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Anthropogenic impact on early-life stages of rheophilic fish
BARTOŇ, Daniel
This study focuses on the problems faced by the early-life stages of fish living in a river influenced by reservoirs and suggests possible solutions to enhance recruitment. The model fish for the study is the asp (Leuciscus aspius), known for its significant and protected population in the Želivka Reservoir, from where it migrates for reproduction to the tributary of Želivka River. The asp migrates upstream in spring to spawn in shallow, fast-flowing waters. At a research site, the adult population of asp is monitored using passive telemetry. Fish are caught, tagged, and released back into the reservoir. The asp population faces threats due to hydropeaking and river fragmentation. Hydropeaking causes egg detachment from the pebbles and their sedimentation in the reservoir. The study suggests that water should not exceed a velocity of 0.7 m×s-1 at the spawning ground. Periodically increasing discharge also shifts spawning fish outside their preferred spawning site, causing disruption of spawning and potentially lowering recruitment. A flowdeflector was built to protect newly spawned eggs from hydropeaking. However, there are additional threats to the asp recruitment process such as egg consumption by non-indigenous fish like common bream (Abramis brama). Water flow conditions are crucial for the conservation of rheophilic fish, as these fish, aside from habitat loss and modification, also face newly interacting generalist fish species moving from lentic to lotic sections of the system. Fish communities can be affected by reservoir construction far upstream, and these anthropogenic habitat alterations have severe negative impacts on threatened rheophilic fish recruitment.
Public transport connection of the new Brno Railway station
Bartoň, Daniel ; Pavlíček, Jan (referee) ; Holcner, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of the availability of the new Main Railway Station in Brno, its transfer to other location, modernization or reconstruction and its connection to the public transport system. It focuses in particular on the public transport in Brno affected by the transfer of the railway station and on regional passenger railway transport in the vicinity of Brno. It describes, evaluates and assesses various variants of the transfer of the new railway station in terms of time savings for passengers traveling through the Main Railway Station and their source or destination of travel is in Brno or in the vicinity of Brno. The most suitable appears variant B - the transfer of the station under Petrov.
Transport service at Central Bus Station Brno
Bartoň, Daniel ; Všetečka, Martin (referee) ; Holcner, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with transport service at Central Bus Station in Brno and its connection to public transport hub in front of the Brno Main Railway Station. In the first chapter, the work deals with counting of passengers and a survey by questionnaire. The next section describes the current status and the possibilities of access on foot, by public transport or by car to the bus station. Followed by a proposed conventional and unconventional solutions to the problems and their comparison. As the best came out conventional solutions - implementation of the new bus line, respectively, the move of bus stops near the bus station.
Monitoring of the population of Asp (Leuciscus aspius) in the Želivka Special Area of Conservation
Muška, Milan ; Šmejkal, Marek ; Bartoň, Daniel
The aim of the study was to obtain up-to-date information on the number and status of populations of the asp (Leuciscus aspius, L. 1758) in the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Želivka.
Preventing abuses of power among ministers of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
Roll, Eliška ; Bartoň, Daniel (advisor) ; Landová, Tabita (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled "Preventing abuses of power among ministers of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren" deals with manifestation and prevention of abuse of power in church communities with special emphasis on the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. In the first chapter, the author maps how widespread the problem of abuse of power in churches is, and that it also applies to the situation in the Czech Republic. The second chapter presents options how to prevent this phenomenon, based on foreign experiences, and how to respond sensitively when abuse occurs in the Christian community. The third chapter is devoted to the current development of efforts to prevent abuse of power by clergy in the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. The context is expanded by proposals for the application of foreign approaches to this particular Czech church community. KEY WORDS Sexual abuse in church; spiritual abuse; toxic church culture; prevention of abuse of power by clergy; creation of a healthy congregation; Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
The quality of social services provision in homes for people with disabilities
Černá, Kateřina ; Bartoň, Daniel (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Quality of social services in homes for people with disabilities", deals with homes for people with disabilities and characterizes them. Specifically, their activities, normative component, target group (people with disabilities) and overall how such a home for people with disabilities works and how it should look like. The next part of the thesis is focused on monitoring their quality through social services inspections and systematic visits by the ombudsman, because the quality of the service is crucial for this thesis (and for social work in general). After this theoretical view (one could say description of an ideal state), an analytical part follows, which compares the outlined essentials of the functioning of the service (according to the legislation and other regulations) with the actual state of the functioning of these services, which is based on detailed research by the Ombudsman from 2019. The analytical part also includes charts that come from this research, which are explained and described and individually evaluated on the basis of these findings. The entire analytical section is then reviewed and the most significant findings are highlighted. The result of the research shows that the situation in homes for people with disabilities is still not ideal. Some of the...
Effects of hydropeaking on the attached eggs of a rheophilic cyprinid species
BARTOŇ, Daniel
Ability of eggs of asp (Leuciscus aspius) to survive an increased water velocity was tested in experimental condition as well as in situ. Hydropeaking occurs on the study site and can cause detachment of most spawned eggs.
Assessment of the status of rheophilic fish in the Vltava basin and key factors affecting their populations.
Šmejkal, Marek ; Bartoň, Daniel
The report describes ecological status of fish in Vltava River basin with special attention to rheophilic fish species.

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