate the message of Christianity for contemporary readers. In this search he does not hesitate to use terms from the sphere of philosophy, sociology or psychology. This approach is strongly reflected also in his sermons and his use of "acceptance" was selected as its model example: Tillich uses "acceptance" to approximate traditional Lutheran teaching on justification by God's grace (sola gratia). At the same time, as he "translates" traditional theological vocabulary into the language common in other disciplines, he exposes himself to criticism and questions regarding the legitimacy of his endeavour. Therefore, this thesis also deals with three main streams of criticism directed towards Tillich's use of "acceptance": (a) criticism of the "correlation" between theology and psychology, (b) criticism of the nature of Tillich's teaching on justification/acceptance, (c) criticism of excessively active or passive nature of "acceptance" in Tillich's theology. Powered by TCPDF (
Náboženství a vlastnická práva
Minárik, Pavol ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Lipka, David (referee) ; Berggren, Niclas (referee)
Religion and post-communist transition are two of the many issues that have earned attention of economists and social scientist in the recent decades. This dissertation collects three papers dealing with different issues concerning religion and the transition. The first one attempts to assess the role of religion in the transition and its impact on country's success in this process; it also outlines opportunities for research in this field. The second paper tries to uncover the role of religion in formation of economic and social attitudes of the people in post-communist countries. Both papers conclude that religion matters; Western Christianity appears to be more compatible with market economy than Orthodox Christianity and Islam, although these two religions are not necessarily an obstacle. Finally, the third paper deals with religious participation in post-communist countries. It shows that religious behavior is not completely independent of economic conditions and religious revivals in the post-communist era can be interpreted in economic terms.
A Concept of Man in Economics
Műller, Jan ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Doležalová, Antonie (referee)
This diploma thesis researches model of economic man, its historical background, and also modern critics of this concept and alternative approach to economic man, especially in behavioral economics. Human (im)perfection leads to the discussion about a range of liberty man should get eventually to which extent should a man be led by paternalism. Therefore this thesis introduces and tests concept of libertarian paternalism which is applied to drug issues. The thesis demonstrates that model of economic man is in many ways too simplified and insufficient. Thus, extention of this model with findings of psychology, biology and other sciences seems beneficial. Libertarian paternalism, despite few shortcomings, shows potential to be realisable and viable in certain situations.
Confessional political system and informal networks as the reasons of economic decline in Lebanon
Němeček, Stanislav ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Šmíd, Jan (referee)
This thesis attends the problem of institutional and political structure in a post-war economy of Lebanon. Lebanon was one of the countries in the Near east, which tried to apply principles known as Washington consensus. On this case we try to demonstrate the problem which appeared also in other countries of the world, where the same set of principles was applied and it was the insufficient attention dedicated to the issue of informal networks. We pay special attention to a confessional system in Lebanon which is based on division of powers on the basis of religion. This type of political structure produces creation of informal networks which substitute state apparatus and instigate corruption. The thesis proposes a modification of Lebanese system which will treat the institutional background with greater attention.
Does religion affects socio-economic determinants of People's Republic of China
Kaše, Pavel ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Mládek, Josef (referee)
The thesis is focused on five religious beliefs officially allowed by Chinese government. It briefly reviews an attitude of Chinese government to religious beliefs through last sixty years and discusses ideas that stems from theological nature of the religious beliefs and its impact on believer's economic activity. Ordered Logit analysis and other methods are used to analyze the conclusions that follow from these ideas. As data sources it uses socio-economic questionnaires World Values Survey and Spiritual Life Study of Chinese Residents - Association of Religion Data Archives. Several analyses can serve as a proof that there is a relationship between respondents' religion and their economic thinking and acting and that it also influences respondents' quality of life. The quality of live is measured as a set of categorical variables. These variables will be judged from the point of view of liberal economics.
The Analysis of Unemployment in the Semily District from 2000 to 2011
Havrdová, Iveta ; Damborský, Milan (advisor) ; Chalupníček, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor paper is focused on unemployment in the Semily district from 2000 to 2011 and what its causes are. Active employment policy is an instrument used to reduce unemployment. The goal of this thesis is based on an analysis of unemployment to evaulate active employment policy's instruments used by the Employment Office in Semily. The first chapter defines the basic terms of unemployment. The second chapter describes the Semily district and analyzes unemployment in the district. The following part deals with the theoretical definition of employment policy and evaluation of instruments used by the employment office with greater emphasis on the years 2007 to 2010. The goal of this work will be achieved by analyzing the date reported by the Czech Statistical Office, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Employment Office in Semily.
The Analysis of Active Employment Policy in the District of Pardubice in the Period 2001-2011
Jeřábek, Jan ; Damborský, Milan (advisor) ; Chalupníček, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with active employment policy in the district of Pardubice in the period 2001 - 2011. In the theoretical section, there are defined terms which relate to the labor market - the labor market, unemployment, active employment policy. In the introduction to the practical part, there is characterized the district of Pardubice, especially in socio-economic point of view. Furthermore, unemployment is analyzed in this district during the period with a subsequent analysis of the main reasons causing this phenomenon. The main part is devoted to the active employment policy. There are presented major instruments of this policy used in the Pardubice Labour Office, and a complete analysis of the already mentioned period is made. Finally, it assesses the effectiveness of each instrument and the overall impact of active employment policy on unemployment in the district of Pardubice.
University - educated Graduates in the Labour Market in the Highlands region
Cihlářová, Petra ; Szabová, Lucia (advisor) ; Chalupníček, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the labour market in terms of application of university-educated graduates in the Highlands region. Analyzes the development of unemployment of recent years with emphasis on the effects of the economic crisis and the subsequent changes in the labour market of graduates incompatibility demanded and offered skilled labour. The quality and number of graduates of tertiary education is still topic discussed. The aim is to monitor impact of the higher number of graduates in the labour market in the Highlands region with emphasis on the field of education and their comparison with the required qualification structure by employers. On the basis of the survey results is to evaluated possible solution to the problem of application of people with university and submit recommendations for the future.
Development of long-term unemployment in the Moravian-Silesian region in the last ten years
Šimkovská, Lenka ; Szabová, Lucia (advisor) ; Chalupníček, Pavel (referee)
The topic of this bachelor work is chosen due to a significant proportion of long-term unemployed people in total unemployment in the Czech Republic and also in the Moravian-Silesian region. The aim of this work is to analyze the labor market in this region over the last ten years with regard to long-term unemployed people and active employment policy to promote long-term unemployed people and the availability of certain programs or retraining courses for this group. The questionnaire method is used to describe closer look at job loss and retraining courses and benefits for themselves in the practical part.
Economics of happiness and religion: Are trappists in the trap of distress?
Tomanová, Julie ; Chalupníček, Pavel (advisor) ; Zajíček, Miroslav (referee)
This work is questioning whether religiosity could be one of the significant factors that have an impact on subjective well-being within the realm of economics of happiness. The data for the analysis of this correlation comes from the mostactic order of Trappist monks. The reason for choosing this contemplative and reclusive order is the effort to limit subsidiary factors that influence this relationship in the outside world. The outputs of this questionnaire after being compared with the results of similar studies and researches confirmed the positive relationship between the religiosity of Trappist monks and their subjective well-being, purpose in life and selfactualisation.

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