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Material history of planetary urbanization
Šana, Václav ; Bartůšek, Ondřej (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the final urbanization of the planet term from a materialistic point of view. The distribution of freshwater, energy consumption and especially agricultural food production are the basic factors which, together with logistics and demography, form fundamental drivers of material history. The "Malthusian" fear of a situation where the world's population is running out of resources accompanies contemporary rhetoric. The aim of the work is to try to find and explore solutions to the material necessities of humanity and to design organizational principles, systems, urban and architectural solutions.
Truncová, Eva ; Bartůšek, Ondřej (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
In my thesis I had focused on the future development of an area which will be imminently affected by the construction of a new city highway. Based on the research, which I have made in the first weeks, I am designing a mixture of functions: a hotel, parking house and dwellings. By combining those divergent functions together I came up with a solution for such a problematic site.
Development of air pollution in the selected area
This thesis presents a comparison of the development of the concentrations of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide in the air in the Usti region. The work described generally air pollution and related terms such as the sources of pollution emission, immission and atmospheric deposition. The study also evaluated pollution nitrogen oxides and sutur dioxide in the Usti region. This work describes the methods that were used in the calculations and evaluations. It also deals with the selecting appropriate measuring stations to handle the development of the concentrations of these substances in the air. The aim of this work is to find trends in time series of concentrations of NOx and SO2 and statistical evaluation of development levels in selected cities Ústí Region. The next section is evaluated spatial analysis of the concentration of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide in the air in the Ústí Region. This area was chosen primarily because it is characterized by significant air pollution.
Place of Sustainable Development
Bartůšek, Ondřej ; Rudiš, Viktor (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The project is a solution of the Moravske square public space.
Atmospheric deposition of substances in the Czech Republic and abroad
This thesis is focused on atmospheric deposition of substances in the Czech Republic and abroad. There are also briefly explained concepts such as source pollution emissions and air pollutants, which are depended on each other and which are closely linked with atmospheric deposition. There is also explained the process of formation of atmospheric deposition. There are also described in detail the types of atmospheric deposition, their structure, removing a procedure for estimating the size of atmospheric deposition. To get an idea of the work the values of atmospheric deposition in Europe, China, North America and in the last row in the Czech Republic, where is briefly described the trend of atmospheric deposition. Furthermore, there are station network in the Czech Republic. The last part of the thesis deals with the development of the atmospheric deposition of sulfur, nitrogen and hydrogen ions in the Czech Republic and at certain stations.

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3 Bartůšek, Ondřej
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