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Didactic Forms in Health Education
Bečková, Andrea ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Kočí, Jana (referee)
The thesis entitled "Didactic forms in health education" is divided into two parts. Theoretical and research. The first part - theoretical is devoted to basic terminology and the naming of froms and methods of teaching. The work touches on the history of health education. The second part is research specifically on what forms and methods of teaching are used by teachers in lessons and how specifically the subject is taught in terms of time at the second grade of primary schools. Last but not least, it focuses on the closer characterisation of teachers teaching the subject and their educational attainment and length of experience. KEYWORDS Didactic forms, health education, organizational forms, teaching methods
Should there be fishes in the water? - Ecological Educational program on the importance of water bodies without fish
Water reservoir can be found anywhere in the nature. Small ponds without fish are difficult to be found. Biology students, members of biologically interested societies or wider public who is interested in environment can benefit out of these waters to learn more about relations between particular species, water and littoral plants and interactions between ranges of organisms. Fishing and fish farming do not have negligible impact on nutrition and relaxation of humans, but also they do not have negligible impact on life in waters Nowadays, the overly extended fish population is becoming the main problem that is causing fis predation which decimates pond environment. Fishless ponds are very important to provide environment for other aquatic insects and other organisms. It would be beneficial to devote more attention to the fresh water organisms at the school education through education programs or interest workshops and to have sufficient amount of suitable education resources. In this thesis, I describe relationships between organisms in fresh water reservoir, their relations with surroundings, which factors are influencing them and have impact on their occurrence.

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