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Doporučení rozvoje MŠ a ZŠ Sobůlky
Bořecká, Lenka
Bořecká, L. Proposal development for kindergarten and primary school Sobůlky. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2009. The main objective of this work is to propose recommendation for the development of kindergartens and primary school Sobůlky. In the beginning is specified problematic and in the chapter goals of the work is given the main target and subtargets. The theoretical part are closer approached and defined basic concepts and information about the village and the kindergarten and primary school in the village. In chapter methodology can be found research methods. In the practical part are presented and commented the results of the research and findings of the analysis of relevant documents relating to the kindergarten and primary school. Based on the findings the conclusion make a proposal for the development of kindergartens and primary school Sobůlky.
Adsorption study of waste materials as potential adsorbents for pollutant removal and storage
Řimnáčová, Daniela ; Vorokhta, Maryna ; Vöröš, Dominik ; Borecká, Lenka ; Bičáková, Olga
The study shows how changing the experimental conditions during carbonization of a waste material such as sewage sludge influences textural properties and the CO2adsorption capacity of final carbonized productsin their potential use for removaland storage of pollutantssuch as carbon dioxide. The CO2adsorption measurements were done with gravimetric and manometric sorption devices in a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Further, CO2adsorption capacities of other materialssuch as activated carbon prepared from black carbon and a Czech Silurian shalewere compared toadsorption capacities of the studied carbonized sewage sludge. These two compared materials were chosen according to their compositionsand porosity.The porosityof the studied materials was determined from the N2sorption isotherms and measurements of their skeletal density with He.The adsorption capacity depended on the ratio of micropores and mesopores in the carbonized sewage sludge, because CO2fillsmicropores and mesopores at lowand highpressures, respectively, and was decreasing with the temperature increase atconstant pressure.The adsorption capacity of the carbonized sewage sludgewas increased by increase inthe carbonization temperature.The obtained adsorption capacities showed that the carbonization of sewage sludge can lead to preparation of perspective adsorbents for CO2capture and storage.
PET fiber-reinforced cement-based composite
Machovič, Vladimír ; Andertová, J. ; Kopecký, L. ; Černý, Martin ; Borecká, Lenka ; Přibyl, Oldřich ; Kolář, František ; Svítilová, Jaroslava
Ageing of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers in cement based composite in on mechanical properties of the composite has been studied.
Sorbenty toxických kovů a radionuklidů na bázi imobilizované huminové kyseliny a chitosanu
Mizerová, Gabriela ; Mizera, Jiří ; Machovič, Vladimír ; Borecká, Lenka
Sorption of Cs, Co and Eu on coal (oxihumolite and its parent lignite artificially oxidized to increase degree of oxygen functionalities) in mixture with chitosan was studied using radiotracer method. Distribution coefficients (Kd) increasing in the order Cs < Co < Eu reflected increasing charge of a metal cation and its increasing ability of complexation with coal humic substances(HS). In acidic media, Kds increased with pH due to dissociation of the HS binding sites. In neutral media, Kds of Eu (for oxihumolite also Co) decreased with pH due to formation of soluble HS complexes. An improved sorption efficiency of the coal sorbents at neutral pH was obtained in mixture with chitosan, namely for oxihumolite at sorption of Eu and Co. Addition of chitosan prevents deterioration of the sorption ability probably via removing the HS complexes from solution by formation of an insoluble complex with chitosan.

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1 Bořecká, Lenka
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