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Freedom of religion in European and international law and its relationship with other fundamental rights
Bartoň, Daniel ; Scheu, Harald Christian (advisor) ; Zemánek, Jiří (referee)
This essay explores freedom of religion or belief starting with religious and philosophical overview and elaborating especially on manifestations of religion or belief, and conflicts with other rights and freedoms guaranteed on national, European and international level (such as freedom of expression or right to education). It challenges division of religious freedom on forum internum and forum externum as being inappropriate to holistic perception of religion by many believers. The essay focuses predominantly on the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the case_law of the European Court of Human Rights which is interpreting and complementing the Convention. It also gives a brief overview of freedom of religion in the European Union (anti_discrimination legislation) and the United Nations and depicts their instruments for the protection of the freedom.
Implementatiton of international human rights standards in the field of human trafficking for labour exploitation in the Czech Republic
Jírová, Eliška ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Bartoň, Daniel (referee) ; Milfait, René (referee)
Trafficking in human beings is considered to be one of the most serious crimes in which there is a significant violation of fundamental human rights. Through recommendations and binding documents, international organisations call on states to prevent human trafficking, and if it occurs, to allow for the settlement of human rights of its victims. National governments are responsible for compliance with human rights commitments, not only on the level of policy formulation, but also in terms of their implementation in practice. However, experience of social work with trafficked persons in the Czech Republic shows that victims of this serious crime have no access to settlement of their rights. The aim of this paper was to evaluate whether the Czech Republic meets the selected human rights standards that ensure the victims' access to their rights. The evaluation of the situation was based on the selected criteria defining the meeting of individual human rights standards of the Aim for Human Rights organisation. Fulfilling the selected criteria was examined on the case of proceeding of state authorities in the case of exploitation of hundreds of foreign workers in the forestry industry, known as the "Stromkaři" (Tree Workers) case. The evaluation showed that while on the formal level the standards required by the...
Freedom of Religion or Belief in the Context of European and International Law
Bartoň, Daniel
Freedom of Religion or Belief in the Context of European and International Law This PhD dissertation focuses on selected aspects of freedom of religion or belief in Europe. It aims to introduce the legal framework in which religious freedom has to operate, and to place this essential freedom into a broader cultural, religious and human rights context. The contextualisation emphasised throughout this dissertation is based on an assumption that it is not possible to establish a pure legal notion of religious freedom that would not bear any imprint of the societal, legal, cultural and religious context of its authors; in reality, each person's understanding of religious freedom is rooted in his culture, religion and experience. This should not lead, however, to a complete rejection of the possibility of a common understanding and universal protection of religious freedom. On the contrary, it should motivate each interpreter and law-maker in the area of religious freedom to study the understandings of all persons and entities involved in a particular case or situation. Having thoroughly studied all presented claims rooted in religious freedom and having taken into consideration all other rights, principles and interests involved, it should be possible for the decision-makers to resolve the case in a...
Survey of European catfish population in Žlutice Reservoir in 2019
Vejřík, Lukáš ; Sajdlová, Zuzana ; Bartoň, Daniel ; Kolařik, Tomáš ; Čech, Martin
The report summarizes the results of monitoring the abundance, size structure, behavior and feeding of catfish food in the Žlutice Resevoir. It also contains conclusions and recommendations for the management.
Tentative ichthyological survey of the Láz reservoir in 2020
Bartoň, Daniel ; Blabolil, Petr ; Kočvara, Luboš ; Soukalová, Kateřina
The aim of the study was to determine the abundance, biomass, spatial distribution, species composition and size distribution of the fish community in the Láz reservoir and at the same time demonstrate fishing methods to participants in Hydrobiological excursion organized by the Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.
Report from the demonstration catching of water bodies in the public forest park Stromovka
Blabolil, Petr ; Kolář, Vojtěch ; Bartoň, Daniel
The aim of the study was to demonstrate fishing using various sampling methods, practical determination of fish species and other aquatic animals for students of the Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice within the course Field Practice II. The main purpose was to demonstrate the use of fishing methods to detect fish communities. The obtained results, including their evaluation, are included in the report.
The potential of civic assistance to homeless people
Ordošová, Barbora ; Pěnkava, Pavel (advisor) ; Bartoň, Daniel (referee)
This bachelor thesis disscuses citizens' initiatives and voluntary groups, dedicated to helping homeless people. The aim of the work is to highlight solidarity, altruism and well-meant help for homeless people and people in need by ordinary citizens. Civil initiatives and voluntary groups are described as a complementary component of the area of aid to homeless people. This area includes assistance from the state and the non-profit sector. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of the term homeless person. It also addresses the development of aid to homeless people in a historical context and presents a summary of the current system of homelessness in the Czech Republic, by the state and non-profit organizations. The last chapter of the theoretical part describes the civil initiatives themselves and their theoretical classification. The practical part describes the role of the voluntary sector in the context of these three pillars of help and thus draw attention to the importance of the establishment and activity of volunteer groups. The specific goal of the work is to demonstrate the risks associated with volunteering. It can thus serve as an inspiration for established or forming volunteer groups. Keywords Homeless people, volunteering, non-profit organizations, volunteer initiatives.
Employment of children from Asian communities in the Czech Republic
Šámalová, Iveta ; Bartoň, Daniel (advisor) ; Jelínková, Marie (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Employment of children from Asian communities in the Czech Republic" deals with the situation of particular children of Vietnamese and Chinese origin in the Czech Republic, who started to work here after completing their compulsory education: without any working contract, 10-11 hours a day, 6 days a week. The thesis tries to specify the appropriate legal frame for their situation, as well as to contextualize it with regards to social and cultural background of the children. It focuses mainly on questions related to the right of children to particular protection and care, to education and vocational guidance, to protection from labour exploitation, etc. It also deals with the relation between rights and obligations in a legal and social state. The thesis reflects upon the responsibility for the situation of the children, and tries to find a direction that could help to avoid similar cases in future.
Ichthyological survey of the asp spawning stock in the Švihov Reservoir in 2018
Šmejkal, Marek ; Bartoň, Daniel ; Blabolil, Petr ; Kolařík, Tomáš ; Soukalová, Kateřina ; Děd, Vilém ; Šmejkalová, Z. ; Kočvara, Luboš ; de Moraes, Karlos Ribeiro ; Kortan, D. ; Duras, J. ; Kubečka, Jan
The aim of the study was to evaluate the results of the asp population development in relation to the current fishery management and to develop proposals for the management of this predatory species in the future.

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