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Termination of customs transit for imports to the Czech Republic
Pospíchalová, Veronika ; Novák, Radek (advisor) ; Baumrt, Tomáš (referee)
The Master's Thesis is focused on customs transit, especially Common and Community transit. Prerequisites, process and termination are analysed, including simplified procedures. The Master's Thesis puts customs transit within a broader context of international trade and customs procedures, states relevant legislation, underlines risks related to their formulation and proposes solutions. The practical application is written from the point of view of Siemens, for which compliance with rules and regulations is essential and therefore is a good example to illustrate how to resolve the inconsistency of legislation with the business practice.
Comparison of Internal and External Organization of Customs Clearance at Siemens, s.r.o.
Baumrt, Tomáš ; Novák, Radek (advisor) ; Moravcová, Renata (referee)
The Master's thesis is focused on organization of customs procedures at Siemens, s.r.o. The goal is to design efficient organization of in-house customs declaration, to suggest variants of implementation of customs software SIECUS while taking into consideration also possibility of SIECUS implementation in other Siemens companies in Czech Republic and to compare consequences of these variants with the current state. The first part of this thesis describes customs regulations and focuses on electronic customs clearance and simplifications that can be granted by customs authorities. The second part compares internal and external organization of customs clearance which forms a basis for recommendations for Siemens management. Possibility of using in- house customs declaration by other Siemens companies in Czech Republic is also reflected and its consequences are described in this thesis.
Visualization as one of the factors that sell the products and services
Baumrt, Tomáš ; Horný, Stanislav (advisor) ; Krsek, Libor (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a subject of taking advantage of visualization during the process of product presentation. Its main aim is to find out, if visual presentation (design) of the product cover affects consumer's behaviour during the decision process of buying a particular product. If this influence is proven, a second goal is set up, namely detection of effects of chosen factors of visual presentation on consumer's decision process. Diploma thesis is divided into 6 chapters. The first introduces the topic to the reader and familiarize him with the goals and structure. Second chapter theoretically describes fundamental terms of communication, especially visual communication. The third chapter covers issues concerning the product itself and its advertisement. This chapter brings to the end theoretical part, which gathers information partly from professional literature and partly from authors' knowledge and experiences. Practical part forms the main element of the thesis. Fourth part consists of various methods for analyzing previously questioned problems in detail. Sample questionnaire examining consumer's preference is drawn up as well as graphical proposals of product design. Chapter ends up with a summary of results found out during the query survey. Results are interpreted in details in the fifth chapter, together with an attempt to draw general conclusion. Last chapter summarizes gathered information and evidence. Contribution of this work is not only to emphasize the significance of product cover and its effect on sale. Corporations or more precisely their marketing departments should realize this fact while creating marketing plan and especially advertisement plan. They should pay more attention on appearance of the product cover. Benefit further consists in processing the whole topic, with neither theoretical nor practical literature is concerned, although proven that opposite should count. Thesis tries to show the direction of further investigation, possibly followed by more complex and extensive surveys, which should bring valuable results and could be used not only by firms but also by consumers themselves.
Analysis of material and information flows in the company COSTCO s.r.o.
Baumrt, Tomáš ; Novotný, Michal (advisor) ; Jirsák, Petr (referee)
In this work, I introduce the company COSTCO s.r.o. and specifics of its logistics needs. I describe ways in which its logistical needs are satisfied and compare them with other similar providers of logistical services. On the basis of comparison I evaluate the appropriateness of current solutions and propose changes that would lead to the optimization of logistics flows in this company. I describe the information flows within and outside the company.
Internet jako zdroj informací o firmách v České republice
Baumrt, Tomáš ; Kubešová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Třeštíková, Ludmila (referee)
Cílem práce je zmapování informačních zdrojů dostupných na internetu, ze kterých je možné získat informace o firmách, které jsou důležité zejména pro podnikatele a obchodní partnery. Práce se soustřeďuje na zdroje týkající se výhradně firem na území České republiky a je vytvořena na základě dostupné literatury a znalostí získaných v průběhu studia na Vysoké škole ekonomické v Praze. Přínosem práce je vytvoření uceleného konceptu této problematiky a její zhodnocení včetně případných doporučení pro řešení zjištěných nevýhod.

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