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The Role of the Senate Filibuster in the US Political System
Dopieralla, Jakub ; Kotábová, Věra (advisor) ; Brunclík, Miloš (referee)
This thesis deals with legislative obstruction in the United States Senate. It presents the filibuster as one of the key procedural tools in the hands of a legislative minority during the consideration of legislative proposals, presidential nominations and international treaties. At first it presents the main theoretical approaches to the topic and the historical development of Senate procedures. A key theme of the work is the necessity to distinguish between formal and informal provisions that determine how Senate business is conducted, since the formal text of the Standing Rules of the Senate is rutinely bypassed by alternative strategies. The last part of the thesis confronts the existing theoretical approaches with the important procedural changes of the last several years and assesses whether these models are still valid in light of the new Senate procedures.
German far-right terrorism
Štekl, Jakub ; Charvát, Jan (advisor) ; Brunclík, Miloš (referee)
This thesis focuses on the issue of far-right lone-wolf terrorism in Germany. Lone-wolf terrorism - terrorism perpetrated by individuals, who display no ties to terrorist organizations - is a concept, which is skeptically accepted by many scholars. The main issue with this concept is the emphasis of the "lone" part, especially during the preparation and the attack itself. Scholars, who refuse this concept claim, that in every case, the attacker is a member of a larger group - it can be either ideology-based or it can provide material assistance. Furthermore, lone- wolf terrorism is primarily associated with religious terrorism, probably because of the activities of Islamic state in recent years. However, this thesis approaches lone-wolf terrorism as relevant concept, which refers to a security threat, that is represented by radicalized and hard- to-detect individuals. The thesis focuses on three cases of far-right terrorism in Germany, which were committed by an attacker, that operated alone - Munich shooting (July 2016), Halle synagogue attack (October 2019), and Hanau shooting (February 2020). German society provided significant space for radicalization and spread of far-right ideology, especially because of its friendly politics after the outbreak of refugee crisis. Regarding the cases, the main...
It Is Time to Change the Electoral System for Czech Municipal Elections
Bláha, Martin ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of changing the electoral system to Czech municipal councils. It is an analytical case study with elements of a policy paper, i.e., a set of recommendations intended especially for legislators. The thesis has two main goals: (1) to identify and summarize aspects of the electoral system that experts call controversial and (2) to suggest possible solutions that would mitigate or eliminate these controversial variables. The work comes with three alternative solutions for changing the electoral system: (A) minor modifications to the existing system, which will facilitate the possibility of election because of preferential votes, and at the same time prevent local governments from performing electoral engineering by purposeful modifications of constituencies; (B) a variably mixed fusion system identical for all municipalities and (C) combination of two systems: unlimited vote for municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants and an open PR system for larger municipalities.
German Euroscepticism between 1990 and 2013
Michal, Aleš ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
The current discussion about party-based Euroscepticism forms in the Federal Republic of Germany is usually limited to the Alternative für Deutschland issue and neglect inside-parties forms before its formation. This master thesis examines this type of Euroscepticism in Germany in relevant political parties between 1990 and 2013. This period is defined by the time between German reunification and the formation of the AfD. The term 'Euroscepticism' is conceptualized in the theoretical section, and theories defined by selected scholars are reflected. Subsequently, the theoretical section reflects the perception of Euroscepticism as a thin- centered ideology, its applications in the left-right dimension, and focus on 'new cleavages' GAL/TAN theory. This section emphasizes a deficiency of 'classic' hard-soft Euroscepticism theory and reveals empirical limits of any typologies. The author uses the methodology of content analysis of program papers (PDS/Die Linke, Die Grünen, SPD, and CSU) in the empirical section. Its corpus is defined by the program thesis for Bundestag and European Parliament elections. The coding divides analyzing statements into logical topic groups, which correspond to a subject of research. The synthesis of this coding introduces a clear image of EU attitudes by every single party,...
Electoral districts in Prague: proportionality vs. efficiency of governance
Drašar, Michael ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on one of the most important variables of proportional electoral systems - electoral districts. This problematic is researched in the context of municipal elections to the Prague City Assembly. In the Czech municipal electoral system this variable can be changed very flexibly and in Prague we can find three variations of electoral districts. The aim of thesis is to explore these variants of electoral districts from the point of proportionality and efficiency of governance. The topic is researched in three cases of municipal elections in Prague in 2010, 2014 and 2018. In the introduction of diploma thesis two research questions are defined. The first part is theoretical, and it is focused on the municipal electoral system in the Czech Republic, electoral district in the theory of electoral systems, variants of electoral districts in Prague and academic debate about proportionality and efficiency. Results of three researched elections are analysed as well. The analytical part of thesis is focused on models of seats distribution in accordance with electoral districts. In the conclusion results are evaluated and compared. Research questions are answered in this part as well.

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