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Electrochemical biosensors with spatially separated enzymatic and detection parts for selective analysis in flow-through arrangement
Tvorynska, Sofiia ; Barek, Jiří (advisor) ; Labuda, Ján (referee) ; Korecká, Lucie (referee)
This dissertation thesis presents the newly developed four highly reusable, stable as well as simple, and cost-effective electrochemical (bi)enzymatic biosensors for the selective and reliable determination of choline, acetylcholine, uric acid, and L-lactic acid in flow injection analysis. All biosensors are based on the concept of the spatial separation of the biorecognition part from detection one and amperometric monitoring of the enzymatically consumed oxygen via its four-electron reduction at the highly negative detection potential. In this way, the design of the biosensors includes an easily replaceable enzymatic mini-reactor(s) connected upstream to the flow cell that contains the appropriate silver amalgam-based transducer. The enzymatic mini-reactor based on choline oxidase, uricase, or lactate oxidase was used for choline, uric acid, or L-lactic acid biosensors, respectively. The acetylcholine bienzymatic biosensor includes the consequently connected choline oxidase- and acetylcholinesterase-based mini-reactors. The first part of this thesis focuses on the construction of two different silver amalgam-based electrodes. Specifically, this section discusses the fabrication of a silver solid amalgam electrode covered by mercury film operating in a wall-jet cell and also highlights the...
Development of electrochemical methods for study of antibacterial compounds in small volumes
Gajdár, Július ; Barek, Jiří (advisor) ; Šiškanova, Tatiana (referee) ; Labuda, Ján (referee)
Main goal of this Ph.D. thesis is to develop voltammetric methods for the electrochemical study of novel antimycobacterial compounds hydroxynaphthalene- carboxamides. Firstly, this study was focused on the miniaturization of voltammetric methods and construction of an electrochemical microcell due to usually small volume of samples that are associated with an analysis of biologically active compounds in biological matrices. Therefore, all aspects of the voltammetric procedure were studied in a relation to miniaturization. Microcells were based on commercially available electrodes: glassy carbon electrode as a reliable electrode material with well-described characteristics and a novel silver solid amalgam electrode. This study was carried out with analytes 4-nitrophenol, pesticide difenzoquat, and 1-hydroxy-N-(4-nitrophenyl)naphthalene-2-carboxamide. Attention was paid especially to the optimization of oxygen removal procedures in the drop of a solution. Developed miniaturized methods had the same parameters for the determination of studied compounds as in bigger volumes. The proposed electrochemical microcell can be generally used for voltammetric analysis of those samples of biological or environmental origin that are usually available in very limited volumes. Second part of the thesis was focused...
Voltammetric Determination of Anticancer Drug Flutamide and Its Metabolite 4-Nitro-3-trifluoromethylaniline
Radová, Jitka ; Barek, Jiří (advisor) ; Dejmková, Hana (referee)
The subject of this Diploma Thesis has been the study of electrochemical behavior of anticancer drug flutamide (FLD) and one of its metabolites 4-nitro-3-trifluoromethylaniline (NTMA). The aim was to find and define the optimum conditions for the determination of both compounds at a mercury meniscus modified silver solid amalgam electrode (m-AgSAE) and at a carbon film electrode (CFE) using DC voltammetry (DCV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). This Diploma Thesis follows closely the Bachelor Thesis, defended at the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. In this Bachelor Thesis, a voltammetric determination of FLD using DCV and DPV at m-AgSAE has been described, with attained limits of quantification (LQs) 5.0·10-6 (for DCV) and 3.0·10-6 (for DPV). In presented Diploma Thesis, voltammetric behavior of NTMA has been studied in dependence on the pH of the medium of Britton-Robinson (BR) buffer-methanol (9:1). The optimum conditions have been found for the determination of this substance using DCV and DPV at m-AgSAE and CFE in the cathodic area. As the optimum media, BR buffer-methanol (9:1) of resulting pHf 8.3 (for both DCV and DPV at m-AgSAE) and of pHf 5.1 (for both DCV and DPV at CFE) have been chosen. Further, the LQs have...
Voltammetric Determination of Dinitronaphthalenes Using Single Crystal Silver Amalgam Electrode
Tvrdíková, Jana ; Barek, Jiří (advisor) ; Dejmková, Hana (referee)
Voltammetric methods for determination of 1,3-dinitronaphthalene (1,3-DNN), 1,5-dinitronaphthalene (1,5-DNN) and 1,8-dinitronaphthalene (1,8-DNN) using DC voltammetry (DCV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) at novel single crystal silver amalgam electrode (CAgAE) were developed in this work. Developed methods may be used for determination of 1,3-DNN within a concentration range 2 - 10 μmol.L-1 with LoQ 2 μmol.L-1 using DCV and 1 - 100 μmol.L-1 with LoQ 1 μmol.L-1 by DPV; 1,5-DNN wihin a concentration range 2 - 10 μmol.L-1 with LoQ 2 μmol.L-1 using DCV and 1 - 10 μmol.L-1 with LoQ 1 μmol.L-1 by DPV and 1,8-DNN within a concentration range 2 - 10 μmol.L-1 with LoQ 2 μmol.L-1 using DCV and 0,3 - 1 μmol.L-1 with LoQ 0,3 μmol.L-1 by DPV. An attepmt to decrease LoQ by adsorptive stripping differential pulse voltammetry was not successful. Process of electrochemical reduction of selected dinitronaphthalenes on the working electrode was also studied by cyclic voltammetry. This work verified the use of CAgAE as alternative electrode material to mercury electrodes for determination of electrochemically reducible organic compounds in aqueous-methanolic media. Small dimensions of the CAgAE are the main advantages which predetermine its use in voltammetric microvolume batch analysis and amperometric detection in...

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